New Track: Higher – ADI (ft. Curtis Williams)

ADI Higher

Tel-Aviv singer and producer, ADI (otherwise known as Adi Ulmansky) returns with new track, and first single taken from her new of the same name EP; Higher, featuring Atlanta-based rapper Curtis Williams.

Taking her music in a new direction and yet remaining true to her own unique production style, this is the first project that ADI has enlisted external producers whilst still co-producing the entire EP – a mix of R&B, future beats and hip-hop.

The Higher EP is set for release in October…so look out for that…but for now, check out the first release of the upcoming project.

New Track: Final Exit – Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell Final Exit

NEW LEASE MUSIC is proud – nope wrong word – ecstatic to welcome back TOM MITCHELL with his spanking new single, Final Exit.

The Bristolian alternative folk rocker and songwriter last made an appearance back in 2014 with the ever-so-soothing Shadow In The Water.

So if you’re trying to get rid of your weekend hangover, this will do the trick – listen now to his less-than-24-hour effort and happy Monday!

New Music Video: We are Young – Bella Loka

bella loka video clip

Exactly a week after appearing with the mystical visual to single, Honey B, indie-pop duo BELLA LOKA are back with another fun-pack video to new single, We Are Young.

The four-minute production is “a short sharp slap in the face and a kiss on both cheeks to the music industry”, says singer/songwriter and video director Tea Boothby, before adding, “just like me!” The song is a mildly venomous, deeply sarcastic f*&k you to the “so-called tastemakers” who sit and tell you that you have “everything but time.” A defiant call that “we’ll sing until our time has come”, We Are Young is a challenge to keep going, never give up, and refuse to allow anyone to tell you that you are too young or too old to achieve something.

Produced and directed by Tea Boothby, the black and white visual was filmed on location around BELLA LOKA’s hometown of Camden Town, London, including scenes filmed on and under the bridges at Regent’s Canal and in the famous Stables market.

For other scenes, the pair asked friends and family to film their young children dancing to the song and to send their footage for use in the video, and the result include scenes filmed in places as far-flung as Australia. The video contrasts the creative and free-spirited nature of children when left to their own devices with the soul-destroying and barren constraints of what’s left for young struggling artists trying to be heard.

So you know what to do – hit the play button and unleash your inner child.

Song of the Day: Love On The Brain (Cover) – Teenear

Teenear video clip

Before the release of her anticipated new single, TEENEAR gives her version of Rihanna’s Love on the Brain, showcasing her vocal range – and her god-given gift to dance!

Born and raised in Miami, music found 19-year-old Teenear at the tender age of three. She gained her determined and positive spirit from a supportive family and from a musical influence that she emulates; Michael Jackson.

At a young age, she has showcased her skills in pageants, talent shows and church. A prolific moment for the teenager was a talent show where she performed Rihanna’s Stay and captivated her audience. “Being on that stage and singing gave me such a push and drive and I loved it so much” says Teenear

“I remember when I went backstage after the performance and people came up to me telling me they enjoyed the performance and asking for my picture. It was a great moment and it gave me so much confidence to push further.”

So be prepared to be blown away –  hit that play button and witness a star on the rise.

New Music Video: No Lele – Ezi Emela

Ezi Emele video clip

Manchester born EZI EMELA has a diverse network of influence. Born to Nigerian parents, the British songstress has kept a tight grasp on her African heritage and takes the shining elements of UK culture to create her brand new single No Lele.

The record is doused in sensuality with a lick of fierce determination as the velvet tones of EZI EMELA entwine their way across the Omeiza beat. The afrotrap-leaning record makes a bold statement about her persistence in the face of any doubters.

Accompanied by an equally mesmerizing video that sees the former Chanel model take on many different guises, the colour and dancing cascade across the screen in an amalgamation of fashion, UK street and African culture.

Having previously released a variation of music that has seen EZI EMELA sway between styles and vibes, including a clearer British R&B sound on Voicemail through to her collaborations with some of the biggest African music legends such as PSquare, 2Face, Idibia and Chocolate City, it is No Lele that takes elements of all to make this her biggest records to date.

New Music Video: Down – XamVolo

Down XamVolo

XAMVOLO makes a return on NEW LEASE MUSIC with a too-cool-for-school visual to his latest single, Down, coming from his forthcoming EP, Chirality, out this Friday.

The 22-year-old has written, produced and arranged his project, which will feature brooding, eclectic mixture of jazz and soul over hypnotic beats in which he describes as resembling “a messy mind over raw, dark jazz grooves”.

If you like this single, well the EP will be a real treat! Check out the video.



EXCLUSIVE Interview with: Lindsay and Isaac

lindsay and Issac

LINDSAY AND ISAAC‘s single Regress was featured on The Lost Songs UK Vol.1, a project which aims to find the hidden unsigned talents in the music industry. Featuring various artists, the 16-track production was named Album of the Month by NEW LEASE MUSIC last month and has subsequently stole the album of the week spot. Let’s find out more about the duo and how they featured their single on this great project.

NLM: First of all, thank you for taking part in an interview with NEW LEASE MUSIC

L&I: You’re welcome! It is a great pleasure for us to talk to you! Thank you for the opportunity as well.

NLM: Please introduce yourself? Where are you guys from?

L&I: We are a Brazilian Singer/Songwriter Duo. We live in Florianópolis, which is a beautiful coastal city in southern Brazil.

NLM: Your track Regress was featured on The Lost Songs UK Vol. How did you get your song featured on the album?

L&I: It was a very cool experience. I (Isaac) learned about the project through a post on Facebook.

At that time (October 2015), we were working on Regress demo track and it seemed the song was the best choice for this competition, for several reasons.
The song wasn’t previously released and had one of the most beautiful melodies that we’ve already written, so I thought we could have some chance.

Listen to Lindsay & Isaac’s latest single, She Said, She Said.

NLM: How was your single received since its release from The Lost Songs UK album?

L&I: The reception was quite good among our followers. I think people got surprised in a positive way since we were involved in a Metropolis Studios project.
For us, it was a great joy to be part of the project, but we also see this experience as part of an internationalization process on which we’ve been working for some time now.

NLM: Apart from your own single, what’s your favourite track on the album and why?

L&I: This is a difficult choice … We’re fond of the entire compilation. The team of professionals involved in the production succeeded in giving an incredible unit to this work. It is a very powerful set of songs. But if we had to choose just one, it would be You’ve Got It (by Sweet Revenge). It is simply a perfect pop song! Very catchy and pleasant, like a fine radio hit.

NLM: How would you describe your sound to potential fans?

L&I: We write songs following a few guidelines based on what pleases us, in general: great melodies, beautiful atmospheres/soundscapes and thought-provoking lyrics.

NLM: If you were to collaborate with just ONE chart-topping artist of today, who would it be?

L&I: Well, looking at the current pop charts, I would say One Republic. They sound quite contemporary and Ryan Tedder (the band leader) is a great
‘anthemic’ songwriter and an artist with multiple skills. It would certainly be a very challenging partnership!

NLM: What are your plans for the rest of 2016? Do you have any upcoming gigs/projects?

L&I: At the moment we are working on the release of a new single. We recently recorded a version of a song by the Beatles in partnership with Vini Galant, a great musician and partner of ours, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Revolver.

We are excited not only because the recording process was a fantastic experience, but we also had the collaboration of the great artist Klaus Voormann (who designed the Revolver cover back in 66) on the cover art.

Regarding live performances: We have two dates on the International Beatle Week in Belo Horizonte (4 and 5 August).

Following these commitments, we will turn our attention to recording a new original single and start preparations for a new EP in 2017.

Our goal is to continue working and seeking partnerships with other great artists around the world, as well as increase the international dissemination of our work, either through the Internet or live performances.

NLM: How can potential fans reach you?

L&I: People can join us and know what we’re up to through social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and hear / see our productions through YouTube and online music channels (Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify and Soundcloud).

NLM:  Finally, if music didn’t exist, what other profession would you do?

L&I: We both have many interests besides music: Environment, Photography, Science and Technology, History, sewing and crafts … These are things and subjects
to which we dedicate much of our time besides music. Although those activities are from different segments, for us they are somehow connected and end up
influencing us artistically.

To read the review and listen to The Lost Songs UK Vol.1, head right here.

New Track: Razor – 1000DaysWasted

1000dayswasted Night in my Mind

 100DAYSWASTED drops another fiery one to set off the weekend.

Razor makes room for  the drum and bass producer/DJ to take a slight detour by adding an uplifting, mainstream-ready vibe through refreshingly vibrant vocals, giving the racy anthem that extra spice.

The latest release is part of his full-length album, The Aquarium of the Night, released earlier this month through his label Night45UK, available on Beatport.

New Music Video: Honey B – Bella Loka

bella loka

David and Tea Boothby – aka Indie pop duo BELLA LOKA – are back with a music video to their latest single, Honey B. Vocalist and songwriter Tea Boothby, who’s also a filmmaker, created the four-minute magical production.

Recently signed to Dallas/Sheffield-based label DEFDISCO (Public Enemy, Kaela Sinclair from M83, Lovestarrs), the husband/wife team have just completed their debut album The Light, The Mud & The Dark at the infamous Abbey Road Studios working with in-house producers Rob Cass & Pearse MacIntyre (Cave Productions). The album is set for release late in 2016.

Honey B is now available on iTunes…for now, watch the video to the single.