Song of the Day: Cold – Danelle Sandoval

Following her breakout debut version of ‘Tuesday’ with ILoveMakonnen ft. Drake, Filipino-American R&B/pop songstress DANELLE SANDOVAL circles back and shares single ‘Cold’ which is her most vulnerable to date.

She confides, “I’ve always been curious about how relationships can just flip a switch and how intimacy can be so difficult for everyone, when most of us just wanna feel close to each other. I’ve definitely been on both sides of a relationship where I was either the one being cold or my partner was. This song represents the latter.”

Cold entices with seductive soul-drenched vocals, mood enhancing R&B landscapes, and intimate reflections of love and loss.

After posting a YouTube cover of ‘Tuesday’ by ILoveMakonnen ft. Drake, the song was remixed and went on to receive platinum awards worldwide while reaching the number one spot in over 70 countries on iTunes and Shazam. The viral hit has amassed over one billion streams online. Following the global success of ‘Tuesday’ Danelle has performed on national television in Germany, has written for other artists including Paris Hilton, and has focused on releasing original music.

With more music to be released in 2023, Danelle has refined her sound to represent the places and genres that have inspired her and her creativity the most, from Toronto’s out-of-the-box production and NYC’s jazz influences to LA’s R&B/pop scene. Have a listen to ‘Cold’ below…

Song of the Day: Dependent On You – Fortte

17-year-old Brazilian singer/songwriter and producer FORTTE‘s, latest single, ‘Dependent on You’, addresses the issue
of emotional dependence on friendships and exposing the artist’s deepest insecurities over an intriguing mix between synth-pop, electro-pop, and alternative R&B.

‘Dependent on You’, with Influences that range from Macintosh Plus to Ariana Grande, was born when Fortte heard one of the instrumentals he made on his smartphone and decided to create a melody to it and write about the feelings that surrounded his mind at the time. The result couldn’t be different: an intimate track with melancholic lyrics, but with powerful vocals and a brilliant production.

About the song lyrics, Fortte says: “I wrote this track hoping that other people could relate with what I felt, it is horrible to feel alone. An emotional dependence on someone, even on a friend, can really f*** up your whole mind. I wonder why no one talks about it..?”

After introducing himself in 2021 with the trap-infused single ‘Night’, Fortte is ascending as a rising artist in pop music. The teenager has been singing since his childhood, in the churches his parents used to attend. Also, he grew up in an extremely musical environment. Now, at 17 years old, Fortte writes his own lyrics and produces his own songs in an exceptional way – using an android phone and his microphone…have a listen to ‘Dependent on You’ below…

T. Fernandez Shares Her Second EP, ‘Once Upon A Melody’.

Produced, mixed and mastered entirely by platinum selling writer Christopher ‘Scam’ Layton, singer-songwriter T. FERNANDEZ‘s second spellbinding body of work ‘Once Upon A Melody’, is an amalgamation of T’s own thoughts and complicated feelings, penned by herself.

Exploring themes of anxiety and self preservation, tracks like ‘Make It Make Sense’ showcase T’s compelling ability to lay it all down on the track. Playful moments on the EP include her collaboration with PaisleighB on track ‘Not With Me’, which bears an unapologetic, no-nonsense vibe. ‘Once Upon A Melody’ is delightfully brought to a close with T’s final offering ‘Saviour’ – a closing affirmation to remember to “show up for yourself through thick and thin”.

Born in West London to a Spanish Father and English Mother, T. Fernandez is an emerging singer-songwriter with a penchant for dreamy storytelling. T was raised in Brighton, where she developed a love for the cello during her primary school days, before returning back to London where she currently resides.

T’s secondary school years were a pivotal time for her as she began to discover her voice and the freedom she felt from singing. Putting down the cello to instead sing along to her favourite songs in her bedroom, this led her to attend a small theatre school after convincing her parents she was destined to pursue a career in music.

Undoubtedly inheriting an innate creative streak from her ballet dancing Mother and artist Father, T describes her upbringing as a time filled with “enriched experiences of the arts” that nurtured her now love and passion for self expression through music. T divulges on growing up with parents from different cultures with different languages, cuisines and customs as something she is “proud of”.

Notably throughout the span of her career, T. Fernandez has been championed and featured throughout a plethora of different mediums including radio plays on Westside, Flex FM, Pulse 88, Deja Vú, Unity Radio, GFM Radio, Rhythm In Britain and Relax and Bake FM, and with appearances on platforms such as the Frequency Platform, Black Owned London’s ‘The Spotlight Sessions’.

Her most notable releases include her debut EP ‘In My Poetic Feels’, with her debut single ‘One’ being one of her personal picks to date.

As she releases her succeeding EP ‘Once Upon A Melody’, T. Fernandez has plans to connect more deeply with listeners of her music throughout 2023 and beyond. Expect live performances, features and collaborations in the near future… have a listen below…

Must Listen: Make It Make Sense, Not with Me

R&B Songbird Cheryll Lures Us With Her First Release of 2023, ‘One Of A Kind’

Following on from previous hits such as ‘Crushin’ and ‘Naughty or Nice’, CHERYLL is back with her brand new single ‘One of A Kind’, a sultry joint that’s a must have for a R&B collection.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Mary J Blige, Beyoncé and Aaliyah, Cheryll is a unique blend of powerhouse vocals and 90’s melodies, bringing back the nostalgic vibes of 90’s RnB! London-born singer-songwriter, Cheryll is well on her way to becoming one of the key players in UK RnB, and her new single shows just that.

Cheryll’s music delivers that emotional transparency that appeases the listening ear. Being of Gambian heritage, she has featured in live performances in the motherland and made appearances on many platforms building a core fan base in what she calls home. The soulful songbird is a proud winner of the Fresher of the Year Award at the 2022 State of R&B awards with over 40+ live show performances across the UK. With only one EP released so far – amassing over 50k streams – Cheryll’s place as a musician in the industry has already been cemented and it is only becoming strong.

Check out the official video for ‘One of the Kind’ below…

Song of the Day: Jersey Luv – Groovy (ft. B Jack$)

New Jersey artist GROOVY‘s single ‘jersey luv’, is an exhilarating R&B/Jersey Club fusion that is fitting for both late nights with your lover and late nights on the dance floor. Inspired by his New Jersey roots and the Jersey club global phenomenon, the single pays homage to the genre while incorporating staple Y2K R&B elements that allow Groovy to share his most intimate desires. Opening with a lustrous and laid back R&B melody, Groovy’s sultry vocals narrate the inner workings of his mind over the seductive production brought to life by producer Alejandro. The track then crescendos into a fully charged Jersey Club experience fuelled by staple steely triplet kick-drums and exuberant vocal chops, as fellow NJ artist B Jack$’ intoxicating freestyle verses take centre stage. The juxtaposing elements invite you to embrace the euphoric tension created between the two sonic atmospheres, as Groovy proves his ability to conceptualize a track that lives up to his name.

The single is accompanied by an official music video shot in Newark, NJ – a sentiment to Jersey Club as Newark is the birthplace of the movement and genre itself. Directed by Chris Andrade, viewers travel from a front row seat at a sumptuous fashion show to the exclusive backstage afterparty where everyone is seen doing what they do best when the Jersey Club beat drops. Every role necessary in bringing this vision to life was filled by New Jersey talent; this release is a special homegrown recipe and inspiration for all proud New Jerseyans, as their creative abilities are showcased for the world to see.

When asked what inspires his artistic endeavors, GROOVY explained, “My dad was a touring House DJ growing up, which allowed me to experience a unique cultural appreciation for the genre. Artists from around the world would come together to collaborate at my childhood home; witnessing that free artistic expression at such a young age was really special for me. Jersey has a huge influence on the dance/house genre, which inspired me to create music that is fueled by electricity, expression and liberation, all in my own neo-pop, R&B niche way.”

“jersey luv” follows a string of 2022 singles including groove-inducing ‘Platonic,’ and melancholy summer jam ‘Come Around.’ The traversing musician’s Brooklyn Music Kitchen residency brings fans together on the last Tuesday of every month, as they travel from near and far for his captivating, full-band live performances. Keep an eye out for Groovy as he continues to shine with his eclectic blend of neo-pop, R&B, and house while solidifying himself as one to watch in 2023.

Check out the video for ‘jersey luv below…