Song of the Day: Dancing with Devils of Mine – Buel

BUEL stays true to her own style and dreamy universe with ‘Dancing with Devils of Mine’, an alternative-pop song infused with influences such as Christine And The Queens and Tame Impala. The song is about taking a more individualistic approach to gender and sexuality.

Buel explains the inspiration behind her latest single: “In my opinion society is too involved in individuals’ gender and sexual orientation and this is accepted by most of the people as people from all sides feel the pressure to try to explain what these mean to them and who they are interested in. This acceptance feels a bit like an invasion of privacy to me and I think the more we accept to explain our gender and sexuality to others the more we create space for suppression and judgment. Because these are only feelings and concepts and shouldn’t be treated as solid rock or ‘gold’ for people’s liking or sympathy as I mentioned in the song. Like ‘boys having to act like boys”, or the concept of a “man not being a man or woman”. I believe if we could all accept that these are personal feelings that evolve day to day, there would be more space for privacy and respect.”

From her Indie-Pop songs’ compositions, arrangements, music video directions to stylism and visuals, BUEL handles everything with taste and perfection. Awarded for her work with ‘Lemon Smile’, winning the 2021 London Music Video Festival, BUEL was remarked in 2019 by Adrian Gurvitz, who signed her a production deal with AGM Records UK, upon her release ‘Advice’.

Her previous singles ‘Lemon Smile’ and ‘Small Talk’ have been played on radio stations across the US and the UK, and was listed as best new pop artist by BBC1. Her song ‘Stray Little Legs’ is featured in the movie ‘Let’s Dream’, and ‘Troublemaker’ in the movie ‘My True Fairytale’

BUEL is a one of a kind, promising artist, already praised by her peers, and she will release her first album in 2023.

Watch the music video for ‘Dancing With Devils of Mine’, imagined, produced, directed, choreographed and edited by BUEL herself.

OUT TODAY: Listen To Cherry Lena’s Heartfelt Single, ‘Toxic Woman’.

Montreal’s alternative Pop R&B singer-songwriter CHERRY LENA‘s new single, ‘Toxic Woman’ explores the idea that people should not see their pain as a weakness, but rather as an opportunity to grow into an elevated version of themselves.

Lena confides, “This song is a sort of letter to myself. I wrote it last summer, at a dark time of my life. Whenever I feel down, I have this strange sensation that I’m stuck in a web of eternal negativity. Losing my sense of time, It’s like my sadness overpowers every part of my being and I feel incapable of relating to others. Relying only on myself in these moments, this song kind of represents the interaction between myself and a past happier version of me.”

Written in producer Jay Lavigne’s home studio, Lena set about encapsulating her truly cathartic musical messages in her new single with passionate vocal energy, backed up by rising synthesisers and contagious melodies.

Hoping that listeners will find resonance amongst her rhythms, She continues, “I believe It’s only when we feel down that we really truthfully hear music’s messages. I think that applies to this song too. Anyone who’s experienced any sort of deep sorrow in their life will feel connected to this song. I’m hoping it’ll bring some sort of comfort.”

Having first captured the attention of audiences with her performances on The Voice Quebec in 2018, Cherry Lena continues to win over the hearts of listeners across the globe. Her cover of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” in collaboration with Apashe has received more than eight million views on YouTube alone.

‘Toxic Woman is out today (10th November) across various music platforms. Listen below…

Song of the Day: Exposed – Neela

NEELA has leant a lot from making her latest single, ‘Exposed’. Pure, raw and unapologetically her, the young songstress used this song to begin the healing process of years of feeling insecure – and is now ready to share her experience.

“I used to weigh 240 lbs for most of my life,” Neela confides. “I’ve been scrutinized and bullied for my body size. Although my body went through a transformation, it also left stretch marks and loose skin. These experiences created a lot of insecurities and it’s been a journey to accept and love my story, body, and identity.”

‘Exposed’ is also about experiencing that unconditional love where one can be their true self. The single is the title track from Neela’s upcoming EP – be sure to look out for that. Until then, why not listen to the heartfelt single below…

Anisa Shares R&B Nostalgic Single ‘Deserve Me’ + Video

Nearly two years on from her debut single ‘Yalla’, which amassed over half a million plays online, and was championed by BBC 1Xtra, Reprezent Radio and FootAsylum, among others, and with superstar co-signs for her creative talents from the likes of Stormzy, Cardi B, and City Girls, British Somali singer, songwriter, and content creator ANISA is back with her brand new single titled ‘Deserve Me’. Written by Anisa, and produced by Edashman, pays homage to the ‘90s and early noughties era of R&B music that was pivotal to Anisa’s upbringing, and influenced her artistic journey.

‘Deserve Me’ also comes with a fun and creative music video, directed by Anisa herself, and shot on location across the city of London. Inspired by ‘90s era music videos that came with storytelling plots and creative acting, Anisa has put together a story-led music video for ‘Deserve Me’, which sees Anisa being grounded from going out with her friends, but as you’d expect, she pulls up to the party, where she sees her ex-lover, and is reminded of all the ways that he didn’t deserve her in the first place.

Check out the official video for the brand single ‘Deserve Me’ below…

Tilly Valentine Has A Message For All Exes In New Single, ‘XOXO’

TILLY VALENTINE releases her empowering new single ‘XOXO’ which delivers a strong message to all exes, drawing a line through the past and declaring you’re better off without.

The track’s narrative is about recognising self-worth. The sassy “I’m over-it” single accepts the past can’t be changed, and teases she will always be a part of her ex’s history, whether they like it or not.

The independent artist has been described as “the type of quirky you can pair with a coffee or a party”, as herself-releases gain broadcasts across BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra, BBC 6 Music, The Hot List, The BBC Introducing Mixtape, Jazz FM, Fresh on the Nets Track of the Week and more.

Born and raised in a small town in Oxfordshire, Valentine moved to London aged 16 to attend The BRIT School, where her journey began with her BBC Radio 1Xtra debut from Jamz Supernova. Her tracks soothed the ears of many tastemakers, as her angelic EP’s were broadcast on BBC Radio 6, championing her “beautiful pop music”.

With live shows in the pipeline at Truck Festival, Cross The Tracks festival and her unannounced headline show, ‘XOXO’ sets 2022 to be Tilly Valentine’s best year yet…have a listen below…