Rap Newcomer DichoTomi Looks To A Brighter Future On Single, ‘STF 17’

Introducing Toronto-based alternative rap newcomer DICHOTOMI with their brand new single titled ‘STF 17’. The soulful and infectious lo-fi rap track comes just in time to take over our summer playlists, and is the lead single for dichotomi’s upcoming debut EP that is set for release later this year. ‘STF 17’ is the anticipated follow-up to last year’s fan-favourite ‘plush’, which was a massive radio hit with the likes of CBC Music in Toronto, and Wave Of The Bay in Florida, to mention a few.

Produced by fellow Toronto musician Frizzy Astro, ‘STF 17’ is a catchy melodic rap offering, which sees dichotomi – who wrote the song when they were sick during the pandemic and couldn’t be outside – in a very hopeful mood, as they imagine better times and fantasize about being able to enjoy summertime in Toronto once again. Over lush synth keys and sparse lo-fi instrumentation, dichotomi showcases their infectious flow, clever lyricism, and carefree energy, to great effect.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘STF 17’, dichotomi says, “It was the first pandemic winter, and I was really sick… I couldn’t go outside because the weather, and I had no energy or motivation to make life inside more enjoyable because of the mental and physical effects of the pandemic. At a real low point, I started fantasizing about summers in Toronto and told myself that ‘everything will be better in the summer’ – as soon as I said it aloud, I felt compelled to write a song on that theme.

The track quickly took a political lean as I began to ruminate on the social, political, and economic forces that forced me into such a fragile position in the first place. ‘STF 17’ is most definitely a critique of our capitalist society, but with the added goal of offering some levity — allowing us to hope for a more equitable future. Be critical, be angry, be sad, but don’t let the state of this world keep you from turning your face to the sun every chance you get, and tirelessly seek the tiniest moments of joy”.

Highly recommended if you like the sounds of Noname, Tierra Whack or Chance The Rapper, dichotomi is for listeners that like to discover new things every time you listen to a track – they are for fans of lyricism, authenticity and exploring new sounds. Born in Florida and now living in Toronto, dichotomi burst onto the scene in 2019 with resounding music, led by good vibes and wholesome themes that are intended to inspire hope and validate their listeners.

‘STF 17’ was released yesterday across various download/streaming sites. Check out their official animated music video below…

Song of the Day: Peace – Shades Lawrence

SHADES LAWRENCE is a Montreal-born, queer hip hop artist of mixed British, Jamaican, Irish and Scottish heritage. A pure lyricist, Lawrence’s style can be described as alternative hip hop. Her words uplift, while keeping environmental justice at the forefront.

“Peace, that’s what we need,” raps Lawrence on her single released on the heels of 2022 full-length album, ‘Trust Takes Time’. ‘Peace’ directly names the Russian government’s invasion of the Ukraine, and urges the global community to negotiate for peace.

Have a listen to ‘Peace’ below…

NEAVV Unveils Her Stunning Debut, ‘Want You’

Canadian alternative synth-pop artist, songwriter and producer NEAVV‘s debut single, ‘Want You’, is an emotional and honest song based on the end of her relationship with someone who wasn’t being completely honest at the time. ‘Want You’ is a snapshot of what she was feeling at the time and although she knew she deserved better, NEAVV was still struggling with wanting and missing that person.

Speaking on the emotive piece NEAVV says: “Loss can be pretty complex when it comes to the emotions you feel, but at the core of it all for me is sadness. I just hope listeners find a place to sit in whatever emotions come up for them and know that any loss is hard – and it’s ok to not be ok.”

Want You is the first single off NEAVV’s forthcoming album. Have a listen below…

Song of the Day: Life Waters – Jaz Valentino

Out now via Canadian indie label and collective Day7 Records, JAZ’S BLUES (SIDE A) is the brand new sophomore album from Toronto hybrid artist, songwriter, and musician JAZ VALENTINO. The 8-track album is the second full-length project in two years from the Grenadian-Serbian native, following last year’s introductory album Day 7, which led to Jaz Valentino reaching the milestone of garnering his first million streams on Spotify alone.

The melodic rap and R&B fusion album Jaz’s Blues (Side A) was preceded by two well-received lead singles that were released to open Jaz Valentino’s 2022 – the Buckroll Beats-produced ‘Snowflakes’, which has garnered over 100,000 plays online, and the recently released introspective offering produced by Arcane Beats titled ‘Wild Weeds’, which is currently being supported by Live Nation’s Ones To Watch, 1883 Magazine, Earmilk and Word Is Bond Magazine, among others.

Jaz’s Blues (Side A) opens with ‘Farmers Land’, a tribute to Jaz Valentino’s father, who passed away from liver cancer when Jaz was only 13, before digging deeper into his trust issues on ‘Eunoia’, addressing his friendships on songs like ‘King City’ and ‘Like Minds’, refocusing on his faith on ‘Blue F’, and closing out the album with ‘Life Waters’, which is about starting over with a clean slate, and features Jaz’s grandmother, who practically raised him.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, Jaz Valentino says, “‘Jaz’s Blues (Side A)’ is me baring my soul in the music about the last three years of my life and what I’ve been going through. Flowers come out of the growth process, but no one talks about the pain the bud or seedling go through in the process, and this is what the album represents. I wrote these songs through the pandemic, through finding my feet in the music industry, through countless rejections and breakups.

Born and raised in Canada, Jaz Valentino’s music blurs the line between the classic warm tones of R&B and the dynamism of modern hip-hop, while still leaning on his special connection with R&B and rap music. Notable for his evocative sounds, lush melodies, layered texture, captivating hook and introspective lyrics, Jaz Valentino has long been able to connect with listeners on a deeper level, using his ‘less is more’ philosophy to make sure his mixes are not overly crowded, and his songs feel spacious and lush, with plenty of room for his songwriting to stick out.

Now it’s time for you to check out the official video for Jaz’s ‘Life Waters’ below…

Song of the Day: Making Out With Vampires – Amanda Frances

AMANDA FRANCES is a post-pop artist, songwriter, videographer and Web3 innovator hailing from Toronto. The multidisciplinary artist is also COO of Sadboy Records, one of Canada’s fastest growing indie labels.

Frances has quickly turned heads with her razor sharp wit and glitchy pop productions. Featuring cheeky one-liners, her single, ‘making out with vampires came to light after she learned what love should, and shouldn’t be, and how to protect her own energy.

With a six -track visual album set to drop this year, Frances demonstrates a drive to innovate by dropping her genesis NFT project with decent.xyz for the upcoming debut EP, attachment theory, produced by JUNO-nominated producer, Father Bobby Townsend.

Have a listen to Amanda’s ‘making out with vampires’ below…