Song of the Day: Mileage – Junii

With chilled-back afterhours R&B/hip-hop vibes, Michigan’s singer/rapper/songwriter JUNII steps into the Song of the Day spotlight with track, ‘Mileage’.

Check it out below…





Ryan Whyte Maloney’s Latest Single, ‘I Am The One’ Tackles Depression And Suicide

Featuring melodic guitar riffs and light percussion, RYAN WHYTE MALONEY‘s new single, ‘I Am the One’ was written in one of the darkest times of his life. Fueled by negative feelings and traumatic past experiences that left a deep scar in his being, Ryan pushed through it all and channeled those feelings to make art.

‘I Am the One’ contains a strong anti-suicide message, in words of Ryan himself about this song: “I hope this song can be a mantra or a beacon of light in your life to merely say you’re not alone and everyone thinks of the dark thoughts that appear like a dark twin mirrored reflection. Wipe away that tearful reflection and know that tomorrow is another day to see what you’re still capable of becoming. You are worthy of live and were put on this earth to give energy and to be a working cog in this game of life. It’s never too late to start over again, it’s hard but every happy ending starts with a first step, so take yours today and make HISTORY remember you!”

Check out the lyric video for the single below…

Dani Darling’s New Single, ‘All Stars’ Is A Welcomed Relief From The Year’s Trauma

With the success of her debut EP, ‘Nocturne’ and critical acclaim as one of the Detroit Metro Times’ 2020 ‘Bands To Watch’, singer-songwriter DANI DARLING‘s 2020 was shaping up to be a breakout year… but when a worldwide pandemic temporarily derailed her hopes and aspirations, the Michigan native was forced to cancel tour dates and found new inspiration in solitude during quarantine.

In the midst of chaos, and a national debate over the value of human life, Dani sought to cope with the year’s trauma through recording her forthcoming EP ‘Mage’, due out on all digital streaming platforms on 11th November. A celebration of the power of Black women through the lens of astrology, the project serves to uplift listeners and provide relief from the communal trauma experienced in 2020. Today (29th October) the alt R&B & soul songstress releases the project’s definitive and second single, ‘All Stars’.

Have a listen below…

Song of the Day: Sick Of The Radio – Amy Petty

With airy soundscapes – or should I say dreamscapes – which eloquently meets layers of alluring backing vocals, it comes to no surprise that AMY PETTY‘s single, ‘Sick Of The Radio’ is met with raving reviews from the Adult Contemporary scene.

Among the mesmerising arrangements, Petty tops it off with her equally alluring vocal performance which comes all soulful and soul-tuggingly gutsy.

‘So Sick of the Radio’ is taken her latest album, ‘The Darkness of Birds’, out now on all major download/streaming sites.

Have a listen to the single below…

EP Review: Nocturne – Dani Darling

Since DANI DARLING came under the NLM radar, with neo soul single, ‘2:22’ her musical direction has taken a detour – a massive detour. Her shift of direction comes in form of the six-piece EP, ‘Nocturne’.

Classic soul meets new hazy lo-fi soul, in this EP, largely in an experimental and almost stripped back setting, that’s immediately appealing. Third effort, ‘One Of Us’, displays use of sound spanning from the Golden Hollywood era, fused with a mesmerizing lo-fi hazy tone providing that four-on-the-floor pattern.

With the exception of concluding piece, ‘Stranger’, all of the singles were no longer than two-and-a-half minutes long; it’s a shame, as I would like hear more!

With her delicate vocals serving as a backdrop for the genre-bending combo, DANI DARLING proves that a great soulful piece doesn’t always have to feature the classic powerhouse performance as the main focal point. Have a listen below:

Must Listen: One of Us, Stranger