Song of the Day: Deep Cruisin’ Part. 2 – Rello Dreamer (ft. King Louie)

Oooh, this is too smooth for school! Guys you MUST check out this Janet Jackson sampled track by Chicago hip-hip upriser RELLO DREAMER.

Song of the day: Chicago Anthem – Rello Dreamer

chicago anthem rello dreamer

Today’s track is The Chicago Anthem by hip-hopper RELLO DREAMER .

The 8-minute production was in the works for almost 2 years! It all started when the Chicago-based upriser grabbed producer Rockie Fresh to remix his track, Gimme A Min – but he wanted to make the song bigger, by producing an anthem for the city to unite all the top talent in Chicago.

The track features Rockie Fresh, Chikko Red, Castro, Big Homie Doe, Chris Millie, YP, Viru The Truth, Boss Woo, Ando Ruckus, Saba, King Samson and of course, the man himself.

So go ahead and have a listen to  Chicago Anthem. Connect with Rello Dreamer @rellodreamer