Song of the Day: Need to Know – Jordana of Earth

Toronto-based Electro-pop R&B music sensation JORDANA OF EARTH transports listeners with melancholy romance and light smoky vocals to tell a vulnerable tale of distance and its effect on love with the ethereal single ‘Need To Know’. Fueled by her own lived experiences, Jordana of Earth’s 3rd single from her expertly crafted debut EP ’10k,’ a deeply personal voyage that sonically soothes the soul. “Each track off the EP hits different moments and feelings within a relationship running its course,” she explains.

‘Need To Know’ is a seduction of the senses with a slower tempo and harmonic textures to get under the skin. “The song is a pleading ballad about wanting to stay close from a distance, with someone who is away for lengths of time.” Jordana of Earth gives a transcendent performance with richly layered vocals and a deliberate message.

Jordana of Earth is a singer/songwriter/producer from Toronto with a distinct voice that weaves R&B, Pop, and Trip-Hop influences to create something entirely new. A fearless, multi-disciplined artist inspired to start from a young age, Jordana found instant success with her debut single, ‘Leave the Light On’ (produced by Jeff Crake, DVSN).

With the support of her city behind her and several features across multiple Spotify playlists and radio stations across Canada, there is no stopping the momentum of this modern renaissance artist.

Watch the video for ‘Need To Know’ below…

Song of the Day: Leaving – Lee Paradise

Champion by the likes of Under the Radar Magazine, FLOOD, Exclaim, CBC Radio 3, Toronto’s Dan Lee, aka LEE PARADISE‘s ‘Leaving,’ finds him flipping the shadowy nihilism of his 2020 release, The Fink (supported at Pitchfork, Electronic Sound, FLOOD, Exclaim and more) upward into a sort of cybernetic universality. This is Dan Lee in producer mode, veering away from the pursuit of a singular musical direction rooted in personal vision, towards a process rich in collaboration, emotional expansion and tonal exploration.

Lee’s music is typically widescreen, indebted to polyrhythmic psychedelia that melts, bubbles, whirrs and clanks. ‘Leaving’ dials into this aesthetic once more welding clunky percussion with laser gun synths and a buoyant bed of electro-pop running underneath. His self-described cyborg-funk is on fine display once again as he muses, “Sunday comes so easy / Monday I just stay in bed” in a meditative, self-reflective manner before kicking into the gooey 80s-pop indebted chorus.

‘Leaving’ is lifted from Lee’s highly-collaborative album, Lee Paradise & Co. now out via Telephone Explosion Records.

Song of the Day: Uncool – Loren Aronov

As a singer-songwriter growing up in Toronto, LOREN ARONOV had big dreams of becoming a pop star. She wrote and performed songs that portrayed a certain persona, more to please others than herself. Having just turned 14, she has decided to stop trying to live up to outside expectations and to instead be real with herself.

What she can promise listeners is genuine honesty from the heart and mind of a young girl living out her teenage years. ‘Uncool’ is exactly that, inspired by feeling like the odd one out among her peers at school; lonely and even unwanted. She soon accepted that some of these labels make her unique, and that personal obstacles could be used to propel her music. Check out ‘Uncool’ below…

Janïsa Takes A Leap Of Faith In Brand New Single, ‘Dive In.’

A year into the pandemic, soul singer/songwriter JANÏSA was really clinging onto the faith that life was going to get better and the loneliness and isolation she felt would be replaced by healthy interactions.

Her latest single, ‘Dive In,’ is about the need to trust now more than ever. This song has given that much needed strength to the Canadian native as she unfortunately lost her home of 13 years to a devastating fire. Although she felt displaced as a result, she still had the courage to carry on.

The music video for ‘Dive In’ was shot along the beach at the Scarborough Bluffs, featuring friends and family in the water witnessing janïsa undergoing a ceremony of baptism and rebirth.

Check out the Reinvigorating single below…

Theo Tams Reflects On Past Relationships on New EP,’Trilogy IV’.

THEO TAMS‘ brand new EP, ‘Trilogy IV,’is a series of energetic and boundary pushing collections of pop and R&B laced jams. The mini set includes single, ‘Kick Back’ a seriously slick R&B joint which offer encouragement just to be ourselves to the potential partner.

Alongside the release of the EP, Theo Tams shares single,’Hit and Run,’ which blends a hard pop edge with disco influences to reflect on the aftermath of a previous relationship. ‘Hit and Run’ finds Tams assessing the damage, looking back at the red flags and learning from them for the future.

“I’m a lot better at spotting bullshit than I used to be, so even though it hurt like hell I’m thankful for what the experience taught me,” he explains.

‘Trilogy IV’ EP was released yesterday (13th October) across various music platforms. Have a listen below…