Rapper Young Pascal Drops New Track, ‘City Lights’

After the release of the highly successful singles ‘Ways’ and ‘Wasted Times’, YOUNG PASCAL has fulfilled the promise for an epic follow-up with his latest single ‘City Lights’, this time teaming up with fellow Perth artist Perry P and New Zealand based Kid Rey.

‘City Lights’ is the young artist’s fifth single to date, and is a true extension of his fusion of conscious rap lyrics and a melodic vocal performance which is reminiscent of the in-demand melodic rap movement making waves across the globe.

Even with vocal presets, Young Pascal brings in a certain dark rawness to set the tone for the record. Kid Rey, then Perry P, follow respectively with their feature verses, this time tapping into moody vocals in their own styles, rounding out the overall song.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Young Pascal says: “City lights is all about getting lost in the sauce and losing yourself to chasing that temporary kick of happiness in life which happens to more and more people nowadays and an example is clout-chasing. People are so infatuated with their likes or follower count to feel like they are worthy, they’re getting blinded by the lights!”

Check out Yung Pascal’s fire track below…

Song of the Day: Hush – BLXSS

Perth-based artist BLXSS originally from New Zealand draws heavily from his Zimbabwean heritage. Starting his musical journey from an early age BLXSS grew up around a musically inclined family and began uploading tracks on SoundCloud at the age of 15 while developing his unique style of music. BLXSS fuses different forms of Afrobeat and traditional hip-hop by combining the rhythm and heart-tugging nature of Afro music with the technical rhyme schemes and wordplay found in hip-hop and R&B; formulating a style that encourages you to feel the music rather than just listen to it.

His single ‘Hush’ follows on from his previous releases ‘Jiggy’ and ‘Can’t Deny’ and continues exploring the unique style that BLXSS has grown into over the past few years. This single will be the first collaboration between the Perth rapper and new independent Sydney label samesame records – a brand new imprint on the ADA/Warner roster – where he will join stablemates DoloRRes and Muka Vhatti.

‘Hush’ delivers a tongue-in-cheek commentary of the ‘playboy lifestyle’ so beloved of the hip-hop community, espousing the benefits of casual relationships and his own code-of-conduct. “When I kiss, I don’t tell”. “I wrote this song to highlight my very private lifestyle,” explains BLXSS “whether it’s my business or my relationships, I like to keep my circle small and loyal. So if I do decide to venture out of my circle for any reason, I prefer to have that business kept between us. This song perfectly represents how I prefer to “Keep it on the Hush Hush”.

BLXSS has teamed up with local Perth videographer Brendan Cecich to bring the music video for ‘Hush’ to life. Check it out below…

88YAMI Drops Track ‘My City’ Featuring YourBoyMars

After the highly anticipated ‘My City’ record was teased at various live performances by 88YAMI and Yourboymars, the track is finally out for your inspection! ‘My City’ is a homage to the 6K, also known as Perth, where both artists come from and credit as the city where they started their music career.

88YAMI has been a widely known name in Perth’s hip-hop & rap music scene with previous releases ‘The Plan’, ‘Mrs Sippy Queen’, and ‘Movement’ crossing over 250k streams collectively while being featured on prominent Spotify editorial playlists.

‘My City’ is a perfect showcase of 88YAMI’s catchy melodic rap sound, where he shows off his smooth delivery over a blend of soft guitar string melodies and an aggressive 808 kick, produced by Roki Beats.

For a track titled ‘My City’, fellow Perth artist Yourboymars was the perfect heavy hitter to come in on the second verse. The artist has created a huge buzz for his small but highly valuable discography that has been featured on multiple influential blogs, and prominent music streaming placements.

Check out the video for ‘My City’, directed by Seto Kiswoyo and Reid Garnaut.

KNOE Goes On A Lusty Journey With ‘Manhattan Summer’

Perfect for those warm summer nights, KNOE‘s new single ‘Manhattan Summer’, captures the rough sophistication of love in the queen of metropolis.

KNOE unfolds his seemingly effortless ability to transport the listener to ‘there and then’, with an element of Jazzy rap that makes this joint so sensual.

The inspiration behind this track goes back to his times in Manhattan. KNOE holds our hand and takes us for a walk through a romantic period full of lust and desire, while drawing a parallel between falling head over heels for someone and for a temperamental scene like Manhattan. “In reminiscence of that summer, I noticed a crazy similarity between the way I felt for a woman and the way I felt for the city.” The independent artist works alongside singer Paloma to bring those hot late evenings in the city to life.

‘Manhattan Summer’ follows his 2019 EP ‘Reasons’ and latest single ‘Down’. This one’s a REAL gem. Check it out below…