Song of the Day: Forgotten – Bite The Boxer

The name of BITE THE BOXER‘s latest single, ‘Forgotten’ didn’t come by accident.

Partly written and produced live on Twitch and also written, primarily, shortly after his latest ‘A Stream Becomes A River’ EP, released October 2021, ‘Forgotten’ was assumed lost by the UK producer. However months later, he found the production by chance and fine tuned it with a fresh set of ears. The result is an explosively euphoric fusion of indie, dreampop, lofi with a splash of 90s-esque chill.

Starting out as an indie-rock act in early 2020, Matt Park has transitioned under the name Bite The Boxer, delving into mind blowing fusions of dreampop, synthwave, cyberpunk, ambient, chillwave and lo-fi.

Check out the the video for Bite The Boxer’s ‘Forgotten’ below…

Jamie Beale Shares Tantalising Debut Single ‘Borderline’, Taken From Upcoming Album

Taken from his upcoming debut album, expected for release later this year, Bristol-based songwriter JAMIE BEALE‘s debut single ‘Borderline’, sure hits like a sugar rush. The track – an enchanting blend of indie-rock, dream-pop and acid-funk- boasts dewy guitar textures, soaring harmonies and synth-laden soundscapes backed by the shuffling drums and tantalising grooves.

‘Borderline’ was written during the winter lockdown in the middle of an increasingly isolated period of his life. His relationship was coming to an end, he was alone in lockdown and his music and touring career within Novatines was looking uncertain, along with his idea of a future within music at all.

Speaking about the time, Beale states: “I was spending the majority of my time living in a hazy dreamworld, searching for something positive to hold onto, I felt that no matter what, I still had me and my own personal freedom of mind, and there was something comforting about that. Somewhere between my partially self-induced cabin fever madness and a sense of unshakable positivity in an unusual time, I wrote Borderline. I guess it’s a song for people with nowhere to go, and how not knowing where you belong isn’t always a bad thing.”

As vocalist and songwriter of rock band Novatines, Jamie has an array of musical achievements already under his belt, having toured the UK and Europe extensively as well as receiving national airplay on stations such as BBC Radio 2, 6 and Radio X. Have a listen to the tantalising ‘Borderline’ below…

Flowerless Unveils New Single, ‘LAB’

FLOWERLESS is the alter ego of Nightwell lead singer and frontman, Jason Emsallem. The project delves into emotional alt-pop with nods to the Toronto underground hip hop sound.

With abstract vocal manipulation paired with luscious walls of harmonies, Flowerless aims to be as dynamic as the pop punk scene he grew up with while paying homage to the buttery RnB sound he fell in love with along the way.

His latest release, ‘LAB,’ reflects on the end of a relationship which taught Flowerless that he is, in fact, an “emotional bitch.”

Two years ago, he was in a relationship that wasn’t committed and about to express deeper feelings to the woman he was with, when she slept with her ex. “Even though she said it was trash and she didn’t want to go back to him, the damage had been done and I wasn’t able to get past it to really continue things,” explains Flowerless.

‘LAB (Life’s a Bitch)’ is the result of Flowerless turning this fucked up thing into something beautiful. Have a listen below…

Song of the Day: Someone New – Ida Elisabeth

IDA ELISABETH is a multi talented singer-songwriter hailing from Norway with the world at her feet. The young troubadour is entirely self taught, and has taken inspiration from fellow generation Z pop stars such as Olivia Rodrigo and Ariana Grande to paint her picture as an artist. She made her debut in late 2020 and since then has gone on to produce more and more of her own tracks, involving interesting synth lines and vulnerable yet strong lyricism.

She returns with another heavy dosage of catchy, melancholic pop, in single ‘Someone new’. Lending herself to her pop sensibilities once more, Elisabeth has crafted together a hugely catchy track that shows off her true vocal ability. Reminiscent of Grande in this track in particular ‘Someone new’ is a synth driven and ever resonating release that will surely pull at the heartstrings of many a music lover. Using transcendent synths and some cool, ambient electronic sounds to fill the air, it’s a song that will draw you with ease.

In what is a track fully produced, written and recorded by Ida, makes her all the more easier to invest and believe in. At still such a young age, she has a limitless potential and ‘Someone New’ is the perfect example of her offering.

Speaking more about the meaning behind ‘Someone New’, Ida explains: “Someone new is about falling in love with a person you originally didn’t plan on getting serious with. Even though you can feel the other person not reciprocating your feelings, you’re desperately holding on to them because you can’t imagine your life without them. You’re willing to be in a one-sided relationship just so you won’t have to see them moving on with someone new.”

Have a listen to ‘Someone New’ below…

Song of the Day: Not Very Well – Tuff Bear

UK-based artist TUFF BEAR‘s single, ‘Not Very Well’ which combines ambient synthesised melodies and melancholic vocals that play out over a pulsing, funk-inspired groove, all with the intention of creating a feeling of optimism and joy in the face of a familiar sadness.

The upbeat, disco-charged buoyancy that dominates the song is designed to contradict the more introspective notions of anxiety and worry that are explored in the lyrics, thereby presenting a sort of defiance in the embrace of one’s shyness.

With a sound that draws on 70s disco, 90s dance and contemporary indie-pop, Tuff Bear – an alias for Theo Vernon – developed his sound and aesthetic over the course of the pandemic taking what had been a lifelong hobby. He started playing music from the age of five, learning the tuba, piano and cello before joining a choir – into something of a creative endeavor, writing and recording songs in his student bedroom. Work started on this first instalment of the Tuff Bear project back in April of 2020 before Vernon signed to Acrophase Records and began piecing together the collection with label mate, PWNT.

‘Not Very Well’ follows his bb sway-featuring debut single, “Talk To You” which found fans Stereofox, Dope Cause We Said, Also Cool Mag and more. Tuff Bear’s debut EP, Tuff Bear’s Picnic is set for release via Nashville-based label, Acrophase Records (V.V. Lightbody, PWNT, Ginger Root) on June 3, 2022.

Have a listen to ‘Not Very Well’ below…