EP Review: Boxed In – Oloff

‘Boxed In’ is the second EP release of the year from Bristol’s groundbreaking spitter OLOFF. In just three tracks, the latest project addresses a mixture of emotions – from depression and wishful longing to a great sense of optimism towards the future.

To represent the feeling of uncertainty, ‘Boxed In’ alternate between subdue and downtempo  soundscapes to an lifting folk/western-esque arrangements, with the dominant presence of OLOFF‘s  awkwardly-smooth delivery.

If you unfamiliar with this guy, well be prepared to listen to the most unconventional combinations; a recipe that’s rapidly making of the most intriguing alternative hip-hop artist of today.

It goes without saying that ‘Boxed In’ is an acquired taste…take your ears to new heights and press play.


Album Review: Staring Into Space – Oloff


After four months releasing his EP Life’s Got You Riveted ( once voted Album of the Week by NEW LEASE MUSIC) OLOFF rounds off the year with his 15-piece album, Staring Into Space, released last month.

The latest project predominantly includes three-minute bursts of his old instrumental recordings dating back to 2012, where this young artist put his smooth spin on vintage/Slum Village-esque hip-hop. This guy is cut from a different cloth; he’s worth a trial – check him out!

Must Listens: Never Was Feeling Poorly, DECRACS, Someone Took.

New Track: Deracs – Oloff


Following the release of his EP, Life’s Got You Riveted – once voted Album of the Week by NEW LEASE MUSIC – genre-bending emcee OLOFF slams down another hot number, entitled Deracs, coming from his brand new EP dropping real soon.

New Music Video: Rise Up – Bella Loka


BELLA LOKA have been busy behind the cameras, as they released another visual to mystical/uplifting single, Rise Up, released last month via iTunes.

Tea Boothby describes the latest effort as, “a love story between the day and the night, the light and the dark. Having become separated ‘in the beginning’ the light and the dark are irresistibly drawn back together, with seemingly opposing chess pieces depicting how love can appear as a battle, until it’s won.”

As part of the production of the video, Tea stood motionless against the iconic London skyline on Primrose Hill for 5 hours from dawn as the sun came up to film time-lapse footage of herself against the rolling clouds and shifting shadows.

Take a few minutes out and watch the video for Rise Up.

Music Video: Well Done – Bella Loka


Husband and wife team BELLA LOKA return with a kaleidoscopic music video to double A-single Well Done, released last month.

Produced by singer/songwriter Tea Boothby, the three-and-a-half-minute production reflects the duo’s visual representation of the mental disorientation they experienced upon moving to London from their hometown of Bristol in order to further their music career.

The song describes the virtual wilderness Tea & David found themselves in after deciding to move on from their Bristol-based indie-rock band and re-invent as a Camden-based electronic alt-pop duo recording with in-house producers Rob Cass & Pearse MacIntyre at Abbey Road Studios.

Despite its traumatic origins the song is relentlessly upbeat, with singer Tea determined to “turn my pain into a song” and choosing to listen to the voice that says, “Well done, you’ve made it this far… you’re gonna make it out.”

You gonna need your sunglasses for this one…check the video for Well Done.

EP Review: Escape – Bella Loka

Bella loka Escape

Originally from Bristol, husband and wife act BELLA LOKA moved to London’s Camden Town to work on their latest project, Escape set for release on 2nd September.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, the five-track production features singer/songwriter Tea Boothby’s angelically-light vocals which lures you  into a colourful fusion of 80-esque indie pop and refreshingly-sweet electronic (slightly rock) melodies (well executed by David Boothby).

With the support of loyal fans, funds were raised for Escape through a £10000 Kickstarter campaign…after sampling the EP, It’s very safe to say that this couple did their fans proud.

The #Mustlistens: Escape, Alive, Wake Up (You Could Do Much Better)

Song of the Day: Wing and a Prayer – Southway


Today’s song is Wing and a Prayer from British new wave electro rock band SOUTHWAY. The single is coming from their album, The Outside World, due for release in early 2014.

SOUTHWAY was initially a solo project set up by Shaun Jason after emigrating to the US from his home town in Bristol. He released two full-length albums, Electroganic (2004) and Somapop (2007). Jason then moved to Seoul, which led to the completion of his third album, Suitcase (2008).

 SOUTHWAY was no longer a solo project after Jason met Shiun Kim in a club on Christmas eve in 2008. After two years of touring together in Asia and UK, the duo relocated in the UK, where they worked on the fourth album (and the first as a duo), reinventing their new wave/electronic rock sound, which can easily compared to NEW ORDER, THE KILLERS and MUSE.

In early 2013, they release the EP Changing World, which earned them a deal with Seoul-based SundayDisco Records in the spring. Since then it’s been full-steam ahead for the duo, as they performed live at festivals and clubs throughout the summer. They shared the stage with MUSE, METALLICA and IGGY POP at the Hyundai Card Super Concert in August. There’s no rest for these guys – they will be playing at a Christmas concert in Seoul and begin their UK tour in February.

Take time out and listen to Wing and a Prayer – this track is too good to miss, as they really put their stamp on that 80’s racy new wave/punk sound. If you seriously into this sound, it is REALLY worth visiting their SoundCloud page and checking out their other tracks – enjoy (I know you will!)

Star Song: Michael’s Garden -Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell

He was here last month with this stunning single The Phoenix. Now the British singer/songwriter TOM MITCHELL is back with another untampered, stunning song, Michael’s Garden.

If you instantly became a fan after listening to Michael’s Garden, the folk rocker will be gigging in London and Bristol over the next coming months. For more details head over to his website.