Song of the Day: Acapulco – The Sometimes Island

THE SOMETIMES ISLAND are a synth-forward pop band based in Los Angeles and Albuquerque. The exciting and highly visual live band is comprised of charismatic frontman Matt Blankenship Jr and anchored by drummer Nick Lopiano.

Their single, ‘Acapulco’ explores the excitement of beginning a new chapter of life, yet the contrasting sentiment that comes with it. Blankenship Jr states, “I wrote the song Acapulco to capture that listless ennui I was trapped under in Los Angeles, framing it with a fantasy of an ignored lover reaching their breaking point, leaving and abruptly buying a plane ticket.” The narrative almost ironically pairs with a dream-pop backing, harmonic rhythms, John Mayer inspired guitar riff and a truly contagious chemistry.

The accompanying cinematic music video for ‘Acapulco’ mirrors the song’s story, as we witness the demise of a relationship, where one party decides to flee and head for a better, more wholesome life.

Their forms of expression and musical ingenuity make The Sometimes Island ones to watch this year. With their previous EP Beverly & Barbara peaking at #2 internationally on Apple’s Alternative chart, rocketing past even the likes of Billie Eilish, the duo have also amounted over 800,000 monthly listeners, with streaming numbers in the millions. The Sometimes Island are becoming true pioneers of pop as we know it.

Have a peep at the official video below…

Song of the Day: Lil 5i5 – Cassie Marin

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist CASSIE MARIN‘s single, ‘Lil 5i5’ is the final release from her much-anticipated album, also titled ‘Lil 5i5’, out from last Friday (12th August.)

‘Lil 5i5,’ was the first song Cassie wrote for the project and the one that would inspire the trajectory of the rest of the album. The song is a perfect encapsulation of the album, showcasing Cassie’s trademark saccharine vocals and infectious, glittery synth-pop production.

Cassie elaborates on the title track: “While writing ‘Lil 5i5’ I got to this place where I was more forgiving of my inherited and learned limiting beliefs. I was no longer beating myself up about them and I decided to have fun shedding all of this stuff that did not belong with my identity and values. I allowed myself to just let go and be honest, but also not take myself too seriously and have fun. I hope the listeners are able to feel that for themselves when they hear it.”

Constantly exploring new musical and visual dimensions, Cassie Marin has emerged as an avant-garde luminary in the left-of-center pop space. Her upcoming album, Lil 5i5, which will be out on August 12th, is a dynamic 19-track album that shows off Cassie ever-evolving musicality. Pairing the rhythms of dance music with emotive melodies and meaningful lyricism, Lil 5i5 sees Cassie at her strongest and most vulnerable yet. “I started pursuing music as a career because of what music did and still does for me; it saves me every day,” she says. “I want my music to be there for anyone and everyone who needs it the way that music was there for me.”

Have a listen to Cassie’s single below…

Crystal Starr Is ‘Head Over Heels’ In Brand New Single.

Two-time award-winning recording artist CRYSTAL STARR‘s new single, ‘Head Over Heels’, is an undeniable love song not to be overlooked that projects you right in the middle of two current HIT TV shows, “Stranger Things” and “Physical.” Sporting dreamy soundscapes that transports you on a sunny beach, ‘Head Over Heels’ enters a time machine into the fleeting feeling of the 80’s, the soundtrack of endless love and ruthless hope.

Speaking about the catchy, Crystal says, “I wrote the song based on the love I saw my grandparents have for each other growing up. The type of love that doesn’t fade, or envy, or leave when someone gets upset at one another. The type of love that is not selfish and self-seeking.”

Known for her hit songs like ‘All Mine’, ‘I Still Love You’, ‘Again’ and her album #She, Crystal Starr is a timeless artist with an unmistakable voice. Her second album, #She was an inspiration for women to come together and celebrate the power of unity.

‘Head Over Heels’ is taking from Cystral’s forthcoming album, Popstarr. The album track is produced by Grammy Award-winning American record producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Keith Harris, best known for his work on the Black Eyed Peas’; “Imma Be” and Estelle’s “American Boy”, and record producer and engineer Renard Hughes.

Have a listen to the single below…

Song of the Day: Storyteller – DDG

What happens when you fuse space-age production quirks and trap-soaked drums with a ranged, melody-driven rap toolkit? You get DDG. After turning into ‘Elon Musk’ alongside YSL’s Gunna and diving into the UK rap ether — via Notion — selecting a 10Trax-worth of UK rap anthems, DDG is back to govern the summer. The multi-platinum Pontiac native is back with his single, ‘Storyteller’, courtesy of Epic Records.

For the track — produced by Corbett — DDG tugs on the heartstrings as he croons in a pop-adjacent manner over a trap-spun beat. In a welcome switch-up from his recent tunes, ‘Storyteller’ does exactly what the title infers. DDG crafts a narrative around heartache, toxic masculinity and the art of emotional warfare. On the instrumental front, the track is kitted-out with sharp 808 drum kicks and shimmering guitar riffs.

‘Storyteller’ follows DDG’s viral, Gunna-assisted single ‘Elon Musk’, released back in February. Since its debut, the Complex co-signed-track has amassed well over 25 million streams on Spotify alone — with almost 10 million views on YouTube too. ‘Storyteller’ looks to continue DDGs relentless splash in the UK scene as he comes through with pitch-perfect style and bravado.

This July, DDG is set to share a highly-anticipated full-length project. Tentatively entitled, ’Take Me Serious 2’ — the follow-up to his cult classic mixtape from 2017 — DDG will accompany this drop by flying to European shores in July to hit the festival circuit. DDG is looking to infiltrate the Europe rap sphere with gigs at Wireless Festival in the UK, WooHah in the Netherlands, Rolling Loud Portugal and Splash in Germany.

With a potential classic project in the works, ‘Storyteller’ has set the benchmark high for mainstream hip hop in 2022. Check him out in an official video below…

Cassie Marin Releases Single ‘Gemini’ Ahead Of Album ‘Lil 5i5’ – Out 12th August.

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist CASSIE MARIN shares her new single, ‘Gemini,’ taken from her much-anticipated album, Lil 5i5, out on 12th August.

Pairing emotive melodies, atmospheric production and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Cassie delivers pure synth-pop magic on “Gemini.” Cassie elaborates on the meaning behind the track: “I’ve always had the tendency to look at things from both sides — it’s comes with the positive of not being quick to judge, but when it pertains to analyzing my characters, it can create a confusing and inescapable duality that becomes, at times, overwhelming. The song sees me tackling one side of myself with humor and the other side of myself with passion. One side feels deserving of the good things that come to me while the other side feels stuck in an unwanted habit of self-sabotage. It’s a bit of a mood swing of a song that I feel many can relate to. Ultimately, it’s about acknowledging the partitioned soul, the partitioned mind, and attempting to fuse them against the forces that repel them.”

Constantly exploring new musical and visual dimensions, Cassie Marin has emerged as an avant-garde luminary in the left-of-center pop space. Her upcoming album, ‘Lil 5i5’, which will be out on 12th August, is a dynamic 19-track album that shows off Cassie ever-evolving musicality. Pairing the rhythms of dance music with emotive melodies and meaningful lyricism, ‘Lil 5i5’ sees Cassie at her strongest and most vulnerable yet.

Get an insight to her album below..