Mixtape Review: Thrill of the Chase – Cata$trophicBee

Catashrophic Thrill of the Chase mixtape

1. Murda [Prod. By ILLKlassTimes]
2. DBYT [prod. By Gameface]
3. Lurkin’ [prod. By Gameface]
4. Thrill of the Chase [prod. By Gameface]
5. Girl Talk (Skit)
6. Love [Prod. By Gameface]
7. Designer [Prod. Gameface]
8. Interlude [Prod. Chad Geniu$
9. Watch Ya Step (feat. Bucky Malone) [Prod. Gameface]
10. Mad Man (Skit)
11. Scandal (Feat. Young Crazy) [Prod. By ILLKlassTimes]
12. Potion [Prod. By McFly Beats]
13. Spite [Prod. By Gameface]
14.  Temptation [Prod. By Gameface]
15.  Pretty Squad [Prod. By ChrisBeatz]

 Now the last time this female emcee appeared on NEW LEASE MUSIC (with her on-point track, Juicy Freestyle) she promised she will bring something different every time…

…And boy did she deliver through  her latest mixtape, The Thrill of the Chase. This 15-track production boasts clever samples of old school hip-hop favs as well as mind-blowing beats that separates her from the rest of the opponents in the game (just listen to Potion and Spite). CATA$TROPHIC’S hard-hitting and (at times) loved-up and laugh-out-loud wordplay, makes her a VERY worthwhile artist indeed…and I’m not saying it for the sake of it!

The must listens: Lurkin, Watch Ya Step, Scandal, Potion, Spite

Check out the Thrill of the Chase right here

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