Star song: Flashback – Malynda Hale

Malynda Hale - oranges Today’s song is Flashback from Californian born R&B- pop singer/songwriter MALYNDA HALE.

This lady has achieved so much I don’t know where to begin! This powerhouse singer penned her first song at the age of nine – from that point, she never looked back.  In 2012 she released her album The Train Ride Home, which received raving reviews from music critics – and got her a deal with Soul Shine PR agency. Her songs from the album Blue Eyes, City Lights, In Love and Crazy Inside were included in the Crucial Music Catalogue, a music licensing company which place songs in Oscar-winning films, Emmy-award winning television shows and national commercials.

No doubt her latest single will be added to her impressive CV. Recorded for the upcoming  film Oranges (by CradeMade Entertainment) Flashback, offers three and a half minutes of smooth R&B infused with pop, which is topped off with Hale’s heavenly and controlled vocals (which puts me in the mind of HEATHER HEADLEY!)

Come on, listen to Flashback. Does MALYNDA HALE sound like HEATHER HEADLEY? Answers below please! Like me, if you’re in love with Flashback, it’s worth visiting iTunes to check out her full discography.


One thought on “Star song: Flashback – Malynda Hale

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