Success as a Creative: Tips for Becoming Known in Your Niche

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Making it as an artist or creative in the modern world can seem daunting. Let’s be honest, it can feel impossible! With so many people creating and sharing their work, how can you possibly stand out? While there’s no magic formula for success, there are plenty of tried-and-true methods for getting yourself and your work discovered. Today, New Lease Music shares some of the most effective ways to build an artistic career in today’s competitive landscape!

Online Presence Matters

The Internet has revolutionised how creatives share their work. Having an online presence is crucial when it comes to getting discovered, and that includes social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, streaming services such as SoundCloud and Spotify, and everything in between. You’ll also need to set up a website or blog that showcases your work and helps you connect with potential customers or fans.

Networking Is Key

In addition to maintaining an online presence, networking is essential for getting noticed in the creative world. Start reaching out to other creators in your field who have already achieved success, and ask them for honest advice and feedback on your work. Also, attend local events where you can network with potential collaborators or clients; you never know who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Collaborations Are Your Friend

Collaborating with other artists on projects or combining forces on larger works allows both parties involved to benefit from increased visibility and exposure. That includes people from each other’s fan base and new audiences! As a bonus, these projects often involve mutual inspiration, leading to even more creative ideas down the line!

You Need a Legal Structure

If you have a creative passion that you would like to turn into a business, you’ll need to spend some time researching the different business structures available. Each one has its own pros and cons, so you’ll need to decide which one is the best fit for your situation. You might want to get some opinions from others in your field, as well.

Contracts Are Crucial

As a creative, it’s essential to create contacts for your clients that provide protection and clarify expectations. Contracts are the foundation of any project and help to clearly define the scope of work, payment schedules, deadlines, rights, and more. There are also tools you can use to stay organised and make the process of combining PDF files much easier. Having a contract in place not only creates a professional relationship between you and your client but also provides you with legal protection should anything go wrong. It’s also a good idea to consult a lawyer before signing any documents to ensure all parties’ rights are covered.

Your Craft Is Your Greatest Asset

The quality of your work is critical to building a name for yourself. People are more likely to recommend you for jobs and other opportunities if you consistently produce top-notch, unique work.

You’ll also want to focus on creating content that resonates with your audience and makes them want to keep coming back for more. Quality content speaks volumes and helps build trust with potential clients and customers who are looking for the best of the best!


Getting discovered for your creative work isn’t easy, but anyone can accomplish it with enough dedication and hard work! Build an online presence, network with fellow creatives in your field, convert your art into a business, and ensure all your projects have contracts. Along the way, focus on improving your craft and maintaining the highest quality of work possible. You’ll start making strides toward your goals in no time!

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How Musicians Can Monetize their Creative Work

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Given that it’s difficult for musicians to monetize their art even at the best of times, it’s necessary for performers to find creative and safe ways to earn a living. Today, New Lease Music offers a few ideas for hard-working musicians looking for new ways to earn.

Live Streaming Concerts

Even if you can’t play venues, you can still live stream performances using digital technology. For fans at home, the option to attend a live concert, even virtually, can be a fun way to escape stress and find relief in music. Don’t set your ticket fees too high, though; people are less likely to shell out for a virtual concert than for an in-person one. Try to find that sweet spot where enough people will want to hear your music at a fee that is reasonable for them and worthwhile for you.

If you plan on streaming a concert, be sure that your performance area looks the part. If you have some old furniture you plan to use to dress the set, reach out to a local reupholstery company to see about having the furniture refreshed. You can read online reviews of local companies to get a good idea of their service before choosing a company to go with. Good looking furniture makes a great small performance backdrop.

Online Music Classes

Not everyone is cut out to teach or enjoys teaching, but for those who do, online classes can be a great opportunity to make money while sharing their expertise with other music-lovers. Parents of children who are homeschooling might especially be interested in accessing high-quality music lessons for their children online. Other types of classes you could offer include music appreciation, music history, and composition.

Outdoor Performances

Talk to your local park service or cultural center to see about organizing an outdoor concert at a set venue. Find out if your area farmers market would be interested in hosting you as a performer. Ditto Music explains you could even set up in a popular public place as a street performer — though it’s important to be aware of city laws, and whether you need a license.

Outdoor performances are also a great chance for networking with other local artists. By collaborating with other local musicians, you can expand your audience and also set the stage for future collaborations and projects down the road. You’re stronger together than you are apart!

Creating Digital Products

Creating digital products is a great way for a musician to make passive income, which will allow you time to work on your art, or to pursue other money-making ventures. Besides downloadable songs or compositions you could also create soundtracks and sound effects to be purchased by video makers. You could also sell ringtones or beats. The great thing about a digital product is that once you create it and set it up for sale, your work is done — but every time anyone purchases access or use, you get paid.

If you lack certain business skills or need a website created, you can hire freelancers to fill in gaps. Don’t overlook talent from other countries since you can often hire top performers for less cost than domestic freelancers. If you go this route, it’s important to set up an account with a reliable and easy-to-use money transfer service, which is a convenient and affordable way to pay your overseas freelancers. This might even end up forming the basis of your own home business!

Last but not least, look for free online tools that can help you design cool artwork for your digital products. As an example, if you don’t yet have a logo and your budget doesn’t have any wiggle room, look into a free logo design tool that allows you to build your graphic using premade templates. This is a good way to create a logo while you’re saving up money to have a graphic designer take a wholly unique approach to your idea.

Other Ideas When You Need Extra Money

If you need alternatives for earning beyond monetizing your music, you can find additional ways to earn as a freelancer depending on your other skills or training. Start by taking advantage of free resume templates to highlight your varied skills in a professional-looking style that gives you an edge over the competition. Consider offering your services as a personal assistant, a branding coach, a copywriter, or a call center rep, to fill the gaps between creative income opportunities. You could also work as a delivery driver, or a pet sitter, if you’re interested in getting out of the house more often.

People need art and connection in their lives. Even if you aren’t able to provide in-person concerts or classes, there are more ways than ever to enjoy and share music remotely.

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New Lease Music’s Top Ten Music Videos of 2019

NEW LEASE MUSIC kicks off the new year with the top ten music videos of 2019! Based on both readers viewing and editor picks, a few of the videos featured were first shown on the blog in the previous year (2018) and managed to held on for a well-deserved place on this list.

Go ahead and check out the videos below! Make sure you tune in for the top ten albums of 2019 coming tomorrow….

10. Not What I Thought – Amaal

9. Rapid Fire – Santi

8. Remember Me – Raylo

7. Brown Liquor –  Ron Beatty (ft. Wade Soul)

6.  I Just Wanna – Gentry kozia

5. Not Perfect – Gena Perala

4. 2:22 – Dani Darling

3. I Will Never Know – Gena Perala

2 . Can’t Get Through To You – Nemi

1. Letter Back – K. Koke

Will The Four Be The Next Great Indie Artist Mine?

A lot of serious music fans tend to dismiss reality competition shows. They can certainly seem very commercial, and there are indications that they’re ultimately more scripted than they look on TV. That said, the talent on display is real, and a lot of the artists who get the opportunity to perform on these shows don’t have fan bases, radio play, or studio connections to their names. The Four is the latest of these shows, and we just got word that Fox would be renewing the series after the conclusion of a successful first season. So does this mean it’s going to be the next great indie artist mine, a la American Idol or The Voice?

If you saw promos for this show and dismissed it as something less than serious, you could be forgiven. For one thing, it seemed more or less like a ripoff of The Voice at first glance. There were to be four celebrity judges, various stages of competition between contestants, and even the staging vaguely resembled that of The Voice. Naturally the competition works a little bit differently, but The Four looked like (and is) more of an imitation than an original concept. Plus, it sort of has a silly name.

You might also have thought the show looked like a sort of vanity project for P. Diddy (or Sean Combs, or Diddy, or whatever it is these days). The iconic hip-hop artist is known for tackling different pursuits and staying in the public eye. He’s guest starred with younger rappers, appeared in films, and even gained a name for himself on the poker circuit. In fact, Diddy was asked to place the first bet on brand new blackjack tables in Atlantic City once – perhaps the perfect example of how his mere presence can enhance a project. Thus, you might wonder if The Four is more or less a money-making win-win between Fox and the rapper.

I know at least that these are some of the reasons I didn’t initially take The Four seriously. But having actually tuned in to some of the later episodes, I was hit with that same realization: that as commercial and promotional as these shows can look, they still showcase some extraordinary talent. As every struggling musician well understands, there are just more artists than there are career opportunities in this business, and these shows tend to highlight that fact. Fielding competitors from countrywide auditions and competitions, they tend to find countless people who are every bit as talented as the artists topping the charts.

I’ll issue a slight spoiler alert here in case you haven’t seen the finale yet or you’re interested in watching the whole first season. But if you want an idea of the kind of performer The Four is uncovering, take a look at this piece on the finale, and the artist who won it all. Her final performance of “Ain’t No Sunshine” is about as impressive as anything you can hear on a radio these days, and it’s wonderful to see another previously unknown artist get her moment.

Here’s hoping The Four continues to be a helpful tool for discovering artists and bringing them the success they deserve.

New Music Video: Maybe We Land – Awir Leon


Minimalist electronic composer and singer AWIR LEON reveals Maybe We Land, the second of a trio of single and video packages in the lead up to his forthcoming debut LP Giants. Set to drop on 14th October, the album will be released on the pioneering label of the burgeoning Parisian beat-scene Nowadays Records.

The latest offering relates to the artist’s move from Amsterdam (where he was part of the experimental trio UNNO) to Paris, and how the period of transition often felt destructive and chaotic.  AWIR LEON’s roller coaster journey is reflected in Ian Robinson’s mesmerising visuals. Footage of dancing silhouettes set against the late night city back drop of Tel Aviv was captured by a camera attached to a moving skateboard.

Building on the success of Sitting So High, once named Song of the Week by NEW LEASE MUSIC, AWIR LEON’s latest single draws comparisons to the most avant-garde elements of acclaimed works by James Blake or Nicolas Jaar.

Check out the video to Maybe We Land