Mixtape Review: The Karman Line – SHAY Khushrenada

The Karman Line

It took roughly five years for SHAY KHUSHRENADA to gather material for his debut mixtape, The Karman Line, released this month…and it definitely shows as you can hear and feel the sheer dedication in each offering.

The 11-track mixtape starts off with bang-up-to-date, head-rolling hip-hop with slight hints of grime and trap music which slowly matures (like a fine wine) with clever cuts of old school/R&B beats, where the Londoner vibrantly spits over kick back arrangements – even though he describes the pitfalls of chasing a music career.

This mixtape is a keeper, check it out now!

Must listens: Bronze Helm, The Emergence, Cry, Candles, End to End


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