Interview with: Fly Von

FLY VON (also known as EDM producer, Sir Basstoven) has been one of NEW LEASE MUSIC’s staples since 2013, supplying super slick tracks like ‘Dreams’, ‘Stay The Night’ and ‘Tell Me Wassup’. He also dished up a string of mixtapes including, ‘Rawest’ and ‘Lone Wolf’ before taking a lengthy hiatus from music.

2020 sees the Virginia rapper returning – rawer than ever – with his latest mixtape, ‘FlyMix Vol.1’, which claimed the blog’s Album of the Week title for three consecutive weeks.

So here’s your chance to find out more about this fly talent and what he’s cooking up for the rest of the year…

NLM: Hey, thank you for taking part in an interview with NEW LEASE MUSIC. How’s life treating you?

FV: Life is pretty good, the while Covid situation is a lot to deal with but I’ve been making the best of it. Trying to stay positive and optimistic.

NLM: You released your album ‘FlyMix Vol.1’ earlier this year (which claimed New Lease Music’s Album of the Week title three times in a row). Have you received other accolades on the album?

FV: Not that I can think of (laughs). The lead single, my remix to Boom Boom Room did get over 1000 streams on Soundcloud. Big thank you to you for that (laughs).

NLM: What inspired you to produce the album?

FV: It was really random and spur of the moment honestly. I kept freestyling in the car to songs on the radio and I was like damn it’s time to get back in the music.

NLM: What is/are your favourite single(s) from the album and why?

FV: The Roddy Ricch remix has to be my favorite cause I mean that’s what started the whole Fly Mix idea. GNF also only took me 2 takes to record, love that beat.

NLM: So how would you describe your sound to potential fans?

FV: I would say it varies and depends on the vibe of the track. I can be melodic and smooth for hooks and give you heavy hitter bars for verses in the same session. My sound is rebellious, I say what I want and nobody can stop that.

NLM: Do you have other project(s) on the horizon?

FV: The Rawest 2 album (my 1st studio album) is pretty much 75% done and my goal is to have it out by December. Fans are gonna love this. It’s truly my best work to date.

NLM: How has the current climate (CoVid19 pandemic) and lockdown affected you as an artist?

FV: Staying indoors and away from people has been perfect for me (laughs) I’ve had so much time to create, record and produce. Getting in hours of music every day is the best feeling ever.

NLM: What advice would you give to new artists who are trying to get noticed in these challenging times?

FV: My biggest advice would be remain yourself. Don’t sell out or copy to get noticed. Also be patient, nothing of value happens overnight. Weed helps too (laughs).

NLM: How can potential fans contact you? 

FV: My big 2 for socials is Twitter and Instagram. @SirBasstoven on twitter and @flyvon_ on Instagram. As far as the music I’m on all digital streaming platforms except for tidal. The album will be on there as well just not the singles.

NLM: Finally, if music did not exist, what profession would you do?

FV: I definitely would continue to pursue my original dream of playing in the NBA. If that didn’t work, I would love to run a weed farm or weed business.

Mixtape Review: Rawest – Fly Von

Fly Von Rawest mixtape

From the moment he leaked tracks, Tell Me Wassup and She Hates Love, FLY VON was itching to unleash his second full-length mixtape, Rawest.

As you probably guessed, it’s now ready for your inspection! The mixtape begins with an explosion of ridiculously crazy (and short-lived) guitar riffs which detours down the route of downtempo hip-hop and, at times, slightly blurs into the realms of alternative R&B…a combination that is his RAWEST material to date. Check it out here.

Must Listens: Ambition, Not So Bad, Dreams 4 Two, Deal With, Tell Me Wassup, King of Raw, What They Really Want

New Track! She Hates Love Remix – Fly Von (ft. Alexy Large)

Fly Von She hates Love

Now that the Valentines weekend is out the way, it’s the perfect time to introduce FLY VON‘s first alternative R&B masterpiece of the year, She Hates Love, featuring Alexy Large. Download your copy for absolutely FREE via SoundCloud.

New Track! Tell Me Wassup – Fly Von


fly von wassup

Every time Dev Birch – aka FLY VON– hit this blog, he always comes back on top. Following his  track, It’s All Your Fault (a gift to his fans for reaching 3,000 streams on SoundCloud), the producer dropped another R&B masterpiece, Tell Me Wassup, ending 2015 on a slick vibe.

Tell Me Wassup is the first release from his upcoming mixtape Rawest, out March 2016.

Song of the Day: All Your Fault (Freestyle) – Fly Von

fly von

R&B and hip-hop connoisseur FLY VON has dropped this out-of-this-world track, All your Fault…don’t pass up this post until you check out this two-day old production…and remember, you heard it first on NEW LEASE MUSIC!

If you’re feeling the track, keep your eye out for his single, TMW, the first release from his upcoming project, The Rawest.