916 deliver their sultry new cut ‘Nuisance Interlude’.

Formerly known as Nikz & Booda, 916 deliver their sultry new cut ‘Nuisance Interlude’.

With velvet-smooth production and harmonious vocals from Nikz, combined seamlessly with Booda’s relaxed yet quick-witted bars, the 916 collective execute another flawless blend of R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop in this new song, showcasing their unique signature sonics.

The luxurious track clocks in at just over 2 minutes captivating the listeners with a stylish seductive sound, which no doubt leaves fans craving for more from the Oxford based collective.

Bursting onto the music scene representing their Punjabi heritage, British born collective 916 have garnered their own unique sound, blending elements of R&B, Hip-Hop and Soul. With records such as ‘Get To It’ and ‘Motion’, 916 have since built further anticipation for a full length project with their most recent releases ‘Mimosa’ and ‘Nuisance Interlude’.

Throughout their career, 916 have consistently showcased an impactful style and sound, demonstrating their uniqueness and conceptual artistry, both visually and sonically. Since their foray into the music industry, 916 has amassed an impressive array of accolades. From performing at the Titan Festival in 2022 alongside Lloyd, Ludacris, and Jon B, to gaining notable support from BBC 1Xtra’s Sian Anderson, who featured their track ‘Pull Up’ as her ‘Online Find’ upon its release. Additionally, their music has received airplay on prominent platforms such as BBC Asian Network, Reprezent, and Radio2Funky.

With a multitude of releases slated for this year, 916 are poised to continue captivating audiences and solidifying their presence in the industry…Check out their lush single below…

Revival Season share new single ‘Chop’ + Video

REVIVAL SEASON – comprised of rapper BEZ and Jonah Swilley, a founding member of Mattiel and also known for his production work with Moonwalks and Night Beats – share ‘Chop’, their latest single for Heavenly Recordings.

Claustrophobic as hell and crunching down in all the right places, ‘Chop’ is a close-quarters, rapid fire hip-hop track from the Atlanta based duo. Talking about the track they said: “This one came together naturally, and gives you a look into future lyrical and production themes coming from us The video happened the same way, just us walking through downtown Nashville making people uncomfortable.”

Revival Season released their debut single, ‘Iron Warrior’ for Heavenly in the summer of 2021 and most recently shared their Outernational mixtape to coincide with this year’s SXSW Festival. Assembled by Raf Rundell (O.M. Days, The 2 Bears), the 28-minute piece was a dub-infused fusion of riffs, rhymes and beats, equal parts King Tubby Prince Paul.

Check out the video for ‘Chop’ below…

Song of the Day: Found – Quiet Son & Arula

With their dreamy, dark, sensual sound, ARULA & QUIET SON form a duo whose music combines the qualities of both urban electronica, dance, and experimental folk with an infusion of melodic pop sensibilities. Initially starting as a remote song collaboration between the two California artists & producers, the project blossomed into a fully realised LP that winds through themes of self-discovery, reclamation, climate consciousness, and romantic vulnerability.

In just a little over a year, Arula & Quiet Son have played shows throughout California, touring with acts like Random Rab & Desert Dwellers. The first single and title track from their debut album, ‘Found’, explores the power and direct connection between the feminine and nature.

Excited about the release, Arula says: “‘Found’ is a reclamation of the power that can only be harnessed from within. It is an ode to anyone who has ever felt lost, confused, or like they don’t fit it. It is a reminder that we can always be found within ourselves, and within the receptive energy of nature and earth”

Quiet Son elaborates: “The production of this song is really special to me. It was such a unique challenge, because when I heard the initial demo I realised the message of the song is so clear that I had to make sure the production supported Arula’s vision precisely. It was an exploration in creating and subsequently releasing tension: to build the sound around Arula’s vocals as the message of the song evolves from one of self-doubt into one of complete reclamation, empowerment, and ecstasy. It was fun to let that huge bass synth take over in the last chorus; I think it really opens the song up and symbolizes the feeling of relief and blessing we can feel when we give ourselves permission to take control of our lives and destinies.”

Arula continues: “Our hope is that this song reminds you that you are powerful and enough, just because you exist. May you always feel found within yourself.”

Take a peep at the stunning video for ‘Found’ below, directed by Jade Sanchez of Earth Based Media.

Song of the Day: Lumoflove – Sad Boys Club

London alt rock band SAD BOYS CLUB‘s latest single ‘Lumoflove’, is a powerful and vulnerable piece of their upcoming debut album Lullabies From The Lightning Tree, out 5th May via Modern Sky.

Radically changing up from their previous singles and back catalogue of music, ‘Lumoflove shows Sad Boys Club, and particularly lead singer Jacob Wheldon, at their darkest, but also most alluring. Paring sparse piano and murky production elements with bursts of vocal passion highlights the dichotomies of love and lust.

Dark, mysterious and brooding, Sad Boys Club are set to have their breakout year. The band’s upcoming debut album Lullabies From The Lightning Tree builds upon their previous string of EP releases that have seen them co-signed by the likes of Fred Macpherson, Matty Healy, Phoebe Bridgers and more.

Speaking on the album – Wheldon says: “It’s almost like a little bit of a coming of age record, it’s just 10 years later than it’s supposed to happen. It’s just for your late twenties and realising the ephemerality of all of that stuff, at this age we’ve all had relationships that haven’t worked out that we thought would last forever, we’ve all loved bands that we thought we were gonna love forever, we’ve all seen beauty in different ways.”

The story of Sad Boys Club is one of yearning, the feeling of reaching, but never quite touching. The constant ebb and flow of euphoric success and seemingly inescapable set-backs. Debut album Lullabies From The Lightning Tree not only marks a journey of four friends, but a generational rallying cry for self acceptance and love for those lost in the quagmire of their mid-to late twenties.

As Milan Kundera writes in his 1984 classic ‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’: “Anyone whose goal is ‘something higher’ must expect someday to suffer vertigo. What is vertigo? Fear of falling? No, Vertigo is something other than fear of falling. It is the voice of the emptiness below us which tempts and lures us, it is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves.” Kundera’s comical scepticism of life is an ever present theme for Sad Boys Club on their debut outing.

Combining The Cure’s penchant for emotionally vulnerable rock anthems, The 1975’s lyrical aptitude and driving guitar based sound of Death Cab for Cutie, Sad Boys Club have cut their teeth on the live circuit for a number of years, supporting Spector, Swim Deep, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Slow Readers Club to name but a few. Their live shows are dynamic, dramatic, and with a wealth of new music to play for the first time, they’re set to be one the UK’s “must see” live shows from a break-out group.

For their previous releases, Sad Boys Club have garnered support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, The Independent, CLASH Magazine, Dork Magazine, The Rodeo, Gigwise, The Line Of Best Fit, Whynow and more.

Sad Boys Club’s debut album Lullabies From The Lightning Tree is out 5th May via Modern Sky. New single ‘Lumoflove’ is out now. Sad Boys Club embark on tours of the UK and Europe in the spring. Have a listen to their stunning ballad below…

Song of the Day: Foolish – Rogues

A warm glow of the eighties-style synth, introduces Australian indie pop/new wave duo ROGUES‘ latest single, ‘Foolish’ which is, perfectly complimented by a vocal performance that’s reminiscent of Clark Datchler from eighties pop/new wave group, Johnny Hates Jazz.

Perth act Rogues have hit the ground running on the Australian music scene and are promising bigger and better things going forward, as they take their craft to new and exciting heights. After meeting in high-school, the duo joined forces in 2016 with their collective vision of redefining the modular sounds of eighties synth for a new age more fragmented and discerning than ever before. It was a union as unholy as it was unlikely, aligning two creative minds from distant cultures and musical backgrounds far beyond the Perth city-limits. For two Perth grown mates, born in Colombia (drummer / keyboardist Cristian Galindo) and Scotland (guitarist / vocalist Graeme White), there was never a clear prototype to emulate, which ushered the band in a direction they could only carve out for themselves.

The band’s 2017 debut effort (Double Vision EP) saw them establish a synth-laden indie take on arena rock, reimagining the approaches from spearheads like Tears for Fears and The Killers. 2023 takes a more contemporary turn for Rogues, with the band trading their 80s aesthetic for a slicker indie pop sound in their upcoming debut album, ‘Home In The Abyss’. Their latest vision abounds with memorable hooks in the vein of Dua Lipa, the lyrical strangeness and slight dissonance of Gorillaz, moody textures of Joji, and cohabited synth and guitar space expected from the likes of Phoenix. The upcoming 12-track album was fully self-produced and engineered, allowing meticulous attention to detail and full artistic control by the duo. The release, which is
set for the first half of 2023, will be preceded by a string of singles, each showcasing versatility and exemplifying the band’s undeniable ability for delivering epic soundscapes and anthemic vocals.

Rogues are a band to watch out for this year. Keep up to date with their upcoming releases, shows and news by following them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Check out their latest single, ‘Foolish’ below’…