Songstress Kemi Sulola Releases Infectious R&B Track, ‘If’

Up and coming British R&B-soul artist, singer, and songwriter KEMI SULOLA is back with a glorious new single titled ‘IF’ as she continues to tease towards her anticipated new projects such as Room 3 coming next year. ‘IF’, which is produced by Brighton musician, DJ and producer El Train, who has worked with Pip Millet, Barney The Artist, IYAMAH and Jerome Thomas, among others, sees Kemi Sulola delivering an infectious UK R&B masterclass with catchy pop sensibilities and honest relatable songwriting, which also pays homage to the golden era of 90’s R&B with its lush melodies and vocal harmonies.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her new single ‘IF’, Kemi Sulola says, “The song is about a lady who is usually very sure of herself except for when it comes to love. To me, ‘IF’ is a song that speaks for people who may feel insecure about their lover or ultimately themselves. It questions if the one we need to be there for us in our hardest times would really be there. I suppose it was written in reflection of a time when I was in need and wondered the same. Essentially without saying the word, ‘IF’ inspires me to think about love and what the true meaning of it is”.

In the middle of a lengthy battle with Neurosarcoidosis that has seen her in and out of hospital for years, Kemi Sulola released ‘Raindrops’ at the start of 2020 to rave reviews from the likes of GUAP Magazine, SoulTracks and Verve Radio, after which, she also opened for R&B legend Teedra Moses at the renowned jazz club Hideaway. Bolstered by pop icon Janet Jackson sharing her music on Instagram and imploring her to keep singing, Kemi then followed up with the protest song ‘Justice’ in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and to raise money for the Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health Charity (BLAM UK), before closing out the year with the undeniable ‘New Form’ that was championed by DJ Target at BBC 1Xtra.

Check out the lyric video for Kemi’s single below…

Song of the Day: Hollywood (U & Me) – Sara Diamond

LA-based singer-songwriter SARA DIAMOND has been pursuing music career for a while, and through her journey, she has been lucky to have had boyfriends that believed in her, encouraging her to go for it!

Her latest infectious offering, ‘Hollywood (U & Me),’ is a tribute to the supportive partners that she had in her life.

Sarah says of her single: “I wrote this song to capture the strength of love through tumultuous times.
True connection isn’t severed by the beauty and allure of something beautiful.”

So if you have a ride-or-die cheering you on, why not show your appreciation through Sarah’s single below…

Song of the Day: Hush – BLXSS

Perth-based artist BLXSS originally from New Zealand draws heavily from his Zimbabwean heritage. Starting his musical journey from an early age BLXSS grew up around a musically inclined family and began uploading tracks on SoundCloud at the age of 15 while developing his unique style of music. BLXSS fuses different forms of Afrobeat and traditional hip-hop by combining the rhythm and heart-tugging nature of Afro music with the technical rhyme schemes and wordplay found in hip-hop and R&B; formulating a style that encourages you to feel the music rather than just listen to it.

His single ‘Hush’ follows on from his previous releases ‘Jiggy’ and ‘Can’t Deny’ and continues exploring the unique style that BLXSS has grown into over the past few years. This single will be the first collaboration between the Perth rapper and new independent Sydney label samesame records – a brand new imprint on the ADA/Warner roster – where he will join stablemates DoloRRes and Muka Vhatti.

‘Hush’ delivers a tongue-in-cheek commentary of the ‘playboy lifestyle’ so beloved of the hip-hop community, espousing the benefits of casual relationships and his own code-of-conduct. “When I kiss, I don’t tell”. “I wrote this song to highlight my very private lifestyle,” explains BLXSS “whether it’s my business or my relationships, I like to keep my circle small and loyal. So if I do decide to venture out of my circle for any reason, I prefer to have that business kept between us. This song perfectly represents how I prefer to “Keep it on the Hush Hush”.

BLXSS has teamed up with local Perth videographer Brendan Cecich to bring the music video for ‘Hush’ to life. Check it out below…

Asiahn Delivers Sultry Track, ‘Fall Back’

ASIAHN turns up the heat on her sultry new single, ‘Fall Back,’ , an age-old tale of falling too hard and too fast.

Remarkably, the R&B singer/songwriter wrote ‘Fall Back’ in about 15 minutes alongside producer Dreek Beatz. “The story behind the song is, well, true,” she laughs. “I know we’ve all been in a situation where we’re trying to get to know someone casually. Then, of course, she falls in love anyways. It’s a song telling that person to ‘fall back, you doing too much.’ Let’s just get to know each other and see if getting serious is even something we want to do.”

‘Fall Back’ continues the Los Angeles-based artist’s transition from lovesick songstress to empowered star, as showcased on her Motown debut, ‘The Interlude EP’, released earlier this year. The EP debuted on multiple Billboard charts and earned Asiahn Billboard’s Emerging Artist Spotlight, started at #33 on Apple Music Charts, and received support from fans and critics like Halle Berry, Lena Waithe, and Keke Palmer, to American Songwriter, Essence, Nylon, Refinery29 and MarieClaire.

Asiahn will also be playing the title character in the upcoming Netflix animated series, Karma’s World, created by Ludacris. The show tells “the story of a girl finding her voice and using it to change the world.” Sounds like the ideal role for this 3x-Grammy-nominated talent who continues her steady rise, which includes being named Pandora’s Artist to Watch 2021, participating in Live Nation’s Black History Month, and Tidal Sessions performances.

‘Fall Back’ was released yesterday (24th September) via Since the 80s / Motown Records… Why not check it out below…

Baëbe Ruth Shares Sensuous Single, ‘Rendez-Vous’

BAËBE RUTH‘s brand new single, ‘Rendez-Vous’, is one of those tracks that you can imagine hearing on various radio stations regularly…without wearing thin. Featuring a forceful punch of soulful R&B, inspired from the late nineties or perhaps early noughties, ‘Rendez-Vous’, expresses the singer’s thoughts on a guy she was infatuated with. Although they had unbelievable connection, she never revealed her true feelings to him.

With that said, I do feel that Baëbe has an underline message to share with prospective listeners – that is, if you like someone – I mean REALLY like someone – then pluck up the courage and tell them!

If you’re in the exact same position, have a listen to ‘Rendez-Vous’ for some Dutch courage….