Mixtape Review: To Be A Star – E-Thrilla

To Be A Star Cover 2 E-Thriller

UK Rapper/songwriter E-THRILLA left me wanting more with his EP, Room For Improvement (featured back in March on NEW LEASE MUSIC). It’s been a long (ish) time but he returns, finally dropping his debut mixtape, To Be A Star.

Did it quench my thirst? Like the EP, Room For Improvement, his trademark of sweet atmospheric melody was featured in  his latest project but there’s a stronger punch of hip-hop with the presence of electronica  and disco. Each track documents the Mancunian’s determination to make it big time.

So to answer the question, To Be A Star sure did quench my thirst and if you’re always in search of hip-hop tracks that push the boundaries, well I’m sure this mixtape will hit the spot.

The #MustListens: PRIDE, Home, Mindstate, Sometimes, See The World, Cray

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