Song of the Day: King Of The Town – Tokeo

Coming quickly off the back of their previous single ‘Bleak Moors’, Manchester punks TOKEO continue to explore the stark realities of life amongst Manchester’s forgotten mill towns on their single, ‘King of the Town’, the final track taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Class Traitor.’

A cathartic triumvirate of punk, rock and rap, the quintet have distanced themselves from much of their Manchester contemporaries through their angst-fuelled take on northern post-punk, preferring instead to shed light on the discrepancies faced by those growing up in areas ignored by wider government.

Indeed, these politics, and this anger are what allow TOKEO to stand apart from a local scene too often concerned with vintage leather jackets and virtue signalling to really care about the wider local area. And on ‘King of the Town’, this vitriol really boils over. A dystopic and tongue in cheek take on misplaced admiration, it’s a blisteringly scathing attack on small-town syndrome.

With each release harbouring more piss and vinegar than the last, it’s obvious that TOKEO are a band unimpressed with the current way the UK is heading, and we shouldn’t be too. At a time when the costs of living are soaring, and the UK government is nothing more than a self-spiralling shit show, the outlook is bleak, and while the band might not offer any respite from that, they certainly provide some much needed catharsis. Have a listen to ‘King of the Town’ below…

New Track: Slow Mo – Soho Kings

For their first release of the year, SOHO KINGS start on a chilled and smooth note with track entitled ‘Slow Mo.’

The electro pop/rap duo are set to make this year a monumental one and counting on their recent success on the blog, it’s definitely in easy grasp. The guys stole the top spot on NEW LEASE MUSIC’s Top Ten Songs of 2017 list with their firecracker single, ‘Life of the Party’.

Expect more bangers on the way from these New Yorkers. For now, check out ‘Slow Mo.’

Star Song: JproD – Trill Shit, I Really Mean That


I’m really digging this track! Today’s star song is from super cool rapper JproD (pronounced Jeopardy). The New Yorker released his seriously laid back track, Trill Shit, I Really Mean That on SoundCloud –  take time out and listen to the track and  just hear the way he raps effortlessly across the spaced out, head nodding production. It’s absolutely wicked!

Although he has all the right indigents to become a successful mainstream hip-hop artist, JproD is not your typical rapper – so you won’t be seeing this guy making a music video in a club full of honeys! Instead he lets his lyrics, which are fuelled with life experiences, do the work and hopes everyone can relate to it. Aspiring to be a role model, he wants people to feel they can achieve their dream and to be comfortable with who they are – and not be afraid to be different. I like this guy already!

This is just the beginning of JproD, as there’s an album in the pipeline…so keep your eyes peeled on the reviews section!

So go on, have a listen to the track.  If, like me, you’re digging this tune, head over to SoundCloud and listen to JproD’s other release A Million Feelings.