Rapper Young Pascal Drops New Track, ‘City Lights’

After the release of the highly successful singles ‘Ways’ and ‘Wasted Times’, YOUNG PASCAL has fulfilled the promise for an epic follow-up with his latest single ‘City Lights’, this time teaming up with fellow Perth artist Perry P and New Zealand based Kid Rey.

‘City Lights’ is the young artist’s fifth single to date, and is a true extension of his fusion of conscious rap lyrics and a melodic vocal performance which is reminiscent of the in-demand melodic rap movement making waves across the globe.

Even with vocal presets, Young Pascal brings in a certain dark rawness to set the tone for the record. Kid Rey, then Perry P, follow respectively with their feature verses, this time tapping into moody vocals in their own styles, rounding out the overall song.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Young Pascal says: “City lights is all about getting lost in the sauce and losing yourself to chasing that temporary kick of happiness in life which happens to more and more people nowadays and an example is clout-chasing. People are so infatuated with their likes or follower count to feel like they are worthy, they’re getting blinded by the lights!”

Check out Yung Pascal’s fire track below…

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