Song of the Day: Lovin’ From You – Sara Diamond (feat. Nick Grant)

SARA DIAMOND’s single ‘Lovin’ From You’ (feat. Nick Grant) is a rather provocative and steamy joint about longing for a lover’s affection in a playful way. The lyrics evoke a feeling of sensuality, being totally honest and loud about love.

The accompanied visuals connect to a 4-part story from the California singer-songwriter’s forthcoming EP inspired by empowerment, love, and letting go of inhibitions. This segment involves the deep subconscious, exploring themes of lust, delusion, and heightened emotions. Have a look below…

Song of the Day: Scars – SAVARRE

Hailing from New York, avant-garde ‘Spectra Rock’ outfit SAVARRE’s latest single ‘Scars’ is a passionate ode for anyone who has bounced back stronger than ever from a traumatic experience. Savarre is fronted by multi-talented singer-songwriter, composer, playwright, and novelist Shannon Denise Evans, whose perfectly soaring vocal performance would deeply resonate with each and every one of us. The real message of the song there is not to look back on the bad experience with anger but to go forth with pride, proudly presenting the scars from that journey.

Shannon shares, “For me, the experiences that created my scars made me stronger, smarter, and more resilient. I wear my scars proudly now; they are markers on a path that led me back to myself.”

‘Scars’ is now available on all music platforms, including Spotify. Follow Savarre via Instagram to know more about them and upcoming ventures.

Song of the Day: La La La – Rayne Storm (ft. Sticky Fingaz)

RAYNE STORM is back with a trail of singles (‘La La La’, ‘Old School, New School’ and ‘All Along’) coming off his upcoming album ‘AudioCity’. The project is described as a triple threat of collabs with Sticky Fingaz of Onyx, Swifty Mcvay of D12 & DMC of the iconic Hip-Hop group Run DMC.

Making it to today’s top spot, ‘La La La’ speaks on the effects of growing up around guns and gun violence with Sticky Fingaz doing double duty with a featured verse and chorus. With straight forward and honest lyrics, the track doesn’t glorify nor run from its truths and descriptive nature.

‘La La La’ makes a great introduction into Rayne’s album slated for release 21st February…but for now, get tuck in on the track below…

Song of the Day: Love Chase – Vaindi (ft. Overtuned)

At the age of only twenty one, VAINDI is a testament to the promise the younger generation has to offer. With the vigor, passion and drive embodied by her at this age, she will not only adapt to the music industry constantly in flux but also bring her vision to fruition by walking the perfect line to success.

With ‘Love chase’ as the headliner for the coming year, the Romanian singer is set to disperse into several audiences with her Contemporary RnB, Pop and Trap influences in the single. In the first few seconds the single rockets immediately into the glitch and retro world constructed via the beats on the bed of the song’s production. It almost builds an aura of haunting, until her infectious vocal delivery with the unravelling production couple together, pumping up the beats to the heart of the song – the chorus.

The melodrama in the dark spirited retro aura created is only furthered when the ever darkening lyrics from the song sphere into the song. ‘Love chase’ chases right to the adrenaline, chaos and intensity in the most profound of relationships. Check it out below…

Song of the Day: Same Ole Song – JP The Truth x Johnny Innuendo

If you hit the button on JP THE TRUTH‘s single, ‘Same Ole Song’ and doesn’t (at least) make your heart skip a beat, then I have to say there’s something wrong with you!

Oozing featherily layers of soulful R&B, this emotive ballad chronicles the type of love that never fades away, delivered through a heart-warming vocal performance.

You really don’t want to pass up on this diamond…check it out below…