Star Song: Never Stop – Liquor Store Bandits

LSB Never Stop

Today’s song is Never Stop by LIQUOR STORE BANDITS.

The head of LIQUOR STORE BANDITS ship Mario was featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC last month with the standout track Buried Alive. Now he’s back with female’s answer to THE NEPTUNES KIN4LIFE, hot underground hip hop group PALEFACE JUNKIES and DJ SOMAR for another in-your- face production.

Take a listen to Never Stop. If you’re a fan of LIQUOR STORE BANDITS then you know to expect their electrifying fusion of rock and hip hop. If you’re new to this, don’t leave this post until you listen to the explosive track – it’s definitely something to experience!

To find out more about the rap duo KIN4LIFE visit their website
To find out more about PALEFACE JUNKIES head over to their SoundCloud page
To check DJ SOMAR tracks, head right here


4 thoughts on “Star Song: Never Stop – Liquor Store Bandits

  1. All I can say is that “You Can’t Turn Back, Turn Back The Clock” I love this song!!! This is the new music that is breaking the trend!! #Kin4Life #PaleFaceJunkies #LiquorStoreBandits #DjSomar


  2. Tracey thank you so much for putting our song on New Lease. It is a huge honor, words can’t express how grateful we all are for this. Kid Vibe of the PaleFace Junkies is the producer and mastermind behind the infectious beat & hook. He along with you are taking us all to the next level!!!


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