Song of the Day: Begging For The Tide – Lucas DiPasquale

‘Begging For The Tide’ holds a special place in LUCAS DIPASQUALE‘s heart as he produced the soothing R&B/pop joint entirely on his own. The single documents the comparison of a girl that Lucas once liked to a warm wave of ocean water.

Lucas explains further the meaning behind the single: “My dad would take my brothers and me to the beach in the evening when the waves would be really big and we would get decked trying to boogie board into them. The bigger the waves, the better. That experience inspired the entire song – I liked this girl so much that I felt like I was sitting on a beach begging for a wave to come and envelop me. I wanted to see her so bad that I found myself asking the universe to make it happen.

‘Begging For The Tide’ marks a new chapter in Lucas’ music career since parting ways with a major label. Check out the single below…

Alba ‘Needs A Holiday’ In Latest Single

‘I Need a Holiday’ was written and recorded at home by ALBA during lockdown and produced in collaboration with up-and-coming London-based music producer Ed Black, aka edbl.

The Spanish-born and London-living singer and guitarist is known for her timeless yet fresh pop-rock sound with undertones of neo-soul, funk and R&B. The latest single boasts a soothing presence of soulful R&B, taking centre stage, later joined by raging guitar plucks giving the production that much-needed edginess.

“This song is an ode to escapism, figuratively and literally speaking. Quarantine forced me to get acquainted with my deeper feelings and emotions. I’m sure many can relate to this feeling of being trapped, constantly ruminating past experiences, regrets and worries, which can really damage one’s mental health. I wrote this song in the midst of this (unsolicited) journey of self-discovery in the hope of better days. I was very excited to collaborate with edbl, whom I deeply admire as a musician and producer, and who helped me take the tune to a whole new level.” – ALBA

‘I Need A Holiday’ follows ALBA’s singles ‘Sister’ and ‘Child of the Stars’. Also released during the pandemic, the singles have been aired on radios around the globe, and received coverage from well-known publications, blogs and tastemakers such as BBC Radio, Amazing Radio and Wonderland Magazine.

Check out ‘I Need A Holiday’ below…

Tyra Jutai Shares Single ‘Rebound’, Featuring City Fidelia

Following the release of the compelling gloomy pop single, ‘Frida’ – a tale of betrayal, jealousy and ultimate revenge between lovers and best friends – TYRA JUTAI circles back this time with soothing to overcome heartache from a break-up.

Featuring smooth retro soul/R&B vibes, her latest single, ‘Rebound’ is about using distractions to overcome the experience.

Tyra says of the release: Writing the song, I wanted to use a lot of language about the lounge life of listening to music at home. Music can help heal heartache and can distract you from the funk you’re feeling. It’s actually the best drug for that – better than sex, drinking, or drugs.

Have a listen to ‘Rebound’ below…

Song of the Day: Hypnotize Me – Taurie

TAURIE’s single ‘Hypnotize Me’ has been topping music charts since its release. The dance movements in the video is sure to allure die-hard and prospective fans.

Describing her music as ‘R&B, Hip-Hop, Soft Bronx and Contemporary’, sultry soul singer is also a dancer, model, music producer and creative songwriter who recently became the 2021 award winner for her music video for ‘Milestone’ at the prestigious Garden State Film Festival (GSFF). There’s no end to Taurie’s talents as the central attention music celebrity can play five instruments (which she has learnt by herself) namely Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano and Keyboard.

Gracing the covers of B.E.T, VEVO, The Source Magazine and around 40 other magazines in the world, the R&B singer is again all set to impress the world with her upcoming events namely ‘REDO’ (in July 2021) and ‘Oh No’ (in October 2021).

Check out the official video for ‘Hypnotize Me’ below…

Check Out Banggz’s Video For Single, ‘Open Up’

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada BANGGZ‘s official video for single ‘Open Up’ paints a picture of a rather noxious relationship between a love interest and the man himself.

The three-minute production features the 22-year-old artist going on with his daily activities, ignoring his beau’s calls – but he eventually text her as though she had been on his mind throughout the day – ouch! With the vivid storytelling and descriptive video scenes, this piece is Banggz’s attempt to portray how toxicity affects relationships.

‘Open Up’ follows his hip-hop track ’21’, which, like his latest offering, is inspired by his life experiences. Being Nigerian, Banggz has also produced and released afrobeat influenced singles including ‘Jostice’ and ‘Yawa’.

Why not check out the video for ‘Open Up’, directed by Tani Olorunyomi under Banggz’s production company ‘Twelve07’.