705’s new EP, ‘7:05’ is a pleasurable fusion of Afrobeats, R&B and hip-hop

‘7:05’ is a six-track project that gives a deeper insight to the person (Surulere Bankholemoh) who most have come to know as Nigerian artist and producer, 705.

Released last Friday (26th of May), the E.P starts off with a surreal but yet motivating track entitled ‘Daily Prayer’ which gives a real introduction to the artist, sharing insights on his beliefs, hometown and upbringing. With party tracks like Arabian nights & Spender ‘7:05’ paints a full picture of 705 as he grab life firmly by the horns and live it to the fullest and party! The dark, sombre contribution from tracks, ‘Pain’ and ‘Over’ paint a vivid picture of returning to the everyday reality he lives once the good times are over.

705 is a . Born in Lagos, 705 was raised by his grandmother before moving to London in 2001. Influenced by so many great artists such as King sunny Ade, Fela kuti, Michael Jackson, Tupac and 50 Cent, 705’s sound is a fusion of Afrobeats, R&B and Hip-Hop Music and 7:05 EP encompasses all the genres into a pleasurable listening experience. Check out the project below…

Must Listens: Daily Prayer, Good Feeling, Spender

Song of the Day: Chasing the Dream – Que

Que Chasing the Dream

Here’s the second song of the day – Chasing the Dream by QUE. This track is coming from his upcoming mixtape, Prosperity.

This teenage upriser from Milwaukee, WI grew up listening to LIL’ WAYNE, TUPAC and BOB MARLEY as well as watching his cousins rap – and wanted piece of the action. In 2009, he started out professionally and joined forces with 3D Entertainment and Tone Struck Records where he wrote and produced, Can’t Keep Running Away. The track address teenagers who experienced bullying or child molestation. Can’t Keep Running Away earned QUE a spot on Ebony, Jet and Billboard magazine.

Earlier this year he released, Gotta Bad Chick, an on-point dance number  that took his career to new heights.

Have a listen to Chasing the Dream – because this track proves that he deserves the escalating hype. If you’re feeling this track, why don’t you head over to his SoundCloud page and get to know this guy!

Star Song: Just Lose – Zeno The Ruler

Zeno the ruler

Today’s song is Just Lose by Brooklyn-born rapper ZENO THE RULER. Track is coming from her mixtape #FuckDatDoe released in August.

Hailing TUPAC, LAUREN HILL and OUTKAST as her biggest influence, ZENO THE RULER – formerly known as Xplo-sev- started her music career at 15. Her laid-back flow and clever, thought-provoking and (at times) I-don’t-give-a-f*** wordplay earned her record deals with indie labels Ironfist Ent. & Money Hunters LLC in Queens NY. She went on to feature on a number of mixtapes, including American Idol hosted by DJ Snakeeyes, Sin City by Big City Productions hosted by DJ Kay Slay and 5 Deadly Venoms hosted by DJ Pimpsun. In the height of summer, she released her single  Don’t Do It, which received raving reviews across the net –no doubt her mixtape #FuckDatDoe will continue to fuel the success.

Just have a listen to Just Lose – as you get to witness this hip-hopper’s laid back raps that effortlessly cruise across the silky smooth and well-produced production – CHECK IT!

If you’re feeling Just Lose, it’s worth checking out the mixtape here – because this is one HOT rapper!

Review: Clear Eye’d – JaySIN

Clear Eye'd

1. Intro
2. Demons All Around Me
3. Dear Alvin
4. Lost
5. FTW
6. My Pain
7. JaySIN None Like Me
8 JaySIN Ruckus $h!t
9. Gas
10. Drug Addicts
11. Vmails
12. 6figures

Jason Slusser -aka -JAYSIN  is a rapper that definitely needs to be heard. From a young age, he had love for hip-hop, listening to TUPAC and GETO BOYS RECORDS. By the age of nine, he wrote his first rap and by the age of 14, this underground hardcore upriser left school to pursue his music career, recording in his mother’s trailer and soon started performing at house parties and local venues. By the age of 18, he started releasing mixtapes, gaining a respectable fan base.

Gaining his huge fan base wasn’t down to rapping about the sweetest bootie in the club. Instead his lyrics reflect the harsh experience he encountered in his short life –which includes poverty, depression, uncertainly, suicide, feeling lost and drug taking – and this is all included in his latest mixtape, Clear Eye’d, released this month.

Beyond the harsh, hard-hitting lyrics of his life, there is an undercurrent that his Chicago-born struggling artist yearns to be a better person – and Demons All Around Me, Lost and 6figures speaks of his struggle to stay on the right track. His angrier-than-ever raps in is evident in tracks FTW and Gas, as it documents his frustration with the corruption of the government and his personal encounter and experience with the police.

JAYSIN is not afraid to represent the black sleeps of societies across the globe through this 12-track mixtape. Beyond the dope beats, he’s not afraid to invite you into his harsh reality. After listening to Clear Eye’d, I can’t help but have the fullest respect for this guy. The mixtape definitely deserves your attention. Check it out here.

Star Song: Catch Up – D.O.C (produced by TW$)


Today’s song is Catch Up by New York hip-hop upstart D.O.C.

The StreetRoc recruit – whose real name is Devon Riley – grew up listening to hip-hip greats such as TUPAC, BUSTA RHYMES, JAY-Z and METHOD MAN. But this young rapper has his own style and flow – just listen to the hip-hop/funk Catch Up.

As for the producers – TW$ – they may be new to the game, but they are masters of bringing hip-hop to a whole new level with their incomparable productions. TW$ has worked with other on-point rappers, including KING DICE O and DICE CANON.

Have a blast at Catch Up. If you’re feeling this track, you can visit TW$ SoundCloud page to check out more of their masterpieces. Also visit D.O.C SoundCloud page – as there’s more on-point tracks to follow….