Mixtape Review: Rawest – Fly Von

Fly Von Rawest mixtape

From the moment he leaked tracks, Tell Me Wassup and She Hates Love, FLY VON was itching to unleash his second full-length mixtape, Rawest.

As you probably guessed, it’s now ready for your inspection! The mixtape begins with an explosion of ridiculously crazy (and short-lived) guitar riffs which detours down the route of downtempo hip-hop and, at times, slightly blurs into the realms of alternative R&B…a combination that is his RAWEST material to date. Check it out here.

Must Listens: Ambition, Not So Bad, Dreams 4 Two, Deal With, Tell Me Wassup, King of Raw, What They Really Want

New Track! Tell Me Wassup – Fly Von


fly von wassup

Every time Dev Birch – aka FLY VON– hit this blog, he always comes back on top. Following his  track, It’s All Your Fault (a gift to his fans for reaching 3,000 streams on SoundCloud), the producer dropped another R&B masterpiece, Tell Me Wassup, ending 2015 on a slick vibe.

Tell Me Wassup is the first release from his upcoming mixtape Rawest, out March 2016.