Mixtape Review: Lone Wolf – Fly Von


Devon Burch aka FLY VON released his full-length mixtape last month…at the very early stages of the project, I thought his alter ego SIR BASSTOVEN made an appearance as there are hints of electronica in the opening track and Lone Wolf. But the 17-track production flipped to what  FLY VON does best – mixing heavy, trip-hop bass with high-pitched and panoramic tones, featuring predominantly chilled-out flow.

#TheMustlistens: Lone Wolf, I Got It, Drugz, Standby, Stay The Night, She Loves It, Tragic 

Mixtape Review: I Just Wanna Be Heard Vol.2 – Kwame Katana

Kwane Katana

Now I’m going to be real honest here…when I first clapped my eyes on the album cover, I did a massive internal eye roll, thinking it’s just another rapper wanting some sweet booty and all the cars and gold in the world. But it was my duty, as an independent music writer, to give it a trial…

…So I pressed play and I had to shut my month. As I listen to the mixtape, I quickly realise KWAME KATANA is just a young guy who is going through some personal struggles as well as finding his way to be a successful rapper.

The lyrics of hurt, love and sheer determination, is perfectly complemented by out-of-this world bassline that make you sit up and take note (I mean REALLY take note). The 20-track production gets better with on-point samples from mainly 90s R&B class acts such as SWV, JOHNNY GILL, LAURYN HILL and JADE.

Well after listening to I Just Wanna Be Heard, I (re)learned a valuable lesson…never judge a book (or in this case a mixtape) by its cover.

Listen to I Just Wanna Be Hard Vol.2 mixtape right here.

#TheMustListens: 5th Gear, from track 7 (The World is Waiting for You)



Song of the Day: Flourish – Osho Pikaso


Today’s song is Flourish by  OSHO PIKASO.

I started NEW LEASE MUSIC to discover super fresh talent – and this young emcee is one of them. He dropped an email to me with this track and I was INSTANTLY hooked. So I took a trip to his SoundCloud page and it just got better with another production, entitled High. Please go check them out!

Show your appreciation to this young upriser @nostalgicsxul