Watch Gena Perala’s Video For Single, ‘Fine’.

After a short -ish spell away from the blog, GENA PERALA pops back with her latest video for her acoustic love note, ‘Fine’.

The three-minute production features the Canadian singer/songwriter, telling a tale of falling for the wrong guy at the right time, with striking abstracts in the background.

‘Fine’ is from Gena’s 2013 album, ‘Exactly Nowhere’ (highly recommended). Check out the video below…

Kadi Unveils Touching Beautifully Raw Single, ‘Blood’

On receiving support from BBC Radio Kent with single ‘Silver Lining’, emerging pop-soul singer/songwriter from KADI follows up with another emotive offering titled ‘Blood’.

Bearing the burdens on this track, Kadi reveals her inner thoughts. ‘Blood’ is about family and realising that behind our roles we are all human beings, imperfect people and it’s up to us to build that relationship.

Speaking of the track, the South East Londoner says: “I wrote this song at the park after an argument, I remember being really unhappy and I was thinking about all the chaos and hardship that occurred in my childhood.”

Kadi released her debut single ‘Unlearn’ 2020 and then followed up with ‘Short and Sweet’. This year sees the 23-year-old continuing to unveil her story through her music…so get the taste of her experiences and have a listen to ‘Blood’ below…

Classified Share Emotive Single, ‘Accept It (Retrospected) + Video

Hip hop artist, songwriter and producer Luke Boyd – better known as CLASSIFIELD – shares his latest acoustic single and video for ‘Accept It’ (Retrospected) featuring Brett Matthews, the third release from the anticipated RETROSPECTED, his forthcoming hip hop acoustic album due out later this spring.

Directed by The Boyd Brothers, the video for ‘Accept It’ (Retrospected) unveils a real-life account of some of the everyday hard ships, experiences, and losses one may encounter in life. The narrative (penned by Classified) explains that while it’s an understatement to say that dealing with grief or loss is painful, there comes a time that we must ‘accept it’ and with a little effort, try to move on in life.

About the song, Classified shares, “This is a song I wrote after watching friends go through similar situations in real life. I think we all know someone that has lost a loved one to cancer and we’ve seen how that loss affects the friends and family around them in a variety of ways. At some point in life, we realize that we will mourn the loss of a loved one, which is a painful experience, but we know that we must ‘accept it’ and find a way to keep on living for those that are still here and for ourselves.”

In the video I really wanted to portray that sentiment in the first verse. And, in the second verse, I speak about men and women who have had to go away to fight wars and defend our country, and then return home and have difficulty dealing with life after war – where often the small everyday life problems don’t compare to the things they have witnessed and gone through. It can’t be easy, and I wanted to capture those feelings in this video.”

Check out the heartfelt video for ‘Accept It’ below…

Song of the Day: Pulling Me Closer – Aeris Roves

‘Pulling Me Closer’ marks the first single of 2022 from London based, singer, songwriter, poet and producer – AERIS ROVES . It follows on from 2021 records ‘Cairo’ and ‘Long Way Down’ which were well received after a 2 year hiatus.

Whilst ‘Cairo’ was about finding the gold in someone and ‘Long Way Down’ looked at the breakdown in communication during a relationship and the process of realigning with a partner – ‘Pulling Me Closer’ explores initial attraction and it’s unexpected intensity.

Speaking in more detail, Aeris reiterates “Pulling me closer – A song that started off as an unfinished acoustic idea on Instagram. It was shared by Billie Eilish. A trip to Los Angeles with Two Inch Punch offered the inspiration needed to finish the production. Thematically, it explores a situation of initial attraction, in that it’s unexpected and intense, pondering the fact that once it takes hold, it is very difficult to let go of.”

With influences deeply rooted in soul and modern R&B Aeris draws influence from The Drifters, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Majid Jordan and more. Growing up, Aeris would sing in local choirs gradually teaching himself guitar in his bedroom as an accompaniment.

His first commercial offering came in the form of a self-produced 2018 Soundcloud release, ‘Banks.’ The track garnered an initial buzz in the UK, quickly extending across the Atlantic where it was championed by US pop sensation Billie Eilish – She in turn invited him to support her on her European tour.

A successful run followed, cutting his live teeth and landing him a record deal with RCA where he released his debut LP ‘Moon By Island Gardens’ to much critical acclaim.

In 2020, with new label and management in tow, Aeris used lockdown to return to the studio to delve into a new body of work.

Stay tuned for the release of more singles from this guy…until then, have a listen to ‘Pulling Me Closer.’

Song of the Day: Wide Awake – Emily Molloy

A firm fixture in the indie music community of the West Coast, Canadian artist EMILY MOLLOY has created a rather raw, emotive-packed piece, coming in the shape of single, ‘Wide Awake’, taking from her latest EP, ‘Catastrophes.’

Written in under an hour, Molloy was emboldened by a break-up experienced by award-winning director Angie Nolan. Finding perspective through Nolan’s pain, Molloy packs each emotional punch with her raspy, full-bodied vox; each resolve in the lyrics a little more hurt than the last until she scales the note so hard in the bridge, you can feel in your soul the shattering of her heart. Molloy perfectly embodies a wailing wall of sorrow and sadness in one fell swoop.

After writing ‘Wide Awake’, I remember thinking to myself, ‘Wait…I’m not going through this myself, but Angie is,’” she recalls. “I realised I had written the song about her, and from her perspective, but that we can all relate.”

Enlisting recording engineer Eric Mosher at the Warehouse Studios in 2020, Molloy quickly realized that “Wide Awake” was the stand-out track on her latest EP. “This is my most vulnerable song recorded to date, and I knew I needed a video that would fully capture the story and emotion expressed. The song turned out more beautifully stunning in the studio than I could ever hoped for, and it screamed for its visual equal.”

Here’s your chance to check out the video for Emily’s emotive, guitar-led offering below…