Review: Kings of Lowertown – 60 More Miles

Kings of Lowertown

1. Long Long While
2. Pembroke Murder Ballad
3. Shotgun Preacher
4. Ain’t No Mercy In This Cruel Old World (Gots Me A Blunt)

 Masters of ‘dirt blues’, KINGS OF LOWERTOWN is unleashing their album 60 More Miles this October. The first release from the album Shotgun Preacher is the perfect introduction to their four-track production. This two and a half minute production offers no more than pure low-down dirty blues which is complicated by distorted vocals – definitely a standout track.

The album continues to offer that good old gritty blues with that muzzled, distorted vocals with Ain’t No Mercy In This Cruel Old World (Gots Me A Blunt) – but this time, there is a very light, sweet and distorted presence of the harmonica. The distortedness is obviously the band’s trademark -which I must say is totally ingenious!

Long, Long While is a more racy gritty rock creation which perhaps has an infusion of THE DOORS and TOM WAITS, whereas Pembroke Murder Ballad features a very light, feel good summery melody with the gritty guitar raging in the background, giving it a slight bluesy edge to it.

These guys were named one of the best bands in Ottawa last year by the Big Beat Blog. When you listen to Shotgun Preacher, it won’t be hard to figure out why they are worthy of that title.

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