Song of the Day: Lion Hearted (feat. Blessid) Young Bitiouz

Young Bitiouz Lion Hearted

Today’s song is Lion Hearted by Detroit -born hip hopper YOUNG BITIOUZ.

A great lover of music from a very young age,  YOUNG BITIOUZ started forming his own sound whilst in high school. He was part of a group called Lyrical Militia and released an EP, Lyrical Warfare in 2012. He went on to releas his mixtape, Too Much Ambition under the former rap name Ambitiouz in the same year.

Now check out Lion Hearted – If you’re a serious hip-hop head this catchy, head jerking track will definitely set you up for the weekend! If you’re feeling this track, head over to his SoundCloud page – and look out for his next mixtape Too Much Ambition 2: Hip-Hop Prospect, coming soon on iTunes.

Song of the Day: No Xmas – Danny Green KP

Danny Green KP No Xmas

Philly rapper DANNY GREEN KP is back with another of his on-point productions, with a different spin on Christmas… so don’t expect any presents or Christmas carols! Check it out! This track feature long-time friends and collaborators Rokk Rizzle and ThatNiggaJosh.

Song of the Day: My Girl – Rose Rome


Check this hot track out – My Girl by ROSE ROME. Track is from his upcoming mixtape Take This Serious.

If you’re familiar with this slick New York rapper, then you know of the highly popular track What’s the Word ft UNCLE MURDA. Since then he’s been churning out singles from his mixtape, including My Girl – this track has received heavy rotation on New York radio stations, Hot 97 and Power 105.

Before you leave this post, I urge you to sample this track, as this loved-up, old school hip hop and R&B production deserves the attention – so TAKE THIS SONG SERIOUS!

If you’re really feeling this track, you know what to do…head over to his SoundCloud page.

Song of the Day: Chasing the Dream – Que

Que Chasing the Dream

Here’s the second song of the day – Chasing the Dream by QUE. This track is coming from his upcoming mixtape, Prosperity.

This teenage upriser from Milwaukee, WI grew up listening to LIL’ WAYNE, TUPAC and BOB MARLEY as well as watching his cousins rap – and wanted piece of the action. In 2009, he started out professionally and joined forces with 3D Entertainment and Tone Struck Records where he wrote and produced, Can’t Keep Running Away. The track address teenagers who experienced bullying or child molestation. Can’t Keep Running Away earned QUE a spot on Ebony, Jet and Billboard magazine.

Earlier this year he released, Gotta Bad Chick, an on-point dance number  that took his career to new heights.

Have a listen to Chasing the Dream – because this track proves that he deserves the escalating hype. If you’re feeling this track, why don’t you head over to his SoundCloud page and get to know this guy!

Song of the Day: For Ratchets Only – Tez Pariah

Tez Pariah

Today’s song is For Ratchets Only by TEZ PARIAH. This track is the second release from his mixtape, After School Special.

The teenage upcomer was featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC with the first release of super cool Secret Technique. Now listen to For Ratchets Only – It’s hard not to like that Casanovic groove where you get the chance to hear the upriser’s real smooth raps.

If you’re feeling For Ratchets Only, check out his previous effort, Secret Technique.