Song of the Day: Element & Moderate – Feverkin

Detail-focused producer FEVERKIN‘s latest single, ‘Element & Moderate’ released via the Deep Heads imprint. ‘Element & Moderate’, is the first single to be released from the record label’s new compilation, Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 4, which will be released on the 26th of May.

A composer and producer residing in Portland, Oregon, Feverkin is the musical alias of Adam Orfale. Feverkin crafts his sound by sampling, morphing, and arranging recordings of traditional instruments. Drawing inspiration from Trip Hop, Future Garage, Lofi, Jazz, and Classical music, Feverkin strikes a unique balance between melody and beat, resulting in instrumentally-driven downtempo music that is both organic, glitchy, and moody. He takes inspiration from Burial, Alaskan Tapes, and Synkro to create music in the same vein as Òlafur Arnalds, Phaeleh, and Nightmares On Wax.

The beat work of ‘Element & Moderate’ is precise and intricate. As one might expect from a Feverkin recording, an array of instruments are scattered around the production. Upright Piano and Cello are just some of the many live elements incorporated in this incredible piece, not to mention loads of floating frequencies in which to lose oneself.

Feverkin tells us about the song: “‘Element & Moderate’ is about being at a crossroads and knowing the difference between which path you want to take and which path you need to take. This song started with a nearly 10-year-old recording of my friend playing the drums in a warehouse/office space. I edited and looped a particular part that had a vibe and built the song with the beat being the focus.”

Have a listen to ‘Element & Moderate’ below…

Let Your Hair Down And Listen To Fleece’s New Single, ‘It’s The Life.’

Montreal-based indie-pop / bedroom rock band FLEECE brings along a soulful funk reminder to all of us to stop overthinking – especially about certain expectations others might have of us – and make life more simple in brand new single ‘It’s The Life’ – so go forth and act like a child, be silly, queer it up and just live your best life!

The song originally started as a live jam in the four-piece act’s practice space that they posted to TikTok. The infectious melody and steel-drum-sounding guitar, provided by producer Gus Van Go, capture the song’s fun, live-jam energy.

Released yesterday (22and March), ‘It’s The Life’ has been a massive hit at their live show as its carefree vibes the energizes the crowd…now it’s time for you to let loose and hit the play button on ‘It’s The Life’ below…

Oloye Coldman Reflects On Life’s Saga With Latest EP, ‘Olúwamáyọ̀wá’

Olúwamáyọ̀wá by OLOYE “Oluwamayowa” COLDMAN is the reflection of a life saga and true story being depicted in just four tracks, but can be viewed as just a picture in your mind from lines to verses.

It’s a story of how he fractured his wrist whilst playing football and despite being in excruciating pain, he never give up and carried on with a smile.

Olúwamáyọ̀wá aims to inspire each and every soul, reviving the saddened mind and putting a smile of triumph on the faces of people. Have a listen to the inspirational set below…

Must Listens: Sat All Day, Elevation

Song of the Day: Palo Santo – Saint Joshua

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean, Solange and D’Angelo, SAINT JOSHUA‘s second single from his second EP, ‘Palo Santo’ brings an exciting soulful, rhythmic and cinematic sound immersed in rich harmonies.

A multi-layered track, ‘Palo Santo’ is innuendo filled covering love, fear of commitment and the importance of ridding negativity. The 26-year-old South Londoner says of the track who he co-wrote with collaborator Pearse Macintyre (Dua Lipa/ Emily Burns): “Palo Santo is probably my personal favourite. It was the first song written for the project and it was written a day or so after my 26th birthday. For me, I think it speaks to my generation, how cautious we are of people and protective we are of ourselves that we may become too careful and miss out on a good thing.” 

The singer has already racked up impressive online numbers with over 700,000 TikTok likes, over 100,000 YouTube views, 20,000 monthly listeners and over 14,000 followers across all social platforms. The anticipated 2nd EP is an exciting move from his debut EP, Pilot, which produces a diverse range of R&B/Soul sounds with Pop influences which introduces a colourful representation both sonically and visually.

Saint Joshua is no newcomer to music and performing having sang at school and having performed across the country for years learning his craft along with signing label deals. With early experience under his belt, it was only early 2021 during lockdown, armed with new music that Joshua decided it was now or never to re-launch his music to the world. Giving birth to the debut EP ‘Pilot’ along with its single’s I Like (March) which premiered on Wonderland Magazine with features in Rollacoaster and follow ups Love is (May) and Mi Amor (June). To accompany the releases, Joshua created a series of filmed content including an official video and a full acoustic live performance of the EP which was later released as a live EP, Pilot (Acoustic) (August) across all streaming platforms. Joshua’s debut material was met with great support from music and fashion publications, blogs and playlisting whilst building a growing steady international online fanbase.

Here’s your chance to watch the 70s inspired video for Saint Joshua’s ‘Palo Santo’…

Watch itsnatevendahk’s Video For Latest Single, ‘And Even In The Ice’

Sam Frost- aka ITSNATEVENDAHK – makes his second appearance on the blog with video for second release of the year, ‘And Even In The Ice,’ a smooth lick of experimental take on 80s-inspired soul.

The latest release is taken from the mancunian-based musician’s forthcoming album, ‘Wedontdothatanymore’. Check out the video below…