Upcoming Release: Smokestack City – Billow Cloud

Billy Lash – aka BILLOW CLOUD – has a touch of nostalgia, packaged in a spine-tingling new wave pop/rock single entitled ‘Smokestack City’.

Reminiscing on Summer holidays in the midWest of the United States as a child, the Londoner penned the single at his Streatham home, paying homage to the industrial city of Gray, Indiana. The accompanied visuals show the footage of the city and Warren Dunes in Michigan, taken on a family vacation.

Over the last year, BILLOW CLOUD has been a regular on London’s gig scene, and is set to perform this Saturday at Kensington’s Finborough Arms in London .

Here’s your chance to taste his brand…have a listen to ‘Smokestack City,’ out tomorrow on all digital download platforms.

Album Review: Meesh – Tunnel Traffic

It’s been some time (I think roughly a year and a half) since Adam Hachey, the brainchild of TUNNEL TRAFFIC, appeared on NEW LEASE MUSIC with his 2015 album, ‘Absolute Dreams’. Out of nowhere, this alternative folk-rocker recently emailed his new album, ‘Meesh, in which he produced while making his big shift to the City of Brotherly Love.

Unlike his previous collection, which was an atmospherically intense affair, ‘Meesh’ gets right down to it with bursts of zesty guitar licks through the first few tracks, ‘Lesson Learned’, ‘Pockets’ and ‘Anew’.

The psychedelic ride passes and makes way for a softer journey of lo-fi/new wave(ish) arrangements and the rich influence of that  70s inspired soulful rock, before turning up the tempo through efforts, ‘Maxwell’ and ‘All Day, Err Day.’

The latter part of the album is what I personally think is classic TRAFFIC TUNNEL. With the return of the zesty guitar plucks, the almost stripped back pieces becomes intense and personal, where you can not only hear, but FEEL every word uttered.

‘Meesh’ sees Adam comes out of his comfort zone and go down the experimentation route, which is great – but personally, he’s at his best when he perform songs that hone right into the soul.

Must Listens: Familiar, Slope Day, Mitch, Memorial

Song of the Day: Wing and a Prayer – Southway


Today’s song is Wing and a Prayer from British new wave electro rock band SOUTHWAY. The single is coming from their album, The Outside World, due for release in early 2014.

SOUTHWAY was initially a solo project set up by Shaun Jason after emigrating to the US from his home town in Bristol. He released two full-length albums, Electroganic (2004) and Somapop (2007). Jason then moved to Seoul, which led to the completion of his third album, Suitcase (2008).

 SOUTHWAY was no longer a solo project after Jason met Shiun Kim in a club on Christmas eve in 2008. After two years of touring together in Asia and UK, the duo relocated in the UK, where they worked on the fourth album (and the first as a duo), reinventing their new wave/electronic rock sound, which can easily compared to NEW ORDER, THE KILLERS and MUSE.

In early 2013, they release the EP Changing World, which earned them a deal with Seoul-based SundayDisco Records in the spring. Since then it’s been full-steam ahead for the duo, as they performed live at festivals and clubs throughout the summer. They shared the stage with MUSE, METALLICA and IGGY POP at the Hyundai Card Super Concert in August. There’s no rest for these guys – they will be playing at a Christmas concert in Seoul and begin their UK tour in February.

Take time out and listen to Wing and a Prayer – this track is too good to miss, as they really put their stamp on that 80’s racy new wave/punk sound. If you seriously into this sound, it is REALLY worth visiting their SoundCloud page and checking out their other tracks – enjoy (I know you will!)