Review: Clear Eye’d – JaySIN

Clear Eye'd

1. Intro
2. Demons All Around Me
3. Dear Alvin
4. Lost
5. FTW
6. My Pain
7. JaySIN None Like Me
8 JaySIN Ruckus $h!t
9. Gas
10. Drug Addicts
11. Vmails
12. 6figures

Jason Slusser -aka -JAYSIN  is a rapper that definitely needs to be heard. From a young age, he had love for hip-hop, listening to TUPAC and GETO BOYS RECORDS. By the age of nine, he wrote his first rap and by the age of 14, this underground hardcore upriser left school to pursue his music career, recording in his mother’s trailer and soon started performing at house parties and local venues. By the age of 18, he started releasing mixtapes, gaining a respectable fan base.

Gaining his huge fan base wasn’t down to rapping about the sweetest bootie in the club. Instead his lyrics reflect the harsh experience he encountered in his short life –which includes poverty, depression, uncertainly, suicide, feeling lost and drug taking – and this is all included in his latest mixtape, Clear Eye’d, released this month.

Beyond the harsh, hard-hitting lyrics of his life, there is an undercurrent that his Chicago-born struggling artist yearns to be a better person – and Demons All Around Me, Lost and 6figures speaks of his struggle to stay on the right track. His angrier-than-ever raps in is evident in tracks FTW and Gas, as it documents his frustration with the corruption of the government and his personal encounter and experience with the police.

JAYSIN is not afraid to represent the black sleeps of societies across the globe through this 12-track mixtape. Beyond the dope beats, he’s not afraid to invite you into his harsh reality. After listening to Clear Eye’d, I can’t help but have the fullest respect for this guy. The mixtape definitely deserves your attention. Check it out here.