Song of the Day: Justin Bieber – Smoke Boys (ft. Dizzee Rascal)

The most prolific, innovative and defining British acts of the past ten years sadly announced the news that their forthcoming project “All The Smoke” due 23rd October will be their last.

After Dizzee dropped track ‘Act Like You Know’ the Smoke Boys single off of his forthcoming album ‘E3AF’, SMOKE BOYS have now announced their new single ‘Justin Bieber’ featuring the Grime legend off of their new and last ever project. With the whole EP produced by MK The Plug, this track combines both the strength of drill & grime for a futuristic style beat, track and video.

Their lyrical energies ride with ease over the vibrant production, with it’s skippy drums, garage-esque vocals, big 808’s and metallic eastern samples, with Dizzee Rascal gliding in for the final verse on top form, adding his charm, charismatic delivery and effortless flows. Smoke Boys and Dizzee Rascal have both shown how two genres can fit so fluidly and gracefully together.

Although this will be their last project as a group, there will be more to follow from Deepee, Swift, Sleeks, Littlez, Inch, and Knine as solo artists, and their last project together promises to end with a bang.

Check out the Smoke Boy’s final video for single, ‘Justin Bieber’.

Song of the Day: Triggz – CGAF

Making his debut on grime legend D Double E’s independent label ‘Bluku Music’, East London rapper TRIGGZ delivers his hard hitting single ‘C.G.A.F’.

As the first signing to the label, D Double E explains what it is about Triggz that led the way for the partnership, “we go way back, he is one of the coldest rappers, he’s been rapping before it was the ting in the UK”.

Bringing a mix of grime, trap and rap with a visual blessing for ‘C.G.A.F’, D Double E’s comments are quickly confirmed as Triggz touches the mic. The single has a dark and gritty feel with a ‘matter of fact’ delivery from Triggz with his cold punchlines and metaphors. Having always been in the standing of grimes legends since the early 2000’s, Triggz first found his status as part of ‘G Force’, making tracks including ‘Blast You’ featuring Kano as well as working with D Double E, Jammer and the wider East London grime scene, quickly gaining a reputation for his weighty raps and emcee skill.

With Bluku Music being the brainchild of D Double E and his cousin/manager Danny Dixon, the duo have welcomed major success to the label via D Double E’s independent releases and first studio album ‘Jackum’. Based on a strong foundation of grime and DIY experience, it is now that they are branching further into the scene to nurture the genuine grime sound and major players as demonstrated with Triggz and further signings that include Mytus and producer Diamondz.

Hinting at a slew of further releases, that also include a collaborative mixtape that will undoubtedly include more hard hitting lyricism from Triggz, D Double E says “We got some special bits for you to hear very soon. And trust me the Bluku Music Mixtape is going to be a mad ting”.

Get your first taste here and check out the video for Triggz’s ‘CGAF’ below…

Song of the Day: Ignorant – L3

Essie Gang member L3 jumps right into today’s hot spot with solo output ‘Ignorant’.

The trippy visual for the single – directed by Views (Armin) and filmed by Above Ground – takes place partly in London and in the acclaimed ancient site of Puzzlewood. This site holds an iconic symbolism, leaving L3’s fanbase aware of his ongoing ascension within the industry.

Check out the video below…


Song of the Day: Trapstar II – Kwazi Cort

KWAZI CORT, a rising star in the UK Grime scene, serves a notice to all the non-believers who’ve been too quick to dub the genre as a thing of the past.

Using his single, ‘Trapstar II’ as a means of showcasing his multi-faceted artistry, he quite literally navigates the space between Rap and Grime to craft his own original sound, knotting together the kerrangs of Rock with the soulful harmonies of RnB.

Written as a diary of experiences, ‘Trapstar II’ serves as an ode and love letter to the South London streets which made him. Diving deeper into the complex feelings of negatively affecting your neighbourhood to make a living and fund studio-time, his aspirations are set way beyond any street cred. Kwazi Cort refreshingly vocalizes the challenges he faced as a recovered conscious gangster – sentiments which are not expressed enough in today’s music! Supplying listeners with the highs and lows of being a Trapstar, along with the burdens placed on his relationships, as a consequence of prioritizing the roads; finally giving real meaning to the phrase “married to the streets”.

“It’s kinda mad, I thought everybody went through similar things like me… I was wrong. My South London story morphed friends to foes, cats to catwalks, macs to models” Kwazi continues,“Trapstar II is an autobiography, recording my journey from hustling in the streets to barring in the booth. Grinding in order to better my position due to the lack of opportunities, meanwhile at war with my conscience, aware of the damage it’s causing my loved ones as a result.”

Check out the video for ‘Trapstar II’ below…

Charlie Trees Brings Positivity To The Forefront With Latest Single, ‘Smile Back’

Amidst the uncertainty and grief in these surreal times, CHARLIE TREES’ latest single, ‘Smile Back’ brings some much-needed light within all darkness. Following on from his first release of 2020, ‘Trees’, Charlie continues to reach his genre-defining sound to the masses.

Another collaboration with Yrk Rd and SludgeWizard, the laidback guitars and dreamy undertones takes us through a cosmic trip, as Charlie shows how to embrace the positivity he wants to see in the world. Alongside the single comes a film by No1, a music video, that fittingly demonstrates the happiness Charlie brings to those he cherishes.

The themes of the new single and its accompanied film showcase a different side to Charlie Trees, bringing positivity and love to the forefront. ‘Smile Back’ serves as a reminder to ignore the bad vibes, spend time with the ones we love and awaken our third-eye. The 4/20 loving, Grime-Bap MC uses his hallucinogenic experiences to create music that comes with a message, one that is more relevant now than ever.

Check out the video for ‘Smile Back’ below…