Star Song: Buried Alive – Liquor Store Bandits

Liquid store Bandits

Today’s song is Buried Alive by American hip-hop/aggressive rock act LIQUOR STORE BANDITS (LSB). The track is coming from their album Still Cumming, released in August.

LSB burst onto the music scene, quickly finding a place in St Louis hip-hop scene.  Their high energy rap style vocals coupled with infectious hooks and pulse-raising instruments, won them a huge following and fan base.

Buried Alive is a prime example of their high-energy infusion, where the flawlessly vibrant raps meet that the heading-rolling drive – it’s an experience, so CHECK-IT-OUT!

If you’re feeling, Buried Alive, pop over to LSB’s Bandcamp page, where you can experience other tracks that pushes aggressive rock to the absolute limit. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Star Song: Buried Alive – Liquor Store Bandits

  1. The Liquor Store Bandits have so many hit songs!!! It is amazing to finally see them getting the recognition they deserve. I have been a fan since they started in 2002!!! My favorite song is still Make It Hot!!!


  2. Holy Crap!!! I remember when Marino used to paint his face and climb on top of his drums in the band Undecided Noyz. He told me that he would never, ever give up. His new “Still Cumming” CD is amazing, I love every song on it!!!


  3. I saw the Liquor Store Bandits in Columbia MO. last night, they were amazing!! The singer climbed on top of the bar and was going totally crazy. One of the best shows I have ever seen in my life!!! I looked them up today and bought all of their CD’s. I can’t wait to see them live again.


  4. If you have not seen a LSB show, you are missing out!! Buried Alive is one of the many great songs Marino performs live. The intensity and power Marino produces on stage is amazing!!


  5. This song is a breath of fresh air that the world has been waiting for. No gimmicks, or games!! Just great music!! The Liquor Store Bandits are the best in the world!!! I love the first verse and the hook!!! I bought Still Cumming off of I-Tunes and I love every song!!!


  6. I have seen the Liquor Store Bandits perform many times. Every time Marino steps on stage he spills his heart and soul out to all of the fans. Very few artist can achieve the level of energy that he brings to every song. His verse on “Buried Alive” is my favorite verse out of them all. The Liquor Store Bandits are destined for greatness, I love the new CD “Still Cumming”.


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