Raymond West Rocks By With Mixtape, ‘Jerseys & Convertibles’

With the hot summer days getting shorter by the week, fast approaching the winter season, RAYMOND WEST gives fans and new listeners a mixtape to help turn that page and close out the summer months. ‘Jerseys & Convertibles’ cruises into the function being backed by three previous singles in ‘Smoke out the Roof’, ‘4 You’ and ‘Carphones & Beepers’, bringing along four new songs for our listening pleasure.

Raymond West speaks highly on his current lifestyle throughout the tape, from his views of life to what he eats and what he maneuvers around the city in. He also aims to keep the ladies appleased with afterhours-inspired cuts such as ‘4 You’ & ‘Overheated’.

Raymond West goes out on a high with outro ‘Sweat$’, where he doesn’t pay too much attention to any worries or negativity of today and just rocks his sweats and keeps to himself. “I wanted to do a song about my everyday simple life, highlight the regular shit instead of all the flashy shit, I can wear sweats with every outfit” says West when speaking about the track.

Time to check out the mixtape below…

Must Listens: 4 You & Overheated

Album Review: L.I.F.E: The Cause – J.A.S.

I was sooo elated when South African rapper/producer J.A.S slipped me his latest album, ‘L.I.F.E: The Cause’ – it seemed ages since he grace his presence on this blog with previous project, ‘#Don’tSleepOnJAS’, which possesses electronic/downtempo soundscapes with infectious Trip-hop beats/bass.

With this latest album, J.A.S retains the same theme from the previous project, but delving further into the downtempo route with long-term collaborators, South African singers Palesa Blossom and Nevita, who both provide a pleasingly trippy experience with their alluringly soulful vocals with tracks such as ‘L.I.FE’, ‘Controlled’ ‘Moth to A Flame’ and ‘Scattered.’

J.A.S also adds another long-collaborator, South African acclaimed rapper, Sy’Defect to the impressive album’s lineup. Among the chilled vibes of the seven-track project, Sy’Defect injects such vibrancy with his semi-rapid flow to the delicate backdrop of tracks, ‘Controlled’ and ‘Scattered.’

Overall, ‘L.I.F.E: The Cause’ is a great escapism album to kick back with some friends and to forget about the great maze called life. Have a listen below…

Must Listen: Controlled, Words, Scattered.

Song of the Day: The Truth – Digg$

The Truth is a story told by 25-year-old rapper/singer Pennsylvania rapper DIGG$ who uses elaborate metaphors and similes to highlight the lifestyle that most speak of but have never lived, over a smooth afterhours beat.

Why not kick back and have a listen below…

Watch Natty Boi Zoe’s Video For Latest Track, ‘Fortune’.

Hailed as The Street Poet in his hometown (New York City), rapper NATTY BOI ZOE urges us to count our blessings and cast aside any societal idea of success in his brand new video for single ‘Fortune’.

There’s some tough verses that resonates with the soul…so pin back your ears and have a listen below…

Song of the Day: Walk With Me – Black Shawd

Multi-talented rapper/singer & songwriter BLACK SHAWD‘s single, ‘Walk With Me’ is a reflection of his cheerful and optimistic attitude towards life.

The lyrics along with the vocals is enough to give a tingle of goose bumps. The contrasts in mood are very well handled. This exciting hip hop song stimulates the generation to sit and think about life and then to take a stand and to contribute in meaningful deeds.

Black Shawd, in this energetic single, beautifully conveys the true significance of practical life, far from the world of fantasy. The appealing sound is really a blessing to the ears. This piece is an excellent composition with a catchy track. For Black Shawd, life has a purpose and in ‘Walk With Me’, he is giving direction to the world to take little steps with him towards morality.

The lyrics are really therapeutic as “Trust it won’t be long, it’s not that far” gives the vibes of comfort. The choice of words is so natural and friendly as “see we are not that far”. The cherry on the top is that the song also has fear reducing elements as “What are you afraid of” and “See we are not that far”. In simple words, ‘Walk With Me’ paints a portrait of life that becomes easy by following some simple rules.

Check out the video for this epic track below…