Song of the Day: Scream999 – Sola

London-based multi-instrumentalist/producer/vocalist SOLA‘s single ‘Scream999’, portrays a hauntingly beautiful sound, led by Sola’s captivating silky vocal, combined with an intense instrumentation and heavy drum tracks, perfectly capturing the song’s dystopian themes of information overload and desensitization.

Of the song, Sola shares: “’Scream999’ is a critique of the internet age. We’re constantly bombarded with information competing for our attention, which makes it easy to lose focus of what’s important. It’s about becoming desensitised to suffering, screaming into a void where everyone around is too distracted to notice or help. The video, directed by Rosino, tried to reflect the songs themes through filming in a dystopian setting, with the broken tv screens and distorted visuals representing the information overload technology has caused.”

‘Scream999’ follows on from Sola’s recent, romantic single ‘Abide In U’, featuring drums from acclaimed musician Moses Boyd which garnered support from the likes of CLASH, COLORS, Wonderland, BBC Radio London, Noctis Magazine, ENFNTS, Trench Mag, Dazed, BBC 1Xtra, BBC 6Music and BBC Radio 1 amongst others.

‘Scream999’ was released via Jamz Supernova’s label Future Bounce. Check out the video for single below…

Alt indie folk artist Yvonne Hercules shares stunning new single, ‘Narla’s Song ahead of EP

Rising alt indie-folk vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist YVONNE HERCULES makes a much anticipated return with the release of bittersweet new single ‘Narla’s Song’ today, a bluesy, melancholy sonic treasure of spinetingling vocals and poignant songwriting as it explores the notions of loss and grief.

‘Narla’s Song’ follows the release of Yvonne’s single ‘Phoenix’ which came out in April this year. The new track comes just ahead of the 9th June release of Yvonne’s 2nd EP ‘Olive’, which is centred on the narratives and experiences of Black women and Black femininity, with the title track inspired by Black British civil rights activist Olive Morris. Fuelled by her own experiences as a Black woman and creative, and inspired by Alternative Folk/Soul, Jazz and Rock, Yvonne has sought to showcase a body of work that she feels truly represents the nuances of her experiences and those of the Black women in her life and around her.

Produced by multi-instrumentalist/producer Malcolm McCarthy (Rita Ora, Jennifer Hudson, X Factor), the forthcoming five track EP ‘Olive’, follows up Yvonne’s critically acclaimed singles ‘Roving’ (2017), ‘Nene’ (2022) and five-track EP ‘Gladiolus’ (2018).

To coincide with the release of Olive, Yvonne is also about to embark on a five-date tour through June taking in Brighton (June 9th), London (June 10th), Bedford (June 15th), Peterborough (June 16th) and Cambridge (June 17th). Tickets for the tour are now on sale here. There will also be some workshops hosted by Yvonne on signwriting and lyrics on 11th June at The Place Bedford – and 4th June 2023 at The Metal, Peterborough on 12th June, more info at .

Yvonne Hercules says of her latest offering “ ‘Narla’s Song’ is about loss, grief and all the complex emotions around losing a loved one. During my grieving process, I wrote the song as a way to eulogise but also to heal. I remember coming across Olive Morris by chance as I stumbled upon a piece about her work as an activist and her life. I felt disappointed and a sense of loss that as a young Black girl, who needed to hear stories about impactful Black British women like Morris, nobody had ever mentioned her name. That particular connection to Olive Morris was even stronger, because I remembered when I was young I used to be called ‘Olive’, so in that moment, I felt that the significance of her life and activism needed to be remembered.”

Have a listen to Narla’s Song’ below…

Song of the Day: I’m Good – Miranda Joan

Canadian-born singer/songwriter MIRANDA JOAN‘s latest single, ‘I’m Good’ is where pop meets alt R&B in perfect harmony .

She confides on the release, “I wrote this song on the heels of a year that kicked my ass. It was a time when my mind, body and spirit had suffered, long and slow and I was looking for a place of peace where I could rest. Standing in the midst of the wreckage of that year, all I could see at the time was the damage, and so I wrote this song to remind myself of what still was; of the love that remained. It looked different now, but there was still so much there.”

Miranda Joan has found success sharing the stage with high profile artists including Andy Grammar, Lorde, Shawn Mendes and more. She has received acclaim from the likes of Consequence, NPR and LADYGUNN to name a few.

With ‘I’m Good’ Miranda Joan reminds us to take pleasure in the small things in life. Check it out below…

Song of the Day: Meet Me In London – ily tgb

London- based artist ILY TBG‘s latest track, ‘Meet Me in London’, is considered his most formidable piece to date.

Not only does the Portuguese-born rapper and producer advance his own style significantly, but he also makes significant strides ahead of the scene. He does this by fusing afrobeat’s irresistible sounds with a vivid pop aesthetic that creates an allure full of impact. The singer-songwriter and producer also hits the ground running from the first second with an earworm encounter that you will find difficult to match anywhere else.

‘Meet Me in London’ is full of life and vitality, with the vast array of sounds and styles that’s on full display. ily tbg, who finds inspiration in the greats such as Ludacris and Justin Timberlake, incorporates his own creative energy into the mix while taking subtle cues from the finest in the game.

So are you ready for something completely fresh? Good. Now hit that play button on ‘Meet Me in London’ below…

Song of the Day: Foolish – Rogues

A warm glow of the eighties-style synth, introduces Australian indie pop/new wave duo ROGUES‘ latest single, ‘Foolish’ which is, perfectly complimented by a vocal performance that’s reminiscent of Clark Datchler from eighties pop/new wave group, Johnny Hates Jazz.

Perth act Rogues have hit the ground running on the Australian music scene and are promising bigger and better things going forward, as they take their craft to new and exciting heights. After meeting in high-school, the duo joined forces in 2016 with their collective vision of redefining the modular sounds of eighties synth for a new age more fragmented and discerning than ever before. It was a union as unholy as it was unlikely, aligning two creative minds from distant cultures and musical backgrounds far beyond the Perth city-limits. For two Perth grown mates, born in Colombia (drummer / keyboardist Cristian Galindo) and Scotland (guitarist / vocalist Graeme White), there was never a clear prototype to emulate, which ushered the band in a direction they could only carve out for themselves.

The band’s 2017 debut effort (Double Vision EP) saw them establish a synth-laden indie take on arena rock, reimagining the approaches from spearheads like Tears for Fears and The Killers. 2023 takes a more contemporary turn for Rogues, with the band trading their 80s aesthetic for a slicker indie pop sound in their upcoming debut album, ‘Home In The Abyss’. Their latest vision abounds with memorable hooks in the vein of Dua Lipa, the lyrical strangeness and slight dissonance of Gorillaz, moody textures of Joji, and cohabited synth and guitar space expected from the likes of Phoenix. The upcoming 12-track album was fully self-produced and engineered, allowing meticulous attention to detail and full artistic control by the duo. The release, which is
set for the first half of 2023, will be preceded by a string of singles, each showcasing versatility and exemplifying the band’s undeniable ability for delivering epic soundscapes and anthemic vocals.

Rogues are a band to watch out for this year. Keep up to date with their upcoming releases, shows and news by following them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Check out their latest single, ‘Foolish’ below’…