Check out FLVME’s Highly-anticipated EP ‘Germander II’

After two highly successful singles in the lead up to a highly anticipated EP, FLVME has solidified his position among the best Hip Hop artists coming out of South Africa. He now releases the ‘Germander II EP.’

Germander is a species of flower that is known to have medicinal benefits, and as such, since the inception of the title ‘Germander’, Flvme made this project through the lens of this flower’s life cycle, with the intention to heal all those that consume it.

“I feel this best describes me, I am that flower, a seed planted, watered, left to dry up, revered in my season of blossoming and allowed to bloom, and that’s what the title is for,” he says.

‘Let Me Down’ was the first release of 2022 from the project and is a song about reflecting on past relationships and how they helped shape who he is, “Accepting everything for what it is and understanding that I have to go through a lot in order to grow .. overall it’s just about finding peace within myself,” he says.

Followed by ‘Prayers Up’, the second single from the EP, Flvme raps about his faith and relationship with God, of which he said, “Living in the world and how it is today, I feel like it’s only right to stay prayed up. It’s also about embracing myself as a flawed human being and understanding that the future is never promised.

Germander II finds the artist on a quest to find balance between all the high and lows of life and his career, while remaining ready for any outcome, while remembering to live in the moment. Check it out below…

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Jason Griff Taps Teller Bank$ & AJ Suede For Track. ‘DISCMAN’

A year and a half after releasing his critically-acclaimed Fireside Chats album, producer JASON GRIFF brings us the sequel of his groundbreaking compilation series featuring some of the most prolific rappers in underground hip-hop on beats rooted in obscure punk rock sample flips. Prior to the album release on 14th October, he slips a preview of first single, ‘DISCMAN’ featuring Teller Bank$ and AJ Suede.

‘DISCMAN’ flips a timeless hardcore song into an equally hardcore track, backed by shredded guitar leads and thunderous 808 bass lines, Bank$ and Suede attack the soundscape with nostalgic tales of Discmans and other portable music devices and the occasional robbery of such items.

Fireside Chats 2 releases on 14th October and features appearances from Brian Ennals, Curly Castro, Defcee, Premrock, ZIlla Rocca, Fatboi Sharif, Jesse the Tree and many others in addition to Bank$ and Suede.

‘DISCMAN’ is available now on all streaming platforms. Check it out below…

Song of the Day: By The River – Mermaid Blood

‘By the River’ is a dark and moody alternative R&B piece with soul and pop influences by MERMAID BLOOD. The duo consists of two 23-year-old artists representing Ajax, Ontario, who hope to not only impress listeners with their sound but to connect with their audience through their lyrics chronicling their growing pains and journeys through love, loss, homelessness, sexuality, race, etc. Mermaid Blood are new to the game but hope that everyone can see the potential that they see in themselves. Check them out below…

Check out POP Buchanan’s New Album, ‘Sober Is Dope’

‘Sober is Dope’ is the second album by rapper POP BUCHANAN which highlights his entire life and his road to recovery from alcoholism.

Produced by Nudgi-Nudge, ED-APE, Scott Freebase, and K. Miles, the ‘Sober is Dope’ album is dedicated to POP’s late Uncle “Atiim” Lyn Ferguson”, Kevin “Brick Jones” Byrdsong, and the addiction recovery community. Recorded in a unique podcast style, this album brings together the Sober is Dope podcast with POP Buchanan’s music thus bridging together both worlds. With hints of motivation, real-life testimonies, raw Boom Bap beats, and solid lyrics, “Sober is Dope” is an album that Pop hopes can inspire and stand the test of time.

‘Sober Is Dope’ was released last Thursday (29th September) across various music platforms. Check it out below…

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Watch NLE Choppa’s Video For Track, ‘Little Miss’

Multi-platinum Memphis star NLE CHOPPA drops emotional new single ‘Little Miss’. On the track, Choppa raps about being in love with an independent woman. It’s the kind of unfiltered, stream-of-consciousness anthem that makes the 19-year-old one of hip hop’s most exciting artists. Check out the video below…