Song of the Day: Moments – Caitlin Min Fa

Inspired by a composite of pop / ballad styles, CAITLIN MIN FA‘s latest single, ‘Moments’ is a celebration of her five year anniversary with her partner Ryan, reflecting on and appreciating all the incredible moments and memories they shared in this crazy world. Funnily enough, two days after the song came out … they got engaged!!

Produced by Melbourne’s ARIA award winner Rob Amoruso, the track has the energy of Jojo, and elements of H.E.R. With the infusion of both Pop and urban R&B, ‘Moments’ is not only romantic, but intertwining visual story telling within the lyrics, and also providing three and a half minutes of pure escapism.

Officially ready to be added to your playlist, it’s a song that belongs on radio with it’s bold energy that contrasts a playful and vulnerable attitude simultaneously. Have a listen below…

Song of the Day: Foolish – Rogues

A warm glow of the eighties-style synth, introduces Australian indie pop/new wave duo ROGUES‘ latest single, ‘Foolish’ which is, perfectly complimented by a vocal performance that’s reminiscent of Clark Datchler from eighties pop/new wave group, Johnny Hates Jazz.

Perth act Rogues have hit the ground running on the Australian music scene and are promising bigger and better things going forward, as they take their craft to new and exciting heights. After meeting in high-school, the duo joined forces in 2016 with their collective vision of redefining the modular sounds of eighties synth for a new age more fragmented and discerning than ever before. It was a union as unholy as it was unlikely, aligning two creative minds from distant cultures and musical backgrounds far beyond the Perth city-limits. For two Perth grown mates, born in Colombia (drummer / keyboardist Cristian Galindo) and Scotland (guitarist / vocalist Graeme White), there was never a clear prototype to emulate, which ushered the band in a direction they could only carve out for themselves.

The band’s 2017 debut effort (Double Vision EP) saw them establish a synth-laden indie take on arena rock, reimagining the approaches from spearheads like Tears for Fears and The Killers. 2023 takes a more contemporary turn for Rogues, with the band trading their 80s aesthetic for a slicker indie pop sound in their upcoming debut album, ‘Home In The Abyss’. Their latest vision abounds with memorable hooks in the vein of Dua Lipa, the lyrical strangeness and slight dissonance of Gorillaz, moody textures of Joji, and cohabited synth and guitar space expected from the likes of Phoenix. The upcoming 12-track album was fully self-produced and engineered, allowing meticulous attention to detail and full artistic control by the duo. The release, which is
set for the first half of 2023, will be preceded by a string of singles, each showcasing versatility and exemplifying the band’s undeniable ability for delivering epic soundscapes and anthemic vocals.

Rogues are a band to watch out for this year. Keep up to date with their upcoming releases, shows and news by following them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Check out their latest single, ‘Foolish’ below’…

New Lease Music’s Top Ten Songs of 2022

Here’s the blog’s top ten songs, which completes the top releases of 2022.

Some of the songs on the list were staples on the NEW LEASE MUSIC weekly charts in 2022, whereas others quietly clocked up heavy amount of streams and views via the blog.

So are you ready to explore the list? Good!

Just in case you missed it, you can view the Top Ten Music video here and Top Ten Albums here.

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OUT TODAY: Karen Harding Teams Up With Argentinian P&M Records And Cologne Chamber Orchestra With ‘It’s Okay’ and ‘Greener On The Other Side’

Following on from previous single, ‘Strong For You’, Australian Singer-Songwriter, KAREN HARDING reveals the second half of her musical project with Argentinian P&M Records, with the dual release of ‘It’s Okay’ and ‘Greener On The Other Side’, featuring the Cologne Chamber Orchestra.

Written by Karen Harding and produced by P&M Records, ‘It’s Okay’ tells a story of self-frustration.. of believing that you should be somewhere, someone or somehow different than where you are.. and then allowing yourself to drop it and let go in compassion for yourself, letting yourself know that it is truly ok for things to be exactly as they are.

Co-written with P&M Records and featuring the Cologne Chamber Orchestra, ‘Greener On The Other Side’ was written when considering some big changes. It highlights the fears that come up with the change and questions whether what you imagine on the other side of change is truly the reality of how it is. Is the grass really greener on the other side?

“It was such an incredible honour to be able to have the Cologne Chamber Orchestra play on ‘Greener On The Other Side’. It has always been a dream to work with an orchestra, and to work with such a talented and world class orchestra is beyond my dreams” Karen Harding

Since her debut single release in May 2021, ‘I Didn’t Realise’, Melbourne, Australia singer-songwriter, Karen Harding has been on a journey of musical and personal exploration, determined to see what is truly possible in music and creativity.

Karen Harding has recently collaborated with Argentinian P&M Records, the Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Canadian producer, Landao, Melbourne Hip Hop artist, Serif, and a stunning inspirational project with Misia Julia, as well as winning the 2021 Bendigo Bank sponsored Radio Eastern songwriter talent show and being nominated as top 10 winner for the World Songwriting Awards, and a nominee for Best International Artist on Crags Radio Independent Artist Awards in February 2022.

Likened to the sounds of Eva Cassidy, Sarah McLachlan and Karen Carpenter, Karen Harding’s music features alluring and ethereal vocals at the forefront, complimented by an instrumental soundscape that will send you soaring within a dreamland of imagination.

Having begun her musical journey, playing the piano at 6 years old and beginning formal singing lessons at 14, music has become a world of discovery and possibility, as well as a tool and a therapy for her to sort through experiences and emotions, that touch each of us within the human race.

Karen Harding has big plans for evolution and metamorphosis as 2023 rolls around and is looking forward to sharing all the projects that are yet to be revealed…but for now, listen to ‘It’s Okay and ‘Greener On The Other Side’…

Karen Harding Shares Her Declaration Of Self-Love With Single, ‘Strong For You’

Melbourne-based folk-pop singer-songwriter, KAREN HARDING‘s latest declarative single ‘Strong For You’, sets a scene of curiosity and mystery, through the simplicity of the heartfelt tinkling of piano keys and then introduces a layer of fingerpicked guitar. Karen Harding’s alluring vocals immediately drawn us into a melancholic story that of heartbreak which builds up to a sense of hope and promise.

“I love that ’Strong For You’ holds layers of meaning.. The song can be translated as a declaration of love and a promise to be there with someone special, through the hard times.. to say you’ll be there through thick and thin. I have been going through a period of a lot of self-exploration.. For me, this song was born out of a desire to be there for the aspects of myself that I have previously rejected or disliked.. to accept and to carry them through difficult feelings and emotions, even when it’s not comfortable to do so. It’s a song of healing.” Karen Harding

Likened to the sounds of Eva Cassidy, Sarah McLachlan and Karen Carpenter, Karen Harding released her first single, ‘I Didn’t Realise’ in May 2021. She went on to win the November 2021 Bendigo Bank sponsored Independent Songwriter Talent Show on Radio Eastern FM in Melbourne for her single, ‘Anxiety’, Top 10 winner for the World Songwriting Awards, for her single, ‘Something Special’ and a nominee for Best International Artist on Crags Radio Independent Artist Awards in February 2022.

It’s time to take out time out and listen to ‘Strong For You’…