BeKreative Closes 2022 with Album, ‘King of Time.’

After his lengthy hiatus away from the scene, BEKREATIVE kept his promise to deliver a stream of music.

Well here it is…his full-length album titled ‘King Of Time’ released last Monday (12th December) across all music platforms. Whilst most artists dish out tracks that are suited for the festive season, BeKreative went a different direction and slams down 16-tracks that are suited for a playlist of a house party.

Featuring previously released tracks, ‘Roadtrip’, ‘Fenin’ and ‘Slowjamz’, the electric project bounces between variations of hip-hop and afterhours R&B with pop and tropical afrobeat influences. Before disappearing from the music scene in his hometown (Houston), he was quickly becoming known for his straight-up R&B/Hip-hop cuts. Now experimenting with various styles, he’s hoping his name would reach a wider audience with his new album…Why not check it out and the song recommendations below…

Must Listens: Bag Race, GoGetIt, Fenin, Still


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