BeKreative Closes 2022 with Album, ‘King of Time.’

After his lengthy hiatus away from the scene, BEKREATIVE kept his promise to deliver a stream of music.

Well here it is…his full-length album titled ‘King Of Time’ released last Monday (12th December) across all music platforms. Whilst most artists dish out tracks that are suited for the festive season, BeKreative went a different direction and slams down 16-tracks that are suited for a playlist of a house party.

Featuring previously released tracks, ‘Roadtrip’, ‘Fenin’ and ‘Slowjamz’, the electric project bounces between variations of hip-hop and afterhours R&B with pop and tropical afrobeat influences. Before disappearing from the music scene in his hometown (Houston), he was quickly becoming known for his straight-up R&B/Hip-hop cuts. Now experimenting with various styles, he’s hoping his name would reach a wider audience with his new album…Why not check it out and the song recommendations below…

Must Listens: Bag Race, GoGetIt, Fenin, Still

Rapper Docman Drops Brand New Track, ‘Legends Always Die’

Setting the tone for his forthcoming album, ‘Chapter 29’, slated for release on 1st June, Houston-based rapper DOCMAN shares new brand joint, ‘Legends Always Die.’

Featuring a boisterous b-line, that’s impossible to ignore, ‘Legends Always Die’ chronicles when someone dies, they’re considered a legend – even though they did not earn that title in life.

Born in Arizona, Docman started his musical journey back in 2004, after his cousin was killed, who once told him: “never let anyone get in between you and success,” a piece of valuable advice that stuck with Docman.

To date, Docman has released a string of projects, including seven albums, enticing his audience with honest lyricism and gripping beats, as heard in his latest, ‘Legends Always Die’, out now on various streaming platforms.

Have a listen to ‘Legends Always Die’ below…

BeKreative Drops First Banger Of The Year, ‘Still’

Coming all the way from Houston, singer/rapper BEKREATIVE pipes up for 2021 with another note for the lovers entitled ‘Still.’

Bekreative’s gritty flow (think ol’ dirty bastard) gives the ultra smooth quite storm production that extra fire, all brought together by pulsating skips of the b-line.

‘Still’ follows his 2020 single, ‘Slow Jamz’. This is a really hot one! Why not check it out below…

Devyn Moon Releases Genre Fluid single, ‘Fast As I Can’

Hailing from Texas, 23-year-old Neo-Soul Electronic singer-songwriter and producer DEVYN MOON brings on a heavenly blend of R&B, Electronic, and Bedroom-Pop in brand new single, ‘Fast As I Can’.

Speaking of the single, Devyn says: “The song is an overall message to convey the beauty of embracing those flaws that make us who we are. In going back to your roots you find your true self, find the people who accept you just as you are, and choose to love you despite it all – it brings you to a point in life where you’re finally able to breathe and be comfortable within your own skin.”

Have a listen to ‘Fast As I Can’ below…

Song of the Day: Slow Jamz – Be Kreative

After taking a short break away from the scene, Houston’s rapper/singer BE KREATIVE has resurfaced on the radar with an epic hip-hop/90s-inspired afterhours joint, ‘Slow Jamz’ – the perfect song for the lovers. Check it out below…