Shades Lawrence’s Single ‘Infinite’ Is A Reminder To Follow Your Passion.

SHADES LAWRENCE‘s love for basketball strongly inspired her to pen brand new single ‘Infinite’, an upbeat and feel-good track from her upcoming album.

The hip-hop artist from Toronto was a Division I college basketball player in the United States, training outdoors early in the morning, playing as a forward on the court, posting up, and working hard all throughout the entire season.

‘Infinite’ serves as a reminder to do what you love in life. Check out the video here….

JVSTN Shares Mesmeric Single, ‘Dancing With The Enemy’

JVSTN.‘s synth-heavy and forward pop single, ‘Dancing With The Enemy’ is his first original offering, following his smooth cover of Frank Oceans’ ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’. The New York-based pop artist has been working on his music production skills and started writing original music for the first time in 2021. Years of formal singing training, performing and recording with collegiate a cappella group The University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers, and music production courses have culminated to this very moment.

His new song actually started out as a songwriting and production exercise through Charlie Puth’s course. JVSTN. wrote the song with his best friend from college, Charlie Aldrich, and decided it would make an excellent debut. He produced the track himself in his Brooklyn bedroom and is excited to share it with the world!

Speaking of his debut offering, JVSN says: “‘Dancing With The Enemy’ is about a romantic nightmare a lot of us have experienced. I tried to capture the idea of teetering between semi-opaque feelings of a deep love and devastating hurt and anxiety. I go back and forth between infatuation and an uncertain dread. The music video (to be released in late January) focuses on a mysteriously alluring and manipulative woman. She draws me in and ultimately stabs me in the back – similar to what the feared venus fly trap does with its prey.”

This one’s a real beauty; why not check it out below…

Song of the Day: Dreamin’ – Kelly Besd (ft. Jackie Art, K-Riz)

As we look ahead to 2022 and the tumultuous journey the world is embarking on for the nth time in history, it’s words of encouragement from activists, free thinkers, and musicians like Canadian singer/songwriter KELLY BESD and her single ‘Dreamin’,’ that remind us to keep pushing forward.

Taken from her debut album, Back To Me, released in November, ‘Dreamin” is a poignant and hard-hitting track shining the spotlight on racial injustice and discrimination. Harnessing the use of slow drums and her signature R&B vocal structures, Besd creates a warm, open, and ethereal listening experience for audiences while highlighting the need for change. On the track, Besd teamed up with artists Jackie Art and K-Riz to offer their reflections and words of hope throughout the song.

‘Dreamin” is available across various digital music platforms. Before you head off, check out the video for the soothing single below…

Song of the Day: Fake Love – Paps

UK Hip Hop & Rap artist PAPS speaks on his own personal experiences through track ‘Fake Love’ and how he still managed to come out on top despite the odds being stacked against him.

Fusing a melodic hook with his signature punchy bars atop of a trap-infused instrumental produced by Crooza, Paps undeniably delivers an infectious, radio-ready hit. Paps enlists director Alisha Gordon for the track’s swanky, Central London based music video, showcasing his engaging artist presence and style.

Born in India’s capital Delhi, Paps grew up in East London before moving to Dagenham where he currently resides. During his early life, his interests consisted of being outside with his friends as opposed to education as promoted by his parents. After beginning to lose friends to the streets, he became heavily influenced by his father who showed him the importance of investing in himself. It wasn’t until a close friend of his passed away that he decided to pursue his passion – music.

Since then, he has indefinitely made his mark on the UK music scene, with notable releases such as ‘Dripping’ featuring Crooza (GRM Daily) being amongst his most popular to date.

Paps has plans to release more music in 2022 and beyond, collaborating with other artists and injecting his unique style and flair onto the industry in signature “Paps style”.

Check out the blazing video for single below…

EP Review: Trepac – Juice Cannon x Dice Cannon

JUICE CANNON and DICE CANNON have been steadily making their name in the underground hip-hop scene in their hometown, New York City for the last ten years now. Their latest collaborative project, ‘Trepac’, shows their appreciation for being in the rap game for so long, reflecting on their hard grind and achievements made along the way.

I have to say, this EP may be three tracks long, but the pair instantly shows us the very reason why they lasted so long in the game through the infectiously bass-heavy intro, ‘Twin Towers’, which documents the hard drive of building their craft from the very bottom right to the top. Their second offering, ‘No Statements’ carries on that infectiously head-bopping vibe, with loops of soulful vocals, later weighted in by one hell of b-line, which reverberates throughout the track.

Changing the tempo of the mini set is final piece, ‘Demon Time’, a smooth soulful trap joint where each rapper adds a peppery flow to the entire production.

Now I’ve already said this earlier in the review and it’s worth saying again: This mini fiery set shows the reason why these emcees are ranked so high in New York’s underground hip-hop scene and it wouldn’t surprise me if they overspill very quickly into the international scene very soon. Why not check out the EP below…

Must Listen: No Statements