Song of the Day: Jaws of Love

‘Jaws Of Love’ is the latest single by Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer solo project, JAWS OF LOVE.

The delicately powerful piece is the first release from his upcoming album, ‘Tasha Sits Close to the Piano’, set for release via House Arrest digitally on September 22nd, with its gatefold coloured vinyl release available in the UK on 3rd November.

The first solo project  sees Ayer – the songwriter/vocalist/pianist of the critically acclaimed L.A. band (Local Natives) – hone in on his master craft: the emotive piano ballad as highlighted on the five-piece’s well-received second album, ‘Hummingbird’.

The talented singer-songwriter will play his debut solo headline show on 21st September at The Masonic Lodge, Hollywood Forever Cemetery in L.A with plans to take his compelling live set to the UK and Europe in Autumn.

JAWS OF LOVE‘s upcoming album  is the first taste of Kelcey Ayer’s solo adventure…so go on, have a listen!


EP Review: Highlands – Delafaye

After periods of recording from the bedroom of his Louisville apartment , Andrew Shockley -aka DELAFAYE – presents his latest EP ‘Highlands, released last month.

The acoustic guitar and drums takes lead in ‘Part I’ and ‘She Shook Me,’ giving off a sultry soulful rock sensation, where the alternative rocker’s vocals lures between the arrangements. Further along the EP, a sweet harmonica makes a brief presence through third effort, ‘Tripping and Rolling’, adding a feather light folkore feel.

‘Highlands’ EP routes back and concludes with that real gritty soulful/rock combo along with the alluring vocals from the beginning.

There are some potential favorites in this mini package – it was VERY hard to choose – so it’s over to you; have a listen to the EP and pick your favorites and say in the comment box.

Must Listens: Part I, Tripping and Rolling, Part II

New Track: Feeling You – Island Apollo

Acclaimed indie rock collective ISLAND APOLLO released their new infectious track ‘Feeling You’.

Produced by Eric Lilavois (Saint Motel, Atlas Genius), the single features driving drums, layered vocals, upbeat guitar and synth bass riffs. ‘Feeling You’ is an anthem of true loyalty and devotion, Kilpatrick “it’s a song about standing by someone even when they’re at their lowest point: because that’s really when they need you the most”.

Since their inception in 2014, ISLAND APOLLO has established themselves as one of Southern California’s hottest bands who has seen success with being featured on various Spotify curated playlists and VH1, CBS, PBS, USA Network, Fox Sports, and numerous national ads including Sprint and Sobe.

Combining a classic surf vibe with funky urban grooves, ISLAND APOLLO captures the spirit of a West Coast daydream come to life. With members from Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, ISLAND APOLLO is authentically Southern Californian and isn’t afraid to show it. The band has been named Orange County’s “Best Pop Artist” from the OC Music Awards.

Music Video: Listen – Vs

Following on from their free download debut single ‘Listen’, UK alt-rock VS return with the track’s official music video.

Official news from the Vs camp confirms that their debut EP ‘Reality?’ shall be available to the public from today.

Drawing upon a myriad of influences spanning across the broad spectrum of rock and metal sub-genres, the Leeds (UK) band promise to deliver melodic hook-lines, guitar driven rock outs and emotive dynamics with their self-released debut offering.

Check out the video.

Song of the Day: Midnight Moon – John Tracy

Today’s song comes from one of JOHN TRACY‘s recent releases, entitled ‘ Midnight Moon’.

The ‘performing songwriter’ from Virginia has built a solid reputation for combining lyrics reflecting real life with heart-wrenching soundscapes of folk, blues, acoustic rock and soul.

He’s a national charting artist with two singles from his 2016 album ‘Happy Ever After’ breaking the top 10 on the US FMQB AC Chart, as well as playing on radio and syndicated shows across the UK and Europe. John’s music videos have attracted attention from all over the music video programming spectrum in the US and Canada.

So far, JOHN TRACY has released three singles this year entitled ‘I’ve Got To Find Myself’,’ The Shallow Game’ and ‘Midnight Moon’. However it was ‘Midnight Moon’ that make it to today’s hotspot as Tracy’s folk/soulful vocals inject full-on passion to the soothing trademark, which somehow leaves you inspired and full of hope.

It goes without saying that this folkser produces real music for real life – so I highly recommend you have a listen to ‘Midnight Moon’ – simply beautiful.

Song of the Day: Tell Me – Greg Banks

Today’s song comes from GREG BANKS’ funked up effort, ‘Tell Me’. The New Orleans native has been described as “The Saint of Soul”, bearing the influences of Prince, Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone.

Growing up the fifth of nine children, being raised by a single mother in some of the worst housing projects in Louisiana, Banks views his childhood as nothing less than a home and environment of love and from the age of five, Greg and his family knew singing had to be in his future. He would make a song up about everything and anything and sing constantly, which annoyed his brothers and sisters.

In 2012, with just two bags and a dream, Banks moved to NYC to continue the pursuit of his passion and was introduced to his manager and this partnership sparked the evolution of turning potential into purpose…and it wasn’t long that he mesmerised the audiences throughout NYC and was chosen by Deli Magazine as NYC’s best emerging artist.

With his previous hit singles ‘Your Love’, ’16’ and ‘Brooklyn Girl’ , this phenomenon, in the shape of ‘Tell Me’, is causing a further buzz across the industry. You must check this one out; sounds like this guy has been possessed by Lenny Kravitz and Prince –  all at once!

Interview with: The Fireflys

Runcorn rockers THE FIREFLYS made quite an impression on NEW LEASE MUSIC with their single ‘Sever’ which stole the Song of the Month title in March. Frontman Lee Wylding took time out from his very busy schedule and jumped into the interview hot seat to give us the lowdown on the band’s plans for the year and more…happy reading!

NLM: Hey how you doing? Thanks for taking out the time to do an interview with NEW LEASE MUSIC

TF: Hi Tracey! We’re fine thank you, and it’s our pleasure to be talking to you now. We’re incredibly busy rehearsing and recording our 5th We have 2 new members in Joe Forber and Phil Conway, who are filling out our sound a lot more with their guitars. Our rhythm section is tighter than ever too as Sam Bramhall and Andie Packer have such a great chemistry. Cannot mention our Keyboardist Chris Tann too, he’s there, keeping it all together.

NLM: How was The Fireflys formed?

TF: We formed waaaay back in 2007 initially just to play the songs I was writing to our friends. It’s our ten-year anniversary in May – but that’s not strictly true as I lived in Canada until 2009, so it’s more like 7 years of us being an actual fully –functioning band. The way I looked at it was – indie music wasn’t really saying anything or sounding like how it fundamentally should, I’m a sucker for verse-chorus-verse, not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, if you’re an indie band then at least try to be one – that’s how we came about.

NLM: What’s the reason behind the band’s name?

LW: I was blown away by the Rob Zombie film “The Devils Rejects” how visceral it was, from the characters to the cinematography, stark sunlights and desert landscapes, everything about the film just kind of clicked with me, as I’m such a huge horror movie fan, I thought it fitting that I’d name our band after it. What does make me laugh is most people have said at one point or another that we’ve spelt the word wrong, but that’s how it was spelt in The Devils rejects and in turn “Duck Soup” by the Marx brothers who are name checked in the film. Also the thought of these cute little bugs seems nice – but in reality we’re named after a gang of psychopaths!

NLM: Your single ‘Sever’ (from the album ‘The Illumination of Everything’) went down a treat on NEW LEASE MUSIC. What’s the public’s reception on the track?

LW: That’s easily one of my favourite songs, and I’m very proud that you featured it. I think our fanbase like that song but we have maybe only played it live once, I need to put a bit more effort into getting back into our live set.

NLM: What’s your favourite track from the album and why?

LW: Well ‘Branches’ was the song that lifted us a few rungs up the ladder popularity wise, I think with Old Trafford Stadium, the Homeless Ashes movie, MUTV, That’s Manchester TV, Bay TV Liverpool, BBC Manchester, BBC Liverpool and literally hundreds of college radio stations playing it, we went from “Almost totally unknown” to “Cult Indie band” in the space of 6 months, so I’ll go with that song as my fave, in terms of what it’s done for us.

NLM: How would you describe your sound to potential fans?

LW: A lot of people say that you can hear many of our influences but we sound like none of them in our music, from City & Colour to Stereophonics to Gin Blossoms & Counting Crows, it’s a real melting pot of Americana & Indie music. I’d like to say we sound like R.E.M but I’m afraid they’re too legendary to be even considered in the same sentence as our band.

NLM: If you were to collaborate with just ONE chart-topping artist of today, who would it be and why?

LW: Great question! And I have a very quick answer because the charts and the top 40 are absolutely full of the same staid pop formula with all the fingerprints wiped away, if you’re a 14-year-old really getting into guitar music right now, the only hope you have is to rifle through your older brothers or dad LP’s. Search out Neil Young’s Harvest and The Beatles White Album and link them up all the way through The Smiths to Pearl Jam & Oasis, the charts now represents none of this I’m afraid, so my answer would be no-one! Guess that wasn’t such a quick answer after all. 🙂

NLM: So what other plans you have for 2017? Any upcoming gigs or album?

LW: Well we’ve just signed a record deal with the fabulous folks at Strawberry Moon Records, and they’ll be releasing our next single “Grace” in the coming months. We play Bowlers arena Manchester on April 14th and return to the brindley theatre in the Autumn. Basically we will be doing as many shows as we can, and trying to record our fifth. Very busy times.

NLM: How can potential fans reach you?

LW: Twitter mostly which is @thefireflys and facebook –

NLM: Finally, if music didn’t exist, what would you do?

LW: Wow imagine if music didn’t exist! That would be horrible, no point living! When I was younger I was a cracking left back when I played football, so I think I would have really put the effort in to become a footballer for my beloved team –Manchester United!



New Track: Over – Sleeplust

Since claiming the limelight on NEW LEASE MUSIC with single ‘My Place’ last February, there’s been a reshuffle in the SLEEPLUST lineup, with two new members (vocalist Amber Ruthe – replacing Meghan Tartamella – and drummer Sarah Luffred) joining twin brothers guitarist Michael Pepe and bassist Joseph Pepe.

With the big change comes an even more honest approach to their songwriting with highly emotive arrangements of floating electro pop/rock soundscapes through their latest offering ‘Over’. Released last Monday, the almost four-minute single gives an account of one refusing to end a relationship and the burning desire to keep it alive.

To date, SLEEPLUST has released two EPs, their debut Self-Titled EP and its follow-up remix EP simply titled Remixes. Together, those EPs have accumulated over one million plays across digital streaming services, and tracks from both have also been placed on television shows such as The Real World, Bad Girls Club and Total Bellas.

Their new single is the beginning of the band’s next chapter as they prepare their forthcoming album for Summer 2017.

Have a listen to ‘Over’.

New Track: Say My Name – Cherry White


Four-piece act CHERRY WHITE unveiled their first single in over a year, coming in the form of ‘Say My Name.’

Draped in strong elements of brooding bluesy rock, the perfect build up to the mind-blowing soulful vocals, ‘Say My Name’ serves as a platform for anyone who feel powerless to voice their opinions, whether it’s in the workplace or at a place they suppose to call home.

Their rock bluesy trademark earned them various live spots, including Planet Rockstock festival in Wales and White Trash in Berlin. Recently they chalked up their 200th gig with a show at London’s legendary 100 Club, cementing their reputation as one of the UK’s premier up and coming rock bands.

These guys are REALLY good; have a listen to their latest creation.

Album Review: Fairytale Land – Pedro Syrah


Featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC back in September, PEDRO SYRAH‘s delicately warm effort, ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ is the built up to his long-awaited debut album, ‘Fairyland’… and as much as I enjoyed the single – because it does spark a soul-glowing sensation – I wondered if I could survive ten tracks of the same tempo….

…Well I stand corrected, as from the very beginning, the bass guitar and drums receive a good workout in the introductory track, creating that real gritty funk. Soothing ambient soundscapes with, at times, feather light elements of Americana/new-wave follow through to the first half of the album, completed with tingling harmonies providing a real magical and folklore kick.

The second half of ‘Fairyland’ becomes progressively emotive and intense when Syrah takes to the limelight with put his vocals to almost stripped-back pieces – a combination that will smooth over manic traffic in an instant.

This collection is worth investing in for those quiet spring/summer nights…here’s your chance to have a listen.

Must Listens: Cocaine and Cigarettes, Paper Thoughts, Release the Clocks.