Song of the Day: Underground – Isis

Newcomer ISIS is making some serious waves with her latest single ‘UNDERGROUND’, earning a hotspot on this blog. The Brannew Entertainment recruit’s offering was recently placed first in the Push Power Hits unsigned song contest.

This Philly female emcee is not playing around, check out her fire production.


New Music Video: Alive – Kastilano

Another NEW LEASE MUSIC staple KASTILANO has stepped back into the limelight with visuals to his latest blazing track, ‘Alive’ taken from his self-titled album – check it out!

Song of the Day: Own Thang – Spike Geez

It’s been sometime that NEW LEASE MUSIC staple SPIKE GEEZ stole the blog’s limelight…but he’s here now, hogging today’s hotspot with this SERIOUSLY dope track, ‘Own Thang’. In the accompanied video the slick emcee from Philadelphia stresses that he follows his own path – nobody else’s!

‘Own Thang’ is from his latest EP, ‘After Dark’ – check it out here.

But before you head off, watch the video for ‘Own Thang’ – enjoy!

Album Review: Meesh – Tunnel Traffic

It’s been some time (I think roughly a year and a half) since Adam Hachey, the brainchild of TUNNEL TRAFFIC, appeared on NEW LEASE MUSIC with his 2015 album, ‘Absolute Dreams’. Out of nowhere, this alternative folk-rocker recently emailed his new album, ‘Meesh, in which he produced while making his big shift to the City of Brotherly Love.

Unlike his previous collection, which was an atmospherically intense affair, ‘Meesh’ gets right down to it with bursts of zesty guitar licks through the first few tracks, ‘Lesson Learned’, ‘Pockets’ and ‘Anew’.

The psychedelic ride passes and makes way for a softer journey of lo-fi/new wave(ish) arrangements and the rich influence of that  70s inspired soulful rock, before turning up the tempo through efforts, ‘Maxwell’ and ‘All Day, Err Day.’

The latter part of the album is what I personally think is classic TRAFFIC TUNNEL. With the return of the zesty guitar plucks, the almost stripped back pieces becomes intense and personal, where you can not only hear, but FEEL every word uttered.

‘Meesh’ sees Adam comes out of his comfort zone and go down the experimentation route, which is great – but personally, he’s at his best when he perform songs that hone right into the soul.

Must Listens: Familiar, Slope Day, Mitch, Memorial

Mixtape Review: Foreva Fameos – Fameos

Continuing his combination of light atmospheric overtones and that heavy bassline from his previous mixtape, ‘Hall Of Fame’ – named Mixtape of the Week by NEW LEASE MUSIC late last year –  FAMEOS bounces back, dropping another collection, this time entitled ‘Foreva Fameos’.

His above combination takes on a deeper and gutsy vibe, with the upriser’s newfound “hey, hey” trademark, featured at the beginning of each track – providing the way for the mammoth build up.

There’s some real slick numbers in this neat package, so it’s definitely worth a trial.

Must Listens: Wait For It, Lottery, Rodeo Show, Apply Pressure.