Mixtape Review: Live From District 3 – Beanstock


I’ve never heard of the music collective BEANSTOCK before  – I feel so ashamed admitting this right now – but I henceforth, I shall be keeping a very close eye these Boston spitters and I’m going to tell you why…

Not only does the album cover features one of my favourite actress Betty White, their 12-track mixtape, ‘Live From District 3’  (released last month) hooks you straight in with seriously infectious basslines within the first two or so tracks.

Further along the collection, there’s a few isolated productions that doesn’t hold the same buzz created in the first half of the mixtape – but with a few listens, they could become potential favourites.

All-in-all, ‘Live From District 3’, is worthy of a place in any dedicated hip-hopper’s collection and has the ingredients to carry on the hype, created from their previous mixtape, ‘More Things To Do.’ Give a trial; check it out!

Must Listens: Right Mind, How 2 Catch a Body, Earthquake, Paul Shaffer Remix, Gotta B, It’s My Turn



New Track! Colored Shadez – Black The ILLA

The illa

The chances are you may not heard of  BLACK THE ILLA – well let me tell you, he doesn’t hold back especially in his latest track, Colored Shadez.

With clever samples of Betty White’s 80s single Keep Love New, the Alabama-based emcee addresses the systematic racism that plagues the US today. As a voice in the South, ILLA collects his thoughts giving a thoughtful analysis on the issue of race.

Colored Shadez is available as a free download via SoundCloud.