OUT TODAY: Espacio Dios ‘Collapse All Rules’ With First Release Of The Year

Boasting a wonderfully askew bassline, ESPACIO DIOS‘ brand new single, ‘Collapse All Rules,’ can be interpreted as a holistic submission to the significant other.

Speaking on the tenets of this song, Espacio Dios said “Collapse of All Rules was inspired by the beautiful ideas in life that were coming to me and in that moment; I was in a space where I felt like I could submit to the process and be vulnerable. Whether the outcome was/is bad or good, I still embraced it and took them as liberating moments where I was living in the now, the moment.”

The Pelo singer and producer goes on to describe the making of his newest single from his upcoming album; “I was in studio and I started with the beat first. I was trying to grasp on what I wanted the song to be about so I just freestyled. I played around a lot and I was super happy with the result. That’s when I solidified the verses and eventually, the song came together.”

Espacio Dios fans can look forward to more singles ahead of his album release later in the year – following the release of Pelo featuring Maglera Doe Boy…but for now, listen to ‘Collapse All Rules’ below…

New Lease Music’s Top Ten Albums Of 2022

As promised, here are the top ten albums, which received the most streams/views throughout 2022.

There’s an eclectic mix on this list – so expect some UKG, alt R&B, drill and a little something totally left-field! Enjoy!

If you missed the blog’s Top Ten Music Videos yesterday, not to worry, you can check it out HERE.











Song of the Day: Only – Rowlene (Feat. WurlD)

Award-winning, platinum-selling R&B Pop sensation, ROWLENE indulges a passionate courtship with her latest offering ‘Only (Feat. WurlD)’ .

Recently emerging from a 2-year hiatus with her sultry icebreaker ‘Would You Like That’, ‘Only’, the second single off Rowlene’s new seven-track EP Frequency, is an ode to one of the most essential love languages to maintain the spark between two lovebirds, the Art Of Pleasure. Complemented by sensual sonic texture and courting lyricism, the intimate future mash hit sets the mood for not only a craving for extravagant displays of affection but a simple appreciation for the little things.

Speaking on the creative process of ‘Only’ and what music lovers can expect from her EP, Rowlene shares:

“WurlD and I hadn’t met until the song was complete. The collaboration was effortless and organic.. ‘‘Frequency’ has so many definitions, from science to math, it is a significant observation that always hints to ‘more’. This project follows exactly that notion. Each song represents a twist or turn in the journey we call finding love and sometimes ourselves. One’s cycle can never be compared to another’s, yet when you’ve matched the energies when you’ve synchronized with someone – magic happens.”

‘Only’ is out now via Platoon. Have a listen below…

Jay Jody Steps Out As Solo Artist With ‘Sunset Stories: A Mixtape’

As a former member of SA Hip-Hop duo, B3NCHMARQ, and his part in the collaborative project BLUE TAPE, with brother A-Reece, JAY JODY is now ready to introduce himself officially as a solo artist to the South African Hip-Hop scene via the newly established Revenge Club Records in his upcoming debut mixtape, ‘Sunset Stories.’

The Tape features a host of notable features from A-Reece, Una Rams, Blxckie, Marcus Harvey, and more, placing Jay Jody’s effortless talent in the spotlight. “I’ve realized we’re all part of a big story. And each one has their version with different experiences. What makes this life thing interesting… is that exactly … the Stories. In Sunset Stories: A Mixtape, I share some of my experiences. I share my views. I share my ideas. I share my Stories” Jay Jody

Check out ‘Sunset Stories’ Mixtape plus the blog’s song recommendation below…

Must Listens: Purple Palm Trees, You Ain’t Gotta Like Me, If You Got It You Got It, Sunset Stories Tales of the Cool

Check out FLVME’s Highly-anticipated EP ‘Germander II’

After two highly successful singles in the lead up to a highly anticipated EP, FLVME has solidified his position among the best Hip Hop artists coming out of South Africa. He now releases the ‘Germander II EP.’

Germander is a species of flower that is known to have medicinal benefits, and as such, since the inception of the title ‘Germander’, Flvme made this project through the lens of this flower’s life cycle, with the intention to heal all those that consume it.

“I feel this best describes me, I am that flower, a seed planted, watered, left to dry up, revered in my season of blossoming and allowed to bloom, and that’s what the title is for,” he says.

‘Let Me Down’ was the first release of 2022 from the project and is a song about reflecting on past relationships and how they helped shape who he is, “Accepting everything for what it is and understanding that I have to go through a lot in order to grow .. overall it’s just about finding peace within myself,” he says.

Followed by ‘Prayers Up’, the second single from the EP, Flvme raps about his faith and relationship with God, of which he said, “Living in the world and how it is today, I feel like it’s only right to stay prayed up. It’s also about embracing myself as a flawed human being and understanding that the future is never promised.

Germander II finds the artist on a quest to find balance between all the high and lows of life and his career, while remaining ready for any outcome, while remembering to live in the moment. Check it out below…

Must Listens: Prayers Up, Rock For Life, What’s On Your Mind? BE Okay, Workin’ On Me