New Release: Buzzerbeater – Tez Pariah (Ft. Timmy)

Super smooth emcee TEZ PARIAH teams up with rapper/producer TIMMY and producer LORD FOX for his latest effort, Buzzerbeater. The track is the first release from his latest project, Diss Tracks from The Northside.

While you’re here, check out this debut mixtape, After School Special.

Song of the Day: For Ratchets Only – Tez Pariah

Tez Pariah

Today’s song is For Ratchets Only by TEZ PARIAH. This track is the second release from his mixtape, After School Special.

The teenage upcomer was featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC with the first release of super cool Secret Technique. Now listen to For Ratchets Only – It’s hard not to like that Casanovic groove where you get the chance to hear the upriser’s real smooth raps.

If you’re feeling For Ratchets Only, check out his previous effort, Secret Technique.