EP Review: Childhood Home – The Healing

Childhood home The Healing

I came across this little treasure which comes in the form of a four-track EP, Childhood Home, by London – based panoramic rockers THE HEALING.

Why is this EP a real treasure? It’s just good wholesome music, nothing less. Consisting of Jim Moreton (vocals, guitar), Nicolas Py (drums), Sam Thiery (bass) and Ariel Moreton (harmony vocals), the band pull together a perfect mix of melodic guitars and drums with groovy rock undertones and dreamy vocals that reflect on the years of a rollercoaster childhood.

Their stamp on soft rock have been widely compared to heavyweights, NEIL YOUNG, WILCO, LED ZEPPELIN  KURT VILE, LUCINDA WILLIAMS and THE BEATLES – but after listening to this EP, I can’t help but think there’s a slight feel of  1970’s FLEETWOOD MAC.

Have a listen and see if you agree.

The #Mustlistens: No Virtue, Losing My Way, Childhood Home

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