Review: Mike Baggz –Isolated and Faded

Mike Baggz Late nights

1. Role up With Me
2. 5Hunna
3. Real N***a
4. Nerrrdwave
5. Toniht in Old English (featuring Ashley Martinez)
6. Counting Money (featuring French Montana)
7. You Ain’t Bout That Life
8. I Ride 550
9. Ginobili
10. Duffle Bag Boy
11. Sidewalk Pimpin It
12. Eyes With The Ex’s
13. Hurricane Sandy
14. Late Nights
15. Baby Its All On You
16. Nothing But A Number
17. Love Me or Hate Me

If you haven’t heard of MIKE BAGGZ, you soon will. After featuring on over 600 mixtape compilations and produced two mixtapes/albums, the hip-hop artist – whose real name is Micah Brown- has dropped another album Isolated and Faded. Released last month, the 17-track production display why this New Yorker is a force to be reckoned with.

Isolated And Faded kicks off with the out-of-this-world Role up With Me where you’re introduced to this unsigned artist’s faster-than-lightening raps over that easy riding beat. Further along the line, the album switches to up-tempo, beat swinging track Nerrrdwave and the electro dance, Toniht in Old English (featuring Ashley Martinez). With these tracks, I realised that this guy is no one-track pony – drop a classical beat and he’ll effortlessly rap to that!

Towards the end, the album definitely reaches a climax with old-school-inspired hip-hop/ smooth R&B tracks, Late Nights, Baby Its All on You, Nothing But A Number and lastly Love Me or Hate Me. An absolute must listen.

In 2012, MIKE BAGGZ gained recognition with his album, Catch 22. No doubt Isolated and Faded will continue to fuel this hip-hop upriser’s success.

Isolated and Faded is available on iTunes

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