Song of the Day: I’m Done – Justine Giles

Canadian singer-songwriter JUSTINE GILES, stole today’s Song of the Day hotspot with single, ‘I’m Done’, which (in her words) ‘serves as an empowering anthem for all’.

Featuring heartfelt plucks of the acoustic guitar, ‘I’m Done’ was written in her hometown, Sudbury and came to life in Toronto.

Speaking of her single, Giles states. “It’s about saying goodbye and fully letting go of what no longer serves one’s health and happiness. It of course can be applied to a romantic relationship scenario, but the overall intention of the song far surpasses that, and I believe it can be applied to many situations. It may actually act as an anthem to stand up against multiple forms of abuse.”

Though this release greatly differs in style from her previous singles, it’s just as strong and impactful as it touches on the subject of standing up for yourself.

Have a listen to ‘I’m Done’…and if you like what you hear, look out for Justine’s new album later this year.

Song of the Day: The Feels – Humans

Since their inception in 2015, with critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Noontide’, Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq – aka HUMANS – never looked back. With innovative fusions of heavy electronic and dreamy, modern pop, ‘Noontide’ (released via Hybridity Music) has earned the duo Album of the Year nominations from Juno’s and Western Canadian Music Awards.

With all the hype surrounding the electronic pair, the pressure was on. Next they dropped their self-released EP, ‘Avec Mes Mec’, described as ‘captivating the joy of unrestrained youth’, quickly became a house party staple. Their third EP ‘Traps’ open doors for a North American tour, performing at SXSW, Squamish Valley Music Fest and CMJ. The EP also clocked up attention from indie Shuffle Indie, Interview magazine and Beatroute magazine.

Now with a handful of accolades under their belt, HUMANS are all geared up for their latest single ‘The Feels’. Continuing the theme of the previous offerings, the five-minute production boasts a dope-heavy techno drive met with imminent electronic thumps, giving it that club-filling sensation.

These guys are definitely on top of their game…start your weekend early and get turnt up on ‘The Feels’.

Songs of the Day: Clouds – Dani Roberts

Hailing from Toronto Canada, singer/songwriter DANI ROBERTS’ years of developing her fusion of piano-based, alternative pop, folk and EDM has paid off.

Her debut single ‘Clouds’, released last month, has garnered 100K streams on Spotify. Produced by Kyngs, Mic Tee (AMAG/ Cash Money/ Rich Gang), and Bryan ‘BC’ Cockett, the heartfelt track was featured on New Music Friday playlists in 10 countries.

Shot in black and white, the new music video tells the story of a lifelong friendship, featuring snapshots into their lives as toddlers, teens, and young adults, as they gradually develop feelings for one another…here’s your chance to watch the visuals to the stunning ‘Clouds’.


Song of the Day: By The Lake – Blaccc Lotus

NEW LEASE MUSIC is glad to see old fav BLACCC LOTUS still doing his thing. His last appearance was back in September with the sinisterly dark track, ‘SS 96’.

Now the conscious emcee presents an offering that’s equally sinister and dense…it’s worth checking out!

Song of the Day: When She Call – Anthony Seeker

Today spicy dish, comes from ANTHONY SEEKER’s latest single, ‘When She Call’.

Working in the music industry for 15 years, Anthony started out as a DJ – at the age of 16 – in his native country Jamaica, before moving to Canada, where he took his passion to another level and started producing beats and penning lyrics. The result is the summer-ready, ‘When She Call.’

‘When She Call’ made it to today’s hotspot as the three-minute number possesses an infectious reggae-driven bass with mainstream pop overtones; a combination that has the potential to find a place in the charts…see if you agree, have a listen!

‘When She Call’, is available now on all major music digital platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.

New Music Video: Survival Mode – Sites

Rising Canadian rapper SITES – who has previously collaborated with the likes of Royce Da 5’9 and Keith Murray – is back with another boom-bap flavoured single ‘Survival Mode’.

Accompanying the single are some energetic visuals that see the rapper playing with fire in an abandoned building. Its pyromaniac themes perfectly match the upriser’s hi-octane bars and fiery attitude.

‘Survival Mode’ follows previous singles ‘Headliner’ and ‘The Pain’, both showcasing the rapper’s knack for fierce flows and an ear for a mean beat.

The Vancouver, Canada  raised talent is now living in London where he has been gathering a growing following in hip hop. More exciting material including an album at the end of the year is in the pipeline…so keep an eye out here on NEW LEASE MUSIC.

But for now, check out the explosive visual to ‘Survival Mode.’

New Music Video: Hip-Hop & Cartoons – Gena Perala


The teaser was a huge hit and was named Video of the Week by NEW LEASE MUSIC…now here’s your chance to watch the full version of GENA PERALA‘s visual to single, ‘Hip-Hop & Cartoons.’

Appropriately released on Valentine’s Day, the Vancouver singer/songwriter shows love for the brilliance and power of hip-hop and cartoons in the two-and-a-half production, referring to the two mediums as her church song.

The video was launched in conjunction with a Crowdfunding campaign to support her upcoming downtempo/electro synth album…look out for that!

For now, check out the video for ‘Hip-Hop & Cartoons.’

Video Preview: Hip-Hop and Cartoons – Gena Perala


After scooping the song of the month title with singles, ‘Superstar Supernova’ and ‘Hoopla’ back in 2015,  one of NEW LEASE MUSIC old favourites GENA PERALA comes back bolder than ever with a preview of her latest colourful visual to her single, ‘Hip-Hop and Cartoons’.

The song pays homage to the power and brilliance of hip-hop music and to cartoons such as The Simpsons. She refers to it as her Church song because she says: “We can learn more from hip-hop and cartoons if we understand and believe in them, than we can from religion”.

GENA PERALA is launching this video in conjunction with a Crowdfunding campaign to support the recording of her new album, which will possess a down tempo electronic pop synth sound. The Vancouver-based singer/songwriter has previously released two solo albums ‘This Ain’t Pretty’ (2008) and ‘Exactly Nowhere’ (2014).

She has also performed for the United Nations, on the PNE Main Stage, at the Stanley Theater, up the East Coast, down the West Coast and all over Vancouver. In addition to her musical credentials, Gena has published three books of poetry, “I’m a Worst Case Scenario Type of Girl” (2003), “Clean Getaway” (2005) and “Better Sorry than Safe” (2011).

The full-version of ‘Hip-Hop and Cartoons’ video will be released on 14th February…so in the meantime, check out the teaser.


Interview with: Gena Perala

gena perala

Her singles Superstar Supernova and Hoopla were one of the most listened tracks on NEW LEASE MUSIC this year. Now GENA PERALA recently released the music video to her single, Fat World…but before you check it out, come and get to know this Canadian singer/songwriter. 

NLM: You just released the video to single, Fat World (very cool production btw!). Although your effort has the fun factor, it also has a message of reckoning and accepting your personal insecurities. Are you hoping that Fat World will be the anthem for young girls to overcome society’s idea of the ‘perfect body image?

GP: Yes the Video was fun! And thanks for the props! Keep in mind though that the song is as much about sex as it is about body image. I think it’s important that we as a culture get more comfortable hearing women talk about sex but I wouldn’t say the song is anthem worthy especially for young girls. It’s also about being honest with yourself and accepting who you are, bad choices and all. I fear the sarcasm and irony might get lost on some people as well. Having said that, if this song helps anyone overcome society’s pressure to look a certain way then I’d feel great about that.

NLM: The single is coming from your 2014 album Exactly Nowhere. What’s the reception been like on the album so far?

GP: I’d say the reception has been really good. Unfortunately it’s been quite small. I’m pretty unknown but my experiences touring the album were amazing. It appealed to all demographics and genders, which was a huge measure of success for me. Some people have a hard time understanding the scope of the album thinking I’ve combined too many genres and I get that. I personally hear a cohesiveness but it’s definitely more conceptual cohesiveness than every song having the same sound. So that’s been a bit of a challenge. I would like to see Canadian radio supporting it more as well as my own city of Vancouver. I’m enjoying making videos for all the songs that’s for sure! And the videos are being received really well however small the scope.

NLM: Out of interest, what’s your favourite track on the album and why?

GP: I don’t think I have a favourite track. I like to say “they’re all my children” but there are certain things that I really love about certain songs. Fine is so simple and hauntingly pretty and the opening verse is quite perfect if you know the story behind it. Hip Hop and Cartoons means a lot to me. There’s the shock value of course but it also expresses my respect and gratitude to Hip Hop and to shows like The Simpsons and South Park for speaking hard truths in a way people can hear. Life is hard is one of my favourites lyrically and of course Exactly Nowhere, for many reasons, one being that it brought me my album title.



NLM: You’ve been described as a cross between country singer/songwriter Jewel and electro punk singer/producer Peaches (personally New Lease Music think you’re the 21st century version of Tori Amos). Have you had any other comparisons?

GP: Wow, thank you. I’m honoured to be compared to all those talented women and yes I’ve been compared to a lot of people actually. None of which have been insulting. I think the Jewel meets Peaches description just communicates well. The lyrical singer songwriter meets the shocking unapologetic conceptual artist.

NLM: Who are your musical (or non-musical) influences?

GP:Many many influences. From Folk artists to Pop and R&B, Trap, Soul, Hip Hop – So many influences. Poetry is also a big one.

NLM: If you were to collaborate with just ONE chart-topping artist of today, who would it be?

GP: Ok so I had to go to the billboard charts to see what my options were and the stand outs that I would want to collaborate with because I think we could make the best music together are: Shrillex and Diplo, Drake, Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd. I think I’m going to go with Shrillex and Diplo but if Drake calls, I’m ready.

NLM: So what are your plans for 2015 and beyond? Do you have any upcoming gigs?

GP: I am currently in the studio recording my next album. I also have an electronic collaboration I’ve been working on that I’m loving and my band Tomgirl is probably going to work on a new EP as well. I’m also going to continue making videos so expect to keep seeing those.

NLM: How can potential fans reach you?

GP: I am on all the usual social medias and it’s great to hear from fans!
Join Mailing List:

NLM: Finally, if music didn’t exist, what other profession would you do?

GP: Dancer. Or Public Defender probably.

EP Review: Leak – LYK



Producers Ango (LuckyMe) and Druture (Chopsquad/Grizzly) – aka – LYK (LET YOU KNOW), dropped their latest effort. Leak last month.

This four-track EP should not be taken likely as it features a SERIOUSLY dope mash-up of hip-hop and EDM, already taking parts of the US and Canada by storm….you’re here now, why not check it out!

Leak EP is available on iTunes.

#TheMustListens: See What I Can Do (watch the video here.), Parachute