Song of the Day: Chasing the Dream – Que

Que Chasing the Dream

Here’s the second song of the day – Chasing the Dream by QUE. This track is coming from his upcoming mixtape, Prosperity.

This teenage upriser from Milwaukee, WI grew up listening to LIL’ WAYNE, TUPAC and BOB MARLEY as well as watching his cousins rap – and wanted piece of the action. In 2009, he started out professionally and joined forces with 3D Entertainment and Tone Struck Records where he wrote and produced, Can’t Keep Running Away. The track address teenagers who experienced bullying or child molestation. Can’t Keep Running Away earned QUE a spot on Ebony, Jet and Billboard magazine.

Earlier this year he released, Gotta Bad Chick, an on-point dance number  that took his career to new heights.

Have a listen to Chasing the Dream – because this track proves that he deserves the escalating hype. If you’re feeling this track, why don’t you head over to his SoundCloud page and get to know this guy!