Song of the Day: Replay – Nova

Just over a year after his seminal third studio project titled S.T.A.Y (Still Think About You), which garnered over 100,000 streams and was supported by the likes of MTV, OkayAfrica and TRACE Urban, Toronto-based/ Nigerian Ghanaian artist NOVA want to run it back with the surprise announcement that he will be releasing a sequel to S.T.A.Y aptly titled S.T.A.Y II on 20th  November. The announcement comes with an exciting new track ‘Replay’, which will serve as the lead single for his upcoming S.T.A.Y II project.

Produced by Doozybeatz, ‘Replay’ sees Nova switching from rapping to singing and back to rapping to represent the rollercoaster of emotions behind the track, as he laments trying to come to terms with a failed relationship, while also holding onto any hopes that his girl would come back to him. Throughout the track, Nova shows his vulnerability both sonically and lyrically, perhaps more than he has done on previous records, giving a taste of what to expect from S.T.A.Y II….

Wrap your eyes around ‘Replay’ below…

Noa Opens Up About Love With Latest Single, ‘Patience’

Sporting a colourful yet edgy vibe, NOA‘s latest single, ‘Patience’ is probably her most honest work to date…the song is an introduction to the Canadian singer/songwriter and her relationship to love.

Noa explains: “I grew up with divorced parents, which didn’t give me the most ideal picture of love. With “Patience,” I dove deep into where my reservations with relationships lie, and the difficulty I had with letting my guard down; which I know is something many of us share.”

Noa also produced ‘Patience’ as an anthem for anyone opening up to love and learning to have the courage to be vulnerable. Check it out below…

Hip-Hop Duo Smoothe Hours Drops Brand New Track, ‘Red Room’

An intimate introduction to upcoming debut EP, ‘Darkest Before Dawn’ – set for release later this month – SMOOTHE HOURS‘ afterhours effort, ‘Red Room’, chronicles the first-hand experience of a climactic night, starting with infatuation by a dancer and taking things further by going to a private room, the red lights representing love and passion within the moment.

“We wanted to illustrate the seriousness of love and different aspects of affection, whether in a relationship or single. Sometimes the natural desire for sexual fulfilment outweighs the feeling of love. Sending out an invite to the Red Room can be compared to a mating call which is a primal instinct of human nature” – Smoothe Hours

Check out ‘Red Room’ below…

Song of the Day: Crying (Cover) – KYŁO

Hailing from Toronto, KYŁO‘s cover of Roy Orbison’s ‘Crying’ is hardly recognizable to the original. She adds a sultry and melancholic vibe to the 60’s classic paired with chillingly faint vocals. Have a listen below:

Peter Katz Promotes Self-Love With Brand New Single, ‘I Will Never Leave You’

When Canadian singer/songwriter PETER KATZ  first penned his single, ‘I Will Never Leave You’, alongside Grammy-Award winning writer and producer Rich Jacques, he thought it was for someone else. However, further along the process, it became very clear that the person he was writing for was himself.

Katz explains further of his new single: “Oftentimes the first person we sacrifice is ourselves, which ultimately means we can’t be of service to anybody. I’ve certainly been guilty of this at times. The whole writing experience had me so far out of my comfort zone that I felt like I wasn’t confined to any rules of what a Peter Katz song is supposed to sound like.”

Through ‘I Will Never Leave You’ Peter hopes to spread the lesson of self love to others. Have a listen below…